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No matter how much interesting content you are putting out via your web design in Bend, you also have to think about the bottom line of your business. Is your content driving a sufficient level of conversions? Here are some more tips on creating content, which will be powerful in achieving this vital aim!

• Don’t try to do everything at once. Content usually is more effective if it is focused on a single call to action, rather than multiple goals. Analogous to landing pages, you will increase the probability of conversions if you guide the readers along a journey towards taking just one critical call to action. Don’t distract them in a way that dissipates their energy in multiple directions.

• Don’t overdo your links. This point of keeping a proper focus with your content is prominently displayed when it comes to the important topic of link building. While it is recognized that lots of links can often be a factor in building a strong SEO rating for your web design, don’t overdo it! When link building gets out of balance, conversions rates tend to go way down. Readers have too high of a chance of being taken away from your site before they even reach your primary call to action.

• Tap the power of association. In some cases your readers may be further convinced of your legitimacy and take your call to action if they see you associating with someone they already recognize. If is often valuable for a growing business to try to work with name brands while their own brand is not yet well known. Equally effective can be personal communications, such as interviews with prominent people within an industry. Although they are not always so easy to obtain, these types of relationships can be effective at increasing brand awareness and a higher conversion ratio. If you are fortunate enough to have some of these valuable connections, keep an appropriate amount of energy focused on maintaining them.

• Relate! You website calls to action will be more effective when readers feel that you deeply understand their needs and wants. The public tends to more strongly trust people who are genuinely empathetic with their day-to-day problems. So establish a genuine rapport! What issues might they be struggling with, and have you had any similar challenges? If so, how did you more successfully navigate the hazardous terrain? It might even be possible for you to describe how one of the products or services that your company currently offers helped you with your own tricky situation. This could be a great opportunity to engage in some compelling story telling based on real life. A story which closes with a convincing call to action in a timely manner!

Kelly Walker is creative director for Intrepid Marketing, a Bend, Oregon ad agency. For more information, contact Kelly at: 541-419-9976 or


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Kelly Walker is the host of A Swig of Branding, creative director for Intrepid Marketing and a senior copywriter with over 20 years experience. He has masterminded scores of high-profile brand identity projects, written hundreds of ads and taught college-level marketing and copywriting courses. He resides in Bend with his wife Andrea, four boys and (finally) a little girl due September, 2015.

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