Cooperation Among Industry Competitors


The National Casino Forum is looking to add more implementations for Player Protections, by introducing Time limit setting alerts and others. The alerts will be installed on machines by the core members of National Casino Forums. The Gambling Commision called for evidence around Player Protection on category B1 machines. The settings will allow players to set their own time limit on Category B1 machines and it will alert the player once they have reached it.

The NCF has been working closely with its members, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the Gambling Commision to ensure that all players are protected and empowered to enjoy their casino games. Tracy Damestani, CEO of NCF mentioned that they had been aware of the importance of ensuring their guests with the best in services, choices and protection.

The NCF will also work on showcasing the positive side of the casino industry and drawing awareness of great customer service, hospitality and entertainment. In addition, NCF reminds of the possibility of a career within casinos, including online casinos, like Admiral Casino, since it is on UK ground.

Europe’s Dealer Championship

The Olympic Park Casino from Tallinn, Estonia hosted Europe’s Dealer Championship, where 37 dealers from 20 different countries competed for the title of Best Dealer in Europe. The UK’s participants Catalina Huzum and Chris Hall, have once again put their skills to test.

The competition followed a similar format of the UK Dealer Championship, where competitors dealt with games of Blackjack and Roulette across several rounds. The competitors were being ranked based on technical skill, game control and hospitality. The lowest scoring competitors were eliminated from the main competition, however they had participated in the Side Events. These Side Events consisted in: Stack Pushing, Chip Cutting, Chipping, Card Handling and Mathematical challenges.

The eager eyed judges were from across the Continent, and used their expertise and enthusiasm to whittle down the competitors and to find Europe’s best Dealer. The championship was overwall enjoyed by participants, judges and spectators. The tension of the competition was broken by camaraderie and laughter shared between all participants and the judges.

The natural charisma and charm of the dealers emphasises the entertainment side of the industry, while their talent showcases the hard work it is put in behind the scenes. At the end of the competition there was an After Party as well that encouraged the industry to get together, socialise and communicate with each other.

This allowed everyone involved to relax and provide a wonderful networking opportunity over drinks and dinner between competitors, judges and media outlets, which stimulated innovation and creativity within casinos.

Last Words

Professional and personal friendships developed can help the casino industry, in order to work together in building a better and safer gaming environment. The Dealer’s Championship After Party summed up what the championship is all about: competition being fierce, followed by casino operators working together to better and further the casino industry.

In March, the first World Dealer Championship was announced by Tracy Damestani, CEO of National Casino Forum and Vice Chair of the European Casino Association. The championship will bring the best croupiers from the world, including the select few from European Dealer Championship. This new chapter will help put the entertainment and skill of the casino industry on the world stage. This will highlight the hard work, talent and opening up to new career avenues to everyone.


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