Crown Office Supplies vs Summa Office Supplies: Which is Best?


Crown Office Supplies and Summa Office Supplies are both worthy choices for businesses, but there are many things that set them apart. Here, we look at the benefits of both Crown Office Supplies and Summa Office Supplies and work out which is the best choice for companies.

Crown Office Supplies vs Summa Office Supplies: Credit score

As a business, having a great credit score is vital if you want to borrow money or get approved for credit in the future, and the more credit agencies that are reported to, the bigger boost your credit rating will achieve. With this in mind, Crown Office Supplies are the better choice as they report to five credit bureaus whereas Summa Office Supplies only report to two. The two that both companies report to are Experian and Equifax, which are very highly thought of, but Summa Office Supplies definitely fall short overall.

The additional three credit agencies that Crown Office Supplies report to are Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), CreditSafe, and NACM. D&B are a solid choice as reporting to them means that you will be given a DUNS number which is vital if you are hoping to bid for government contracts. DUNS numbers are recognised worldwide and will show your creditworthiness to those you might want to borrow from in the future. CreditSafe are known for their amazing accuracy and ability to predict 70% of insolvencies up to a year in advance, whereas an NACM membership will give you access to resources, conferences, and classes that will help you to improve your business credit rating. You get all of this when you choose to open a Net 30 account with Crown Office Supplies, but not when you choose Summa Office Supplies.

Crown Office Supplies vs Summa Office Supplies: Product range

When it comes to product range, Crown Office Supplies beat Summa Office Supplies hands down. Offering everything from stationery and office care packs to desks and computers, Crown Office Supplies have it all. In comparison, Summa Office Supplies have a focus on unbranded downloadable products, like antivirus programs and videos, so there is less choice when you shop there. If you’re looking to keep your office well equipped with a range of high quality items, Crown Office Supplies are definitely superior to Summa Office Supplies.

Crown Office Supplies vs Summa Office Supplies: Account set-up

When it comes to setting up a Net 30 account, you want it to be an easy process that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Crown Office Supplies offer account set-up that isn’t costly or complex, and you don’t have to make an initial purchase in order to open your Net 30 account with them. An annual $99 fee is applicable, but this can be waived if you already have a great business credit rating. If not, this $99 will be reported to credit agencies to ensure that it counts towards your credit score and will get you started when it comes to boosting your rating. Once your Net 30 account with Crown Office Supplies is open, you will be given between $2000 and $4000 of credit, so you can start buying those must-have items for your office.

With Summa Office Supplies, there is an annual fee of $75 to pay, and you will need to make an initial purchase of $75 or more for $2000 of credit. Although their annual fee is lower than that of Crown Office Supplies, you should keep in mind that the fact that Crown Office Supplies report to more credit bureaus is worth a lot to companies, and this will save you having to report to these agencies yourself like you would if you chose Summa Office Supplies.

Crown Office Supplies vs Summa Office Supplies: Customer reward system

When it comes to comparing customer reward systems the decision between these two companies is easy – as Crown Office Supplies have a reward system for their customers whereas Summa Office Supplies don’t. With Crown Office Supplies, you’ll be given a personal link which you can share digitally via your social media channels, emails, and website. Every time someone makes a purchase through your link you’ll receive $15 in cash, offering an easy way to make some extra money for your business. Plus, people will be happy that you’ve recommended a company that will help to boost their business credit rating and stocks all that they need to create a well-equipped office.

Now that you know all about Crown Office Supplies and Summa Office Supplies, we think that it should be easy to choose which company to set up a Net 30 account with. So head to Crown Office Supplies and start stocking your office today.


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