Crypto Glossary: Important terms to remember


Cryptocurrency is the future. Therefore, people must have some basic idea about it. Before you start investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to understand how it can benefit you.

To understand the benefits, it is necessary to know what the potential of the particular coin is. When you visit , you get a specific idea about the glossary and the terms related to it. This is also crucial to start trading. One of the most common mistakes that many people make is jumping into trading without even knowing the essential terms.

Here are some of the crypto terms that you need to remember before you start your trading journey.


Altcoins refer to alternative coins. This term is used to address all the coins apart from Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been the first cryptocurrency and has been in the market for a very long time. Bitcoin and blockchain have disrupted the working of the industry and shaped some of the most important trends. Some coins, however, may be used in criminal activities, but they aren’t illegal.

The use of these altcoins has played an important role in serving some of the best real-world functions. Dogecoin and Ethereum are some of the major altcoins in today’s time.


If you use bitcoin and don’t use blockchain technology, you’re on the wrong path. Blockchain technology follows digital ledger and is one of the essential parts of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is the digital public ledger that will allow the benefit of transactions. Many people in the early days could not understand what blockchain technology is. Although a public ledger, blockchain technology is private. This helps to avoid any unnecessary transactions. Blockchain is a decentralized aspect that can help servers and computers worldwide and can be copied effectively.

Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance refers to Defi. If you have been in the crypto space for a long time, you must be familiar with Defi. Defi is a kind of blanket term that is used to address different finance modes.

Some of the most common areas where Defi is used regularly include payment processing, money management and banking. One of the significant benefits of Decentralized finance is that it offers services to all the leading industries. If you’re active in the crypto space on Twitter, you will become familiar with the term.

Digital currency

One of the most common mistakes that people make today is confusing digital currency to be the same as cryptocurrency. It is not. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency and not the other way round.

Digital currency may have its link to fiat currencies too. In all the leading nations such as China and the US, digital currency is also associated with fiat currencies. Digital currency conducts multiple transactions to ensure the success of the business.

Since digital currency is based completely on trust, cryptocurrencies aren’t. Therefore, it becomes tough for many often to keep up with the transactions. The third-party payment processors will, however, need to keep a check with the basics.

Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering somewhat works similarly to Initial Public Offering. ICO is effective for startups and projects. One of the best benefits of ICO is that almost everyone can take active participation in ICO.


Mining is one of the essential parts of cryptocurrencies. Mining plays an important role in verifying transactions across blockchain technology. If you enter into the cryptocurrency mining space, you need to have a strong mining rig and a strong network connection.

Mining can take 10 minutes to long term. If you are into cryptocurrency mining, you need to be patient.


Cryptocurrency is on the rise. It can play an important role in helping you get rich overnight. However, this will only be valid if you’re careful enough. Make sure to keep a check on all the crypto terms to understand how you’re working on getting extra benefits.


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