CTV Grows Up: How Can Publishers Benefit from The Ad Channel?


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In times of COVID-19, millions of people were locked in their houses for months. Naturally, they have been looking for new video content to entertain themselves. CTV was a growing medium even before the quarantine, but COVID has significantly boosted it and changed viewer behavior of people around the globe. CTV offers a wide choice of content available at any time and place, i.e. on demand. While most sectors of the entertainment industry experienced hard times, CTV has been on the rise. Consumers prefer on-demand content offered by CTV over cable TV because it meets their interests. Obviously, it is hard to imagine them switching back to traditional television from a convenient, cost-efficient/free, and interactive entertainment source.

Since CTV is a hit with global audiences, it becomes the number one place to stream ads. As such, publishers can obtain a great opportunity to monetize their CTV inventory. How to do that? First things first, adopting the best industry standards and using an ad exchange for publishers are essential these days.

How to Make Money From CTV advertising?

Following the latest advertising trends, more and more publishers shift their focus to CTV. Right they are: amazing products plus creative ads located in the popular media channel open great monetization opportunities. Here are the best ad management practices publishers should consider:

  • Rich media assets and apps

The best way to make top brands interested in your inventory is to provide them with great opportunities to display ads. An application or website that supports videos with interactive elements is a perfect environment for customer/brand engagement. Usually, a CTV-oriented ad exchange is designed for the creative inventory that involves and entertains the audience. Keep that in mind!

  • Great UI/UX

Publishers should take care of convenience and simplicity of their applications. Pay special attention to navigation, design, and usability – these factors influence customers’ experience a lot. Clicks and conversions walk hand in hand with a well-designed interface.

  • Content is king

Needless to say that high-quality video ads are a straight way to monetization. CTV monetization platforms like TheViewPoint encourage content creators and owners to make direct deals with demand partners and make the most of their CTV assets filled with highly-interactive ad spots.  QR codes, in-video galleries, discount codes, and shopping carts are just to name a few.

  • Use an ad exchange platform

CTV ad platforms help publishers cooperate with the best brands to maximize profit. Such platforms bridge the gap between the demand and supply sides and help them find each other. They provide full control over ad deals and ability to monetize inventory in the most efficient way. Such services offer numerous tools to improve viewer experience and ensure your safety. To protect publishers, they shield them against dubious brands. As such, you have a chance to find your perfect advertisers and maximize your revenue enjoying relevant deals and beneficial cooperation. Also, the exchanges ensure results transparency – metric tools allow publishers to track all the processes.

Today is the best time to consider CTV ad platforms. During the COVID-19 and post-pandemic times, advertisers become hungrier than ever – they want to take their chance and roll into the world of streaming services. As a publisher, you should be ready for the changes! Great content, thoughtful UI/UX, and impressive assets will definitely make your inventory attractive for the best brands. And there is no better place to find them than within a reliable private ad exchange. These platforms exist to help you make the most of what you have in the safest and smartest way. Keep up with the latest trends and monetize your inventory wisely!


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