Customer Experience Surveys: How to Get Customers to Leave Feedback


Surveys are valuable sources of information about what customers think of your brand or products. If you want to better understand and serve your customers, running a survey is the best way to accomplish this goal. 

Ideally, when you ask your customers to fill out a survey they oblige. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Customers are busy people, and won’t always have time or motivation to complete a survey. These customers need a more compelling reason to take your survey, and you need to formulate a campaign survey management plan that ensures you get as many responses as you can.

To be successful in gathering customer feedback, you need to have a clear survey management process. Each step in your survey campaign should be well thought out, eliminating any hurdles that can cause inaccurate results.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What is survey management?
  • What is customer experience management?
  • How to get more customer feedback

Let’s get started.

What Is Survey Management?

Before we talk about getting surveys from your customers, let’s first discuss: What is survey management? Why is it important?

In the context of digital marketing and customer service, survey management is the process of collecting, monitoring and analyzing data gathered from a survey. Most marketing specialists use survey management tools and software to make this process seamless and error-free. 

Survey management is important so your data is secure, organized and easy to understand. For instance, if you’re trying to find out answers to five questions, you need to manage your survey responses so you know the answers to all five questions. This is why managing your survey campaign with a tool or the help of an expert is vital to its success.

What Is Customer Experience Management?

We’ve mentioned customer experience at the start of this article. What is customer experience management and how is it relevant to survey management?

In a nutshell, customer experience management entails improving different aspects of your business so your customers have a great experience from start to finish. Without survey management or customer feedback, you won’t be able to provide above average customer experience. You need to know what your customers want before you can give it to them. This makes survey management and customer experience management deeply intertwined towards a common purpose. 

How To Get More Customer Feedback

Now that we know what survey management is, let’s discuss how you can get more customers to answer your survey. 

  • Make It Easy

People live in a fast-paced world. They scroll through social media feeds and breeze through their email inbox in minutes, not wanting to waste time on anything that is not relevant or urgent. If they see your survey request, you want to assure them that it won’t take a huge chunk of their time. Furthermore, provide clear instructions on how to take the survey. And lastly, keep your questions to a minimum and only ask those that are essential to your survey goal. 

  • Offer Multiple Survey Channels

Different customers have various preferences in receiving survey requests. Some customers might prefer you send them an email while others don’t mind getting an SMS request. Furthermore, other customers prefer the traditional in-person survey form that they are given in store after they make a purchase. 

Whatever the case, make sure you cater to every customer preference by making all survey methods available to them. Reach out to customers via email, SMS or in person and encourage them to fill out the survey. Be clear about the purpose of the survey and thank them after they take the survey. 

  • Provide Exceptional Customer Experience

If your customer is highly satisfied with your service, they are more likely to respond to a survey request. Unfortunately, the same goes for a customer having had a bad experience with your brand. You have the opportunity to ensure that customers fill out your survey because they had a great experience with your brand if you continuously offer exceptional customer service.

An exceptional customer experience involves sincere, personalized customer service, quality products or services and attention to detail. If you aim for excellence, you’ll get loyal customers who would be happy to provide you with valuable feedback.

  • Hire An Expert

Sometimes, business owners simply don’t have the time to start a survey campaign. The next best option is to get help from a survey campaign management agency that specializes in this field. You get top-notch survey management solutions without having to spend a fortune. Hiring a survey management expert ensures that you get the best results possible.


Do you often feel like you know what your customers want? Unless you run a campaign survey management plan, you won’t ever truly know what your customers want or need. You need actual customer feedback and data to be sure of your customers’ view of your business and where you can improve your service offering. This is why learning from customer surveys is one of the best ways to glean actual customer insights and take appropriate action for improving your business.


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