Customer Interaction Tips For 2021 and Beyond


Keeping in touch with your customers has changed as technology develops, and the internet allows for more types of interaction and communication with clients and customers than ever imagined. There are, however, some clear guidelines that your business must follow to be a successful communicator.

Know who your customers and clients are

Before you establish a communication campaign or an engagement strategy with your customers and other businesses, be sure that you know who you are communicating with. Communicating blindly where the message is generic and sent to all can do more harm than good for the business.

Yes, it is proven that sms texting for business can increase your reach and boost customer satisfaction, but it must be targeted and precise. A texting campaign, for example, can be considered intrusive and a nuisance if it is not correctly targeted. So, make sure that your customers have given their permission to be contacted and then use a personalized service where names and specific previous interactions are referred to in texts. By doing this, you are more likely to keep the customer interested and make them feel as if the contact was especially for them.

Keep in touch with them for a reason

Make sure that you are communicating with your clients and customers for a specific reason. Interacting and communicating with clients and customers during the pandemic has changed, but the age-old adage remains, make sure you have something worth saying. Offer information and a follow-up service for sales, rather than simply bombarding them with new offers and looking for the sale. Use ongoing communication to build and develop a relationship with the customer. If the communication or interaction with customers is based on who they are and what they have previously searched for or bought, then you can develop this as a two-way conversation. Enquire as to the state of the previous purchase – is it still working, has it served its purpose, and if not, then be prepared to have some tough conversations. The aim is to build a strong, long-lasting relationship, and as such, the communication must be honest and open.

Ask the right questions

Part of the communication and interaction that you develop and nurture with your client base must be about asking the right questions. Your customers and clients will be able to determine the direction your business takes if you allow them to. The customer knows what they want and need as well as having clear ideas as to what they will need next or what is trending in their circle of friends and in their communities. By asking the right questions in your communication, this knowledge can be gathered, analyzed, and then used to create future products and services that you already know there is a need for.

Modern technology has allowed businesses to gather and store information on their customers and clients. Every time there is a purchase, you have the opportunity to start a conversation that can be continued either online or via text and messaging. The manner in which you develop this conversation and the way you are able to build relationships with customers through interaction will determine your business success.


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