How to Design a Website for Better User Experience?

  1. Introduction
               Wonder what are the best practices to design a website for a perfect user experience? The study made in 2015 showed you have only eight seconds to convince the user to stay on the website. Therefore, you should do your best to make the user excited about being on the website you own. It is worth mentioning that the things that you find ineffective on your website are 100% found ineffective by your visitors. Consequently, if you see something does not work on your website, you would better fix it as soon as possible.
                So what can you do to improve the UX of the website? Here are some of the things to check out.
    2. List of principles to remember when designing a site
    2.1 Create a unique value proposition as a step to design a website for a better user experience
               It is very important to demonstrate the potential buyer some things why your product is unique. It must be shown immediately right when the website is downloaded. To be more precise, the website must depict how it can solve the pain points of the customer on the spot. Also, the benefits of your product are to be shown on top of your first website page.
    What are the things to take into account?
    1. Location
               First of all, note that the place you put the most important information on the website matters. For instance, the studies have proven that the first place the eyes look at on every website is a left corner. After that, the reader continues to look to the right. So bear it in mind.
    2. Illustrations
              The studies have also proven that human’s brain “reads” visual images 60,000 quicker than the text only. So add some pictures or photos to the website, it will lead to the engaging user experience.
    3. Content
              Content is to be unique. No plagiarism allowed. It is a must point on a way of improving the user experience.
    2.2  Use call to action buttons for better UX
               It goes without saying that CTAs buttons are to be attractive. However, note that they are prohibited and absolutely not welcome to look aggressive. Therefore, if you make them something in the middle, it will be perfect.
               What is more, the user has to be clear of what they will gain after pushing the CTA button. For instance, he or she may get a PDF book or subscribe to a newsletter. Hence, clarity is one of the turning points of a good website with great UX design.
    2.3 Fix broken links
               There is nothing more distracting a visitor from a website than a broken link. It is completely unacceptable for a good website with good UX. Therefore, if you want to design a website for greater user experience, please do check out all possible links you have on your website. It might take time, but the results are worth doing it. For example, when the user visits the site and all the links work, he or she is far more likely to come and visit this website again. Why? Simply because they will consider this website to be a trustworthy and reliable one. Isn’t it what you need for a perfect UX design of your website?
    2.4 Customize 404 page
                It really irritates each user when the page on your website is not found. For instance, they would not wait until it downloads, but would rather visit another website. Therefore, if there is such a page on your website, you should go creative about that. You may use this website ( to check for any broken links and fix it. You might place some creative image there to make you visitor less upset about wasting his or her time. So do customize this page by adding the links of the most visited pages or the home page. Make it interesting and engaging!
    2.5 Care about load speed
                 According to Acamai study, the visitors can only wait for three seconds until your website downloads. If it takes them more time, they abandon the website. They do it because there is plenty of data available online, so there is no need to wait.
    What are the reasons for slow load time?
    – The images of a very big size.
    – Bulky code.
    – External sources media, which is embedded.
  2. Where to find photos?
    Name Price
    Pexels Free
    Pixabay Free
    Stocksnap Free
    Canva You can create images either free, or for some sum of money.
    Depositphotos from $29

                All things considered, if you, for instance, optimize your images and CSS delivery, the speed will become faster. Besides, you may minimize HTTP requests, improving your speed load. All in all, if you are creating a website, imagine you are a user. If you find it effective, your visitors will do it as well. It’s all about win-win principle. Meaning, when the user gets what he or she wants, you get what you want either.


    The keys how to improve user experience are very simple. If only you put yourself in the visitors’ shoes. Only then you may find the things which are effective or which do not work on your website. Remember that if you like your website, the users will like it as well if they get what they need on it.



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