Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing – Let’s See What Weighs Heavier


Marketing is the process of interacting with customers with an intention of convincing them to subscribe or purchase a product or service. Marketing, in its various forms is a major activity that must be a part of every business, since of course every business requires publicity and effective marketing to fuel growth.

Digital marketing is any operation that requires electronic media in order to promote products and services. Therefore, digital marketing is a collection of internet-based functions with a common goal: earning profits from the sales services and goods. You can speak to the experts at Inspire Visual for more insight into this concept.

Being in the digital age today means that millions of people spend hours every day on several digital platforms. Businesses are no longer as dependent on traditional forms of marketing, and forward-thinking businesses need to stay ahead to enjoy the benefits of digital marketing.

Marketing at its essence is simple: it’s connecting with the right person at the right place and time. Now, if you know that the major customer base is online, then of course that should be your focal point. Hiring an agency that provides digital marketing services is a great idea. Irrespective of the type of business, it will be a beneficial investment for all. Moreover, if you consider the concept of digital marketing vs traditional marketing, the list of advantages that digital marketing enjoys over traditional marketing is long.

Why should you choose digital marketing over other forms?

Here is a list of benefits of digital marketing that may convince you to hire a digital marketing agency:

Low cost

The cost of advertising and marketing are two major hurdles for every business. While in the case of big organizations, this expense is not necessarily much of a problem, this is not always the case for the smaller organizations who don’t have much budget to invest in services that a good agency can provide. In this case, digital marketing can be a welcome opportunity, because digital marketing is more affordable and performs even better than traditional marketing.

Better ROI (Return On Investment)

Nothing is more important for an organization in comparison with the ROI that it makes initially. In case of digital marketing, it gives back quite a lot when it comes to small investments as well. For example, if you do a comparison between digital marketing and advertisement, with traditional methods, the former will of course be more effective at a lower cost.

Measuring returns is easy

You can very easily ascertain the success of a digital campaign in comparison to that of a traditional one. In case of the latter, the waiting time may go on weeks or even months. Only after that will you be able to measure the campaign success. However, in the case of a digital campaign, you can measure the progress in a much shorter amount of time.

Businesses that use email marketing strategies can easily track and understand the number of mails sent, delivered, received, opened and also the number of conversions or purchases. Beyond email marketing, Google analytics allows businesses to measure goals that that you have set on blogs or websites. There is also Google Ad Words that effectively monitors your ads and campaigns online. You get regular updates regarding views, conversions and so on.


When a business gets an idea about their ad performance, it is time to take the next step. If an ad campaign is performing very well, then spending more on it becomes a well justified proposition. However, if an ad campaign is not performing on par with expectations, there are two ways of handling it. The first thing you can do is to find out the problem areas, invest a little more and then track the results to see if improvements are working. On the other hand, the management can decide to stop running the ads completely if feel that performance is not good enough.

Brand development

As you may already know, any business can utilize the methods of digital marketing to build its reputation and brand. Some of the best ways of doing brand building include writing and posting quality content. Therefore, the blogs, social media platforms and websites on which you see valuable articles are all a part of building a brand’s reputation.


You can choose to spend the same budget on traditional and digital marketing. The difference is measuring how effective your marketing spend is. With digital marketing you have a precise measure of the effectiveness vs. cost of every campaign you are running. If the tracking is set up correctly, you can see how many people reacted and converted in relation to the cost of each.

Final thoughts

These are some of the most common reasons why digital marketing surpasses the benefits of traditional methods. If you are used to traditional marketing and haven’t given digital marketing a try, you should.


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