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Diversified Products Incorporated (DP) is a manufacturing shop that offers specialized and custom work for specific job needs; the services they offer include laser cutting, press brake forming, rolling, hardware insertion, welding, fabrication and custom construction.

While the business has been operating in Bend for since 1996, the current owners, Loren and Christen Eby, purchased DP just about one year ago. At its founding, the original DP occupied a 2,000-square-foot space, and the core of their business was made by offering a line of sound control enclosures for loud industrial equipment.

Now, Loren and Christen offer full-service metal fabrication out of an 11,000-square-foot facility in the heart of Bend’s industrial district that is often time called “the cleanest shop in Bend.”

Over the years, DP grew to become a trusted name in the local business world, and new owners Loren and Christen aim to maintain that reputation by holding themselves and their business to very high standards, as well as relying on years of professional experience and know-how.

“After completing an education in Mechanical Engineering and working in industry, I decided to go back to school for my MBA with the hopes of one day running my own business,” Loren said. “20 years later, I finally had the courage and made the leap of faith to fulfill my dreams. In November of 2022, I closed on the purchase of Diversified Products.”

Talking about his motivations, Loren continued, saying, “I’ve always been drawn toward and fascinated with how things are made, especially with metal. My 30-year career as a manufacturing engineer started in machine shops, robotic welding and foundries. “I’m drawn toward the sounds, the beating, the humming of a factory making things and then working with smart and talented people that have creative and specialized skills.”

Loren says that there are a few factors that set him and his team apart. The first is customer service, “I believe in doing business in a more personal and professional way,” he said. “Business relationships are important to me. I like to know what success looks like for my clients so that I can meet or exceed them. After the purchase, one of my first actions was to hire an office manager to answer phones, return messages, and communicate. While it’s hard to please everyone all the time, we strive to fulfill this core belief.”

Secondly, Loren’s experience in the industry gives him a very valuable perspective that can only be gained through hands-on experience.

“As an engineer, I have been groomed to see, look for, and implement continuous improvement ideas,” Loren said. “Not only does this apply to my factory but the products of my customers. I’m able to introduce ideas of prototyping, 3D printing and solid modeling that communicate designs quickly, accurately and clearly to my clients. Reviewing and approving 3-dimensional products has proven successful in delivering results. Getting things right the first time is our aim.”

On top of years of experience that lends itself to both high-quality products and customer service, Loren said the team behind DP deserves the credit, as well.

“I employ a crew of quality-conscious people who take pride in their work,” Loren said. “I’m blessed to have them because I know this is rare in the industry. My laser operators care about producing the highest quality burr-free cuts. My press brake operators meticulously measure the accuracy of their bends. My fabricator ensures squareness, straightness and weld quality in all their projects.”

Looking to the future, Loren hopes to take DP to new heights and continue to grow his network of professionals across Central Oregon. After owning the business for nearly a year, a big goal on his mind is to increase DP’s emphasis on marketing, as well as set DP up for sustainable growth in the future.

“We are investing in ourselves and systems to build our foundation,” Loren said. “New CAD software solutions are supporting our design needs allowing us to create complex geometries faster and communicate our designs to the customer for quicker quotes/approvals. We are also interested in investing in shop floor control software that will drive and track everything from order entry and work order status, through billing. This will eliminate slow paperwork from traveling throughout the shop and better plan and expedite daily needs and priorities.”

diversifiedsteelproducts.net • 62860 Boyd Acres Rd. Bldg. C, Bend • 541-385-5794


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