DIY SEO Tips for Startup Businesses


In its most basic form, marketing is quite a simple process. Communicating with your target audience about the products and services that your business offers is not complicated when stripped down to the basics, however, finding a form of communication that works best for your company and which platforms to share this on can often be rather daunting. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps one of the best marketing strategies available, and is a process that works by tailoring your company’s website to the different algorithms used by search engines in order to rank results based on ‘signals’ emitted by websites. If you’ve got a startup business and are looking to improve your marketing and SEO strategy, here are some top tips to help your company website rank better in search engines.

The first step towards a successful SEO campaign is thorough keyword research. In order to make your company website more discoverable in a search engine, it is first and foremost crucial to understand what it is that you customers are looking for and the keywords that they use when searching online. Utilizing the right keywords on your website is a sure fire way to drive targeted traffic, and can ultimately convert searches into new customers for your business. In order to get started, brainstorm a list of potential keywords that are associated with the products and services on your website, and use the Google AdWords keyword tool to assess the competition for these keywords. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the longer the keyword, the less competition you will have for that keyword within your niche.

Meta Tags
Meta tags are still playing a vital role in SEO, and should not be overlooked. Meta tags work by reflecting keywords in website titles – for example, if you enter a keyword into Google search, specific pages will show up where you can see how that keyword is reflected in the title. The title of your page is looked at by Google as a signal of relevance for keywords, as is the description of your page.

Quality content is still king when it comes to a good SEO strategy and campaign. Most search engines and expert SEO services state that the best way to not only rank higher for keywords but also create a positive experience for your users is to display good quality and interesting content on your website. Good content goes a long way when it comes to educating customers and helping them to learn more about your products and services, and can help you to become a leading authority in your niche – both things that work well to convert searches into sales. A blog is perhaps one of the best ways to include content on your website- and it also helps to keep your customers updated with your business.

Which SEO strategies did you implement when you set up your business website? If you have any advice for startup business owners, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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