Do You Need a Website?


“Don’t do it!”

“It is not worth the trouble!”

“I only spent money and it didn’t work.”

I have seen and heard these phrases a lot lately. They are all referring to a website. There are so many people saying that it is not worth investingin a website, and perhaps you are one of those who are struggling with the decision of actually spending money on doing so. After all, if there are so many people saying that it is not worth it, mightn’t they be right?

Industry experts from top marketing companies will attest that you may not need a website, but only if it is just not the right tool for you. Most businesses, however, will benefit enormously from having a website.

It depends entirely on the function that you want to give to your website.Most entrepreneurs and small business owners who are not entirely familiar with how online marketing works tend to think that a website is a substitute fora physical location. It is not!

Think about this: if you were going to open a store, would you do it in the most dangerous part of the city at the end of the darkest alley that you could find? Your answer will, in all likelihood, be “no!”

Well, that is what happens when you set up a website without any strategy – it gets lost between a myriad of other websites for businesses that do the same as you. To be clearer, if you are even listed on one of the big search engines, your website will be so far down on the results that it will be practically impossible for people to find you just by searching about your product.

So, what do you do to get customers to visit your website? You could advertise,but it can get very expensive after a while and, depending on the type of business, you might want to consider a better option.

You need to look into what is happening with consumers right now; most people are increasing their online buying behavior, and with the health crisis that we are all experiencing, things that we used to do before, such as grocery shopping or clothes shopping is now being done online.Even work and school are home-based at this point for most countries. So, you do need an online strategy if you are selling something, or if you previously owned a store that right now is either closed or just not selling enough to stay open right now.

Think like a customer: if you want to buy chocolate, you don’t go to the brand’s website to purchase a candy bar; you are mostly going to search for a convenience store that sells the brand that you like and has a delivery service. So, if your product falls into one of these categories, then a website is not necessarily going to be the answer to your prayers if you are looking to increase sales. This is also true for those who are just trying to sell something online for a short period of time. You are probably going to do better if you develop a social media strategy.

A website is a very valuabletool for a company that is trying to establish a long-lasting relationship with customers. It is a great way to let people know about other products, promotions, and options, and it is also a very good place to gather customer’s information. And, of course, it is a must for a branding strategy.

Think about what your needs are and then decide, and if you already have a website, learn about better ways to drive traffic to it to attract people. Coupons, discounts, free e-books, exclusive offers, meaningful content – there are so many ways to achieve it, you just need to put your mind into it.

Top marketing companies have the skills, experience, and know-how to help guide, advise, and build the perfect website for you.


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