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Doing business abroad is thrilling. It allows you to submerge yourself in a different culture, and meeting new faces is a thing that everyone dreams about in the course of their career. However, international business travels come with an entirely different set of arrangements.

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If you’ve never traveled for your company or for a business deal before, you need a checklist. It will help to avoid getting caught off guard. When you start to plan your next international business trip, it’s crucial to be aware of all the legal requirements for traveling outside of the U.S.

Consequently, it’s recommended to do proper research and have the travel documents ready to prevent any last-minute problems. We have listed below several travel documents that are required for an international business trip, regardless of the destination country.

So, go through the list of documents below to prepare for your international travel successfully.


A passport is a legal document issued by the Department of State for confirming a traveler’s identity and citizenship. Commonly, everybody needs a U.S. passport when traveling abroad.

Passports have international recognition, and the majority of foreign countries require you to have a valid passport in order for you to enter or leave them.

Furthermore, as a business traveler, you should leave yourself enough time to apply for a passport if yours is expired or in case you don’t have one yet. In most cases, it takes from four to six weeks for processing a new passport. Nevertheless, in certain cases, you may request expedited service to get your passport fast.


U.S. citizens traveling abroad for short-term business may also need a travel visa to enter particular countries. For example, if you are traveling to India, there are certain India business visa requirements in order to get a visa and enter the country. Visas permit you to enter and leave a country during a specified time frame.

Some visas are issued as travel documents and some are stamped into your passport. Requirements and conditions for applying differ depending on which country you are traveling to.

U.S. authorities recommend that business travelers find out if their international business travel will require a visa at least four weeks before the moment of departure. To determine if a certain country requires a visa, you can visit the U.S. Department of State website and check the Country A-Z Index.

Driver’s License

If you want to rent a car or need to drive one while you are doing business overseas, bring your driver’s license. Certain countries require an international driver’s license, but others allow a specific driving time by showing proof of your driver’s license from your country of origin. So, check out your destination country’s precise rules and requirements regarding international driving.

Air Tickets And Evidence Of Accommodation Bookings

These can seem like obvious documents, however many people forget to carry them along. But, they are essential documents, and without them, you might not be able to proceed with your business trip. So, it’s strongly recommended to have an electronic version handy. When traveling abroad, some countries require proof of accommodation at the immigration counter.

Covid-19 Travel Documents

If you are traveling during COVID-19, you may need to carry some additional documents such as the COVID-19 vaccination certificate, or report. An additional requirement nowadays for entering into a foreign country is confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test during a certain time frame. Therefore, check online for the COVID-19 documents you need for the country you visit.

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Travel Insurance Plan Details

Travel insurance is a crucial document to have when traveling to a foreign land because it can get challenging to manage uncertainties during your business trip abroad. So, it’s in your best interest to acquire travel insurance coverage in advance. Anyhow, even if you forget to get one, you may apply for a travel insurance policy online without having a medical check-up before.

Extra Documentation

Although you usually need a passport to reenter the U.S. after your business trip, some countries can allow you to enter and leave them with your birth certificate, or your birth certificate along with your driver’s license.

It’s always a good idea to bring these additional documents for identification when you’re traveling because they can be useful in case you lose your passport. Check the U.S. Department of State website to find out more about country-certain legal requirements.

Final Words

No matter if you are an occasional or regular business traveler, you must always prepare for your trip thoroughly. Because, sometimes legal requirements can change, and you must always check out these things a couple of weeks prior to traveling.


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