Donations Raised Given to Three Charities by Homeless Person


Dr. Mark Keener is the Chair of the Board of Directors for Jericho Road of Redmond. He is also the volunteer coordinator for the Rubber Ducky, a shower trailer that visits homeless camps and other locations in the area to provide showers and clean clothing to the homeless.

Recently, at a camp visit, a homeless person came to Keener and handed him $450 in cash. “I raised this during December and would like you to please donate it for me to Sara’s Project for Breast Cancer, Wounded Warriors and the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital,” they said. The money came from people driving by while this person stood on a corner in Redmond with a sign saying that their donations would go to the three charities. This all happened during the coldest, nastiest weather of the year.

“I was overwhelmed by this person’s determined effort as a sincere example of Holiday Spirit. They weren’t seeking any recognition, just to say it was from ‘a friend.’  What a truly blessed and inspiring moment,” Keener said. He went on to say that the money would reach its destinations. “This gift was truly a gesture of sacrifice and love. Happy New Year from Jericho Road and your homeless friends and neighbors!”


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