Downtown Safety Cameras Installed


(Photo | Pexels)

The City is installing safety cameras downtown this week, one piece of a multi-faceted plan to make downtown feel safer and more inviting, in response to feedback from the public and downtown businesses.

Some of the other incremental improvements in the downtown safety strategy include: removing garbage enclosures in the south Mirror Pond parking lot, increasing foot patrols, improving lighting in the parking garage and adding a new Police substation on Oregon Avenue next to the parking garage.

“The Downtown safety camera project is part of a larger plan to improve safety in downtown Bend.  This is a collaborative effort between business owners and many departments within the City of Bend,” said Police Lieutenant Jason Maniscalco.

Staff will now be getting trained on how to use the cameras and how to store and retrieve the footage. Police can use the feed for investigations.

“Addressing safety downtown has been a team effort for the City, downtown building owners and the Downtown Bend Business Association,” said Bend Business Advocate Ben Hemson. “There isn’t a single solution to confronting these issues but if all of us who live, work, play and own property in the area continue to work together, we can improve safety and maintain the qualities that keep downtown Bend unique.”


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