Driving Lessons: Automatic or Manual?


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Learning how to drive is exciting, but before you get there, you’ll have to decide whether to take manual or automatic driving lessons. The transmission, which is essentially the gear system is what makes the difference between a manual and an automatic car. It’s your choice to opt for either automatic or manual lessons though there are pros and cons to both.

So you’re not sure which driving lessons to choose? Consider this guide:

1. License

It is a policy in some countries that if you passed the driving test in an automatic car, you’re only restricted to driving an automatic car and not a manual one. Should you want to switch to a vehicle of a manual transmission, you’ll need to retake and pass the driving test in a manual car. On the other hand, if you pass in a manual test, you can legally drive both. I’m sure nobody wants to take lessons and tests a second time so think carefully about what you want.

Back then, automatics were slow, cumbersome and cost ineffective compared to their manual counterparts, but nowadays, they are lighter, more exciting to drive and more cost-effective. Though automatics are slowly taking over the standard versions, they’re still more costly than their manual equivalent.


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2. Your first car

The advantage of having a full manual license for your first car is that you can drive any vehicle of your choice. This doesn’t apply to automatics. Though a less popular option than manuals, automatics are steadily growing in popularity

3. Insurance

Unlike manuals, automatics cost the insurer more since they are more expensive to purchase. The cost of repairing them is also higher than that of manuals because they’re more complex.

4. Driving lessons

For a manual car, you’ll need to learn how to control the clutch and the art of changing gears. It’s a challenge initially, but after a few lessons, you’ll make steady progress. Luckily for automatics, there’s no gear or clutch to get you worried. Though automatic lessons are seen to cost more than manual lessons, that is not always the case as the L team automatic driving lessons manchester provide cheap driving lessons and work hard to help students achieve confidence in driving and pass their tests. In a professional and relaxed environment, students are also bound to enjoy their lessons.

So, to answer the question, consider these tips:

  • If it’s your first time to drive a car, go for manual driving lessons. The advantage here is that once you’ve passed the test, you can always drive an automatic.
  • If you’re racing against time and you urgently need a driving license, then automatic lessons will be the ideal option for you.
  • There’s also a group of learners who find it difficult to control the clutch and change gears and as a result, always stall the car. Whether or not you choose to persevere is entirely up to you. I’d recommend the automatic lessons since they’re far much more relaxed and less stressful. There could be a few hitches here and there with an automatic license, but nothing is impossible to solve.

It’s never tough to choose between automatic or manual driving lessons. It’s just a matter of going for what you prefer based on your current circumstances. Remember to weigh the two options carefully. Using the guidelines above, you’ll be able to know what exactly suits your budget and lifestyle and consequently, make an informed decision.


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