Earth Logic Landscaping Strives to Create Sustainable Environmental Designs That Conserve Water Resources


The climate in Central Oregon’s High Desert can create challenges for landscapers and designers when it comes time to conserve resources and fit tight budgets for new or existing homes. New homes are being built classified as energy efficient  with green technology and this trend overlaps into the landscape design industry using the same principles and standards.

Brad and Dana Reiter started Earth Logic Landscaping in 2007 with green standards and practices implemented into their business plan. Brad explains, “I started this business to provide homeowners and businesses with high-quality, beautiful landscapes that conserve water, use no pesticides and are lower maintenance than many conventional options.”

Brad has a long history in learning about green stewardship that began when he worked in plant nurseries and as a landscape contractor in Washington state.  

When he moved to Central Oregon in 2001 he became the assistant superintendent at Awbrey Glen Golf Course and several years later he supervised the construction of the greens at Brasada Ranch, all while becoming an expert in turf and irrigation systems. He says, “After my golf course experience is when I became aware of the need for more sustainable practices relating to water conservation and using hearty native draught resistant plants and shrubs whenever possible.”

Conveying conservation ideas and landscape designs to homeowners is not an easy task Brad explains, “ I’ve been in the green industry for over 20 years. I use a CAD system to design the projects as It helps illustrate to the home owner what is really going on…to convey that picture to them when they are not used to living with plants is extremely difficult without a good design. Even after the project is done when the full effect of the landscape hits them they are happily surprised at the finished project.”  

Earth Logic does landscape installations for builders and home owners that already have a design completed for a designated space like a patio, deck, breezeway, courtyard or entryway. Brad says. “ We provides a host of services including landscaping and design, xeriscaping, hardscaping, water features, irrigation systems and rainwater catchment systems, or just about any type of landscape that is desired” When it comes to saving water Brad has designed and built water catchment systems for landscapes that capture and store rain water for future use in the landscape. Water Catchment systems are an innovative idea perfect for our conservation age. These systems can be as simple as storing the water that collects in the ground to collecting it in underground cisterns and using it later for irrigation purposes. 

Other conservation systems include circulating water features that recycle the water rather than using an unsealed system with a constant water supply and high loss rate. Brad says, “Water features are another specialty that includes the construction of streams and waterfalls, gurgling boulders, pond less water features, storm water management and rain gardens.

“People are getting tired of lawns and the cost to maintain them so hardscaping is a hot trend right now because of the low maintenance. Hardscaping is an economically good alternative to lawn care especially with the choices in pavers that are used for patios, pathways and relaxation areas. We also construct custom flagstone paths, retaining walls, pergolas and paver decks.”

Like a lot of small business in Central Oregon Brad and Dana Reiter are the workforce. Dana who is a CPA, takes care of the books under her company Groundwork Accounting while Brad is the landscaper, designer and workforce for their projects. Brad will hire one to two additional employees seasonally but likes to do most of the work on projects himself.

Brad works closely with builders in Central Oregon, one of which is Solaire Homes and known for their green building practices. “I especially like to work with Chris-Hart Henderson of Heart Springs Design who has been the designer for the Solaire projects and many others we have installed. They are extremely talented and very likeminded with their landscaping ideas.” 

When asked about the economics for 2014 Reiter concludes, “ I think it’s going to be a good year, things are looking up. I have several projects and designs in the works and since we have done projects in Bend, Sisters, Sunriver, pretty much all of Central Oregon, we expect to have a very busy year.”

Earth Logic Landscaping

20988 Arid Ave


CEO/Owner: Brad & Dana Reiter

No. Employees: 2-4Year

Established: 2007

Product/Service: Landscaping and Xeriscaping, Drought-tolerant plants, Native restoration & meadows, Edible landscapes, Hardscaping, Paver patios, Flagstone paths, Retaining walls, Pergolas and Paver Decks. Water Features, streams and waterfalls, gurgling boulders, pondless water features, storm water management, rain gardens. Irrigation systems, Drip irrigation, micro-spray systems,mulch and fertilizer, sprinklers and winterization. Rainwater Catchment, Rain barrels, tanks and cisterns. 

Hot News: Homeowners and builders are desiring more economical installations that look beautiful and require low maintenance. There will be more dry installations with drought resistant plants and shrubs, hardscape environments created and innovative ways to store and use water.

Outlook for Growth: Growth outlook is positive with several designs and projects underway with more coming in as Spring approaches.  Construction building in Central Oregon is getting back on track with more residential and commercial development projects underway and indicates that the Landscaping industry will be busy in 2014.


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