East Cascade Women’s Group — A Legacy of Care for Generations


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For over four decades, East Cascade Women’s Group has offered trusted, compassionate care for women in Central Oregon. Since its founding in 1980, the medical practice group has been an unwavering source of quality healthcare, providing personalized attention and expert care to our communities.

With a clear mission in mind over 40 years ago, East Cascade Women’s Group began its journey with a vision to provide comprehensive and holistic healthcare services specifically tailored to the unique needs of women. From the beginning, the clinic has upheld a commitment to excellence, fostering an environment of trust and support that has resonated with women throughout Central Oregon.

Over the years, the clinic has evolved to meet the changing needs of women across generations and has grown to become a family of fifteen dedicated physicians and providers. From high and low-risk obstetrics to gynecology, health maintenance, menopausal care, pelvic surgery, contraceptive support, family planning, infertility treatment and more, the clinic’s diverse expertise ensures that women receive the specialized care they deserve, all under one roof.

“While Central Oregon has grown over the years so have we,” said Dr. Janelle Strom. “Our scope of services goes far beyond medical treatment — it truly encompasses a lifelong partnership in health as we care for women through numerous phases of their lives. Whether a young teen close to adulthood, a mother-to-be, someone choosing a child-free path, or a woman navigating the challenges of menopause, our providers are here for every milestone and step of the journey.”

The clinic’s dedication to comprehensive care all under one roof is also reflected in the tailored range of additional support, including preventative medicine, genetic counseling and testing, sexual health management, trauma informed care, perinatal mood disorders, prenatal education, and miscarriage management. With an expert medical team of providers that is supported by four board-certified midwives, the clinic is well equipped to provide experienced and compassionate care during all phases of a woman’s life.

“As part of the community, we’ve raised our own families, supported each other and cared for many women throughout generations,” said Strom. “We take pride in the impact we’ve made in women’s lives around us and are committed to continuing to empower women to take control of their health and make informed decisions.”

With offices in Bend and Redmond, East Cascade Women’s Group ensures accessibility for women across Central Oregon.

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