Why Electric Scooter Companies Are Facing Lawsuits In Los Angeles Right Know


The electronic-scooter companies found in Los Angeles are facing more blowback due to the rising concerns regarding the safety of these devices. The class-action lawsuit, filed in California County Superior Court, alleges that Bird and Lime, which are the biggest e-scooter firms, as well as other companies dealing with the same product are negligent and support the assault.

The complaint indicates that the companies’ practices have immensely contributed to injuries in various ways. By “carelessly dumping” scooters on public streets without a clear warning, the lawsuit claims that e-scooter firms acted negligently and should have at least known that their gadgets would have become a hazardous “public nuisance”.

Three petitioners claim they were strolling around town when e-scooter riders crashed into them, resulting in severe injuries. According to the lawsuit, e-scooter firms were aware that riders were injuring pedestrians. They were unable to stop collisions—hence encouraging riders continue committing more crimes”.

Even more, the suit asserts that both companies’ scooters feature defective electronics as well as mechanical parts. They also haven’t provided sufficient instructions for riders and there reckless about other people’s safety. According to the lawsuit, the risks associated with these devices were known during manufacture but were just neglected by the two transportation companies that are believed to possess “professional knowledge”.

The suit makes several claims regarding the e-scooters’ mechanical issues but doesn’t offer concrete evidence for those claims.

Besides, the suit also mentions scooter manufacturers Segway as well as the Xiaomi United States as defendants.

E-Scooter Companies: Their  Biggest Mistake

Angeles Superior Court accused various e-scooter firms of ‘gross negligence’ associated with severe injuries sustained by both riders plus pedestrians.

Obtained by Denver7, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of 9 people who claimed they suffered intense injuries following the proliferation of e-scooters in their communities. Four companies were specifically mentioned on the suit; Bird, Lime, Segway, and Xiaomi.

The injuries listed included faces, hands, fingers, and knees. In most occasions, the plaintiffs required stitches or surgery. The suit went ahead to claim that the companies were encouraging and abetting assaults, making them liable for the blunders since their devices are unsafe, have design defects, and lack adequate instructions as well as warnings of the potential risks.

The lawsuit asked for monetary compensation in addition to punitive damages, but didn’t indicate an exact amount, stating that it must be “determined by the Superior Court”.

“While striving to fulfill the goals of furthering personal freedom as well as mobility and safeguarding the environment, the Defendants plus the manufacturing companies are endangering the health and safety of riders, pedestrians, plus the general public”, the lawsuit states.

Furthermore, the suit adds that hundreds of riders, pedestrians, and other members of the public will continue to suffer egregious injuries as well as damage to their bodies and property. And this has really jeopardized their safety on the road.

What’s Bird’s Opinion?

In a statement given by Bird, the company stated that the complaint has been wrongly brought against the whole e-scooter industry and argued that shared e-scooters have positively transformed the industry, creating a favorable transportation mode for thousands of people in over 100 cities located across the globe.

The company argues that the current climate crisis and people’s dependency on cars demand a transportation mode shift, and e-scooters are the best alternative. They claim that these clean energy vehicles are already replacing numerous short car trips. They continue to add that e-scooters are safer than bikes and that cars remain the biggest threat to commuters, killing more than 40,000 people in the USA every year.  

Reported Deaths And Injuries

According to emergency-room physicians, e-scooters have injured several people since they entered the market a few months ago. As the popularity of firms such as Lime and Bird has rapidly increased, an escalating number of critics, including scooter mechanics, doctors, and former riders claim that the devices are poorly maintained and highly prone to dangerous mechanical faults.

According to the authorities, e-scooter riders who were using the devices in Dallas and the District have died after being involved in serious accidents. In addition, the suit accuses e-scooter companies of breaching their warranties multiple times and manufacturing vehicles that aren’t suitable for repeated use, particularly in public places.

Indicating that the deployment of e-scooter vehicles is unlawful, the lawsuit claims that each firm should be barred from continuing to produce scooters in California. According to the suit, Bird and Lime should be ordered to include sufficient warnings as well as for instructions to both their mobile apps and vehicles.

E-Scooter Companies: Their Response

The e-scooter firms listed in the suit have 1 month from the day the summons was listed to respond.

Bird, in a statement directed to The Washington Post, pointed out that the grievance has been brought against the whole e-scooter industry and added that electric scooters have become an extremely important transportation mode for thousands of people in numerous cities.

The company believes that the climate crisis plus the increased dependency on cars demands the invention of a more sophisticated transportation mode. And clean energy vehicles such as e-scooters are already substituting short car trips. Bird proceeds to say that there isn’t enough evidence to show that riding an electric scooter puts riders at a greater risk than when they’re riding a bike.

Tracking Injuries In Colorado City

No public institutions track the number of injuries caused by electric scooters, but hospitals such as Rose Medical Center and UCHealth have share anecdotal stories regarding the number of cases they’ve witnessed.

Valorie Baxter, a medical practitioner at the Steele Street Urgent Care said they’ve seen scooter-related injuries varying from road rash to severe hand fractures, concussions, as well as head injuries.

The Bottom Line

Electric scooter companies are facing lawsuits at an alarming rate. The lawsuit provides a deeper insight into the ongoing debate about the level of safety that e-scooter companies should provide. Besides, it seeks to illustrate the fact that most of the existing roads lack a place for electric devices


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