Endowment Fund Established to Help Those Battling Addiction


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The Dickey Educational Endowment 2021 was created by its founder to honor her brother and father, whose lifetime struggles with alcoholism and/or addiction took them from the family far too early.

“I have witnessed four generations of my family and others battle the effects of addiction,” says the founder, who wishes to remain anonymous. “It has ruined lives, families and relationships. It has prevented people from creating the beautiful, fulfilling lives they deserve, and created a vicious cycle of fear, guilt, shame, blame and pain…the disease keeps you captive. I want to provide hope and betterment to those who  have chosen and are making the efforts to  get their lives back on track. There is a better way!”

The fund has been set up to contribute toward the further education of those who have been through a minimum of a 30-day in-patient or 60-day out-patient credentialed drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and who have been clean and sober for a minimum of one year, to be attested to by a health-care professional or qualified professional. Further education includes college, university or other educational institutions providing vocational, technical or secondary education programs.

The fund is set up to promote personal improvement and educational development in  order to secure a career plan.

A minimum of $2,500 per year scholarship(s) (depending upon the requests) will be given to a qualified person(s) who has been through the vetted application process.

Criteria for selection of recipients is as follows:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Completed a minimum of either a 30-day inpatient or 60-day outpatient credentialed drug/alcohol rehabilitation treatment and have been clean and sober for at least one year (both attested to by a qualified professional)
  • Applicant must be attending or enrolled in a community college, college, university, technical or vocational school (GED enrollment not applicable)
  • Applicant must be a resident of Central Oregon for minimum of two years and currently reside here
  • Applicant demonstrates financial need
  • Has career goals
  • Volunteer and/or community service activities shown (if applicable)
  • Copy of most current tax return (or parent/guardian tax return if applicant is claimed as a dependent)
  • Three letters of recommendation — one from an adult family member and two non-family adults. Note: applicant should carefully select who will provide these, as the more the individual knows about the applicant’s circumstances, background, challenges met, victories, etc., the greater the chance of the applicant being selected. Letters of recommendation should include the following:
    1. Applicant’s name
    2. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?
    3. What is your assessment of the applicant’s personal and academic abilities to complete this education program successfully?
    4. Are there any unique factors that make this applicant especially worthy of receiving this endowment (special talents, past history, goals, motivation)?
    5. Any other information you feel would be pertinent to the decision process?
    6. Your name, phone number, place of employment/position or title, signature and date
  • Bio and essay (see application for details about requested information)

Scholarships will be disbursed directly to the school/program once recipients have provided their student ID or account # for the school/program they will be attending. Applicants will need to provide the name of the school, department, address and contact person. 

Applications will be accepted until April 15, 2021. You will be notified within 48 hours that we have received your application and within 30 days you will be notified of the status of your application. The final decision about the recipient(s) will be made prior to June 1, 2021.

The application can be downloaded here.

Mail applications to: Attention Dickey Endowment — Personal and confidential, c/o Century Insurance Group, 320 SW Upper Terrace Drive, Bend OR 97702

For questions or more information, call 707-496-3891 or email to goddessbend@gmail.com.


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