When Enjoying Bend, Oregon’s Beautiful Park Facilities It’s Important to Keep Safety in Mind


Bend’s parks provide countless opportunities for enjoyment with family and friends, recreation, biking or just being close to nature. Parks add to the beauty of our city and represent a place where residents and visitors can go to relax, reflect and connect with nature and the community. The Bend Park and Recreation District provides 80 parks and open space recreation areas and over 65 miles of trail.

When enjoying Bend’s beautiful park facilities, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Every year thousands of residents and visitors take advantage of Bend’s spectacular park system. Here are a few tips that will make your visits safe and more enjoyable.

• Obey park hours and signage
• Respect others’ enjoyment of the park
• Report suspicious activity
• Do not leave valuables in you car, not even in your trunk
• Be aware of your surroundings; be vigilant of where you are and who is around you
• Call 911 in an emergency
• Closely supervise your children
• Only use park equipment/facilities for their intended purpose

• Own the path, project confidence and strength
• Do not wear headphones; they reduce your senses, especially of persons approaching from behind
• Pedestrians should walk or jog facing oncoming traffic
• Go with a friend
• Wear proper safety equipment, bright clothing, helmet when biking
• Obey all traffic laws and/or trail rules
• Trust your instincts. If it does not seem right, request help from others

Nick Thompson is a retired police officer and owner of Bend Patrol Services, the region’s largest security company. Bend Patrol provides security to Bend’s parks, as well as St. Charles Medical Center, Mt. BachelorVillage and many of Bend’s business and resort venues.


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