Eurojackpot in Slovakia – All You Have to Know


Eurojackpot is one of the top lottery games in the world. Although it is a transnational lottery in Europe, players from all over the world have access to this amazing lottery game through various online platforms.

If you are a lover of the lottery in Slovakia and are looking for more information about Eurojackpot, you are in the right place for we will share important information that you need to know.

The legality of Eurojackpot in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the first set of countries that Eurojackpot started its operations. The lottery was launched in 2012 across Europe. Therefore, it is a game that is legal in Slovakia. It is a national lotto in Slovakia, which has been licensed by the Slovak authorities.

Therefore, you can win Euro Jackpot in Slovakia and claim your winnings easily without having to worry about the legality of the lottery in the country.

How to play Eurojackpot

This is one of the easiest national lotteries that you can play and win lots of great prizes. To play the lottery in Slovakia, you have to register an account with a trusted online lotto agent. The registration is important to give details that can be used to share your winnings.

A player needs to pick a total of 7 numbers. Five numbers are chosen from a pool of 1-50 and two extra numbers are chosen from a pool of 1-10. The jackpot prize is won by matching all the numbers correctly i.e. 5 main numbers and 2 euro numbers.

The minimum amount that you can win when playing for the jackpot is €10 million. This prize can go up if no winner is announced after the weekly draw.

How easy is it to win?

The jackpot prize is strict and players must match all the numbers correctly. However, the winnings don’t end with the jackpot; other tiers provide players an opportunity to win amazing cash prizes.

You can start winning cash prizes if you match 1 main number and 2 euro numbers. The winnings get bigger and better as you move up the ladder of matching numbers.

Checking the results

The official draw of the lottery is done every Friday at 21:00 in Helsinki local time. You can watch the live broadcast in Slovakia or simply check the results online. It is easy to simply open the official website of Eurojackpot to check the latest results. Since there is only one draw per week, you have enough time to check if you have won before the next draw.

Why is Eurojackpot popular in Slovakia?

Many people in Slovakia love playing Eurojackpot. The lottery has become a household name in the country because of the following reasons:

  • The jackpot prize is bigger than most lottery games in the country. Therefore, people play this lottery because it can make them instantly rich.
  • The game is available both offline and online, making it one of the most accessible lottery games.
  • It is a fun and popular game, not just in Slovakia but all over Europe.

Therefore, you can also join other Slovaks in playing Europe’s top lottery game.


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