Fastest 20 Spotlights Central Oregon Rising Stars


(Ranked #1 Eyce LLC (L-R) Bruce Hoch and Charles Hoch | Photo by Ronni Wilde)

Annual Awards Recognize Local Companies Topping Growth Charts

Welcome to the third annual Central Oregon Fastest 20 Growing Businesses Awards, celebrating the most rapidly rising stars of the increasingly diverse local business scene.

Cascade Business News (CBN) joined forces with sponsors Columbia Bank and Capstone CPAs to recognize the fastest-growing companies located in the Tri County region.

The qualifying criteria for this inaugural list included companies established and operating on or before January 1, 2016, with gross annual revenues of at least $100,000 in the last fiscal year, reporting consistent year-over-year growth in earnings through 2018. CBN teamed with Columbia Bank and Capstone to help find these companies, and then vet the percentage of growth.

The top 20 featured a wide array of business types and industry sectors, from hi tech to health care, home improvement, recreation, music — and of course, real estate — reflective of a broadening platform for the local economy, with a heavy emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit for which Central Oregon is increasingly noted.

Latest economic indicators show Central Oregon’s economy growing faster than the national average again this year, and Columbia Bank Senior Vice President and Commercial Banking Team Leader for Columbia Bank Cory Allen said, “We at Columbia Bank are very excited to continue in its third year our support for the Central Oregon’s Fastest 20. It is exciting to see such a diverse group of companies in our region and acknowledge the growth they are experiencing.”

Lance Brant, a CPA with Capstone, added, “We need to recognize small business owners and their positive efforts to our community. Owners of small business clients are the engine to our business environment and they provide the local opportunities for employees and future owners of small business. I could not be prouder to support this event.”

The Fastest 20 companies were announced and honored at a celebratory event at the Oxford Hotel on November 6. A profile of each company together with the rankings of the top performers is featured below as well as in print in the November 6 edition of Cascade Business News.

#1 — Eyce LLC

Official Name of Business: Eyce LLC

Address: 56 SE Bridgeford Blvd., Ste. 120, Bend

Phone: 800-980-3923


Contact Email:,

CEO/owners, background: Charles Hoch, Co-Founder and CEO; Bruce Hoch, Co-Founder and COO

Number of Employees: 5

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2018

Product/Services Offered: Patented and lifetime-protected silicone smoking apparatuses.

Hot News: Cover and company spotlight feature set to release in the November 2019 issue of B2B Wholesaler Magazine.

Outlook for Growth: July 2019 marks six years of business for Eyce, and since inception, Eyce has fulfilled on its early goals to sweep the counterculture industry off its feet with innovative, high-quality products and continues to maintain its recognition as the market leader in silicone smoking apparatuses and accessories.

Established industry presence and market-leading products will allow Eyce a window for exponential growth.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Our commitment to our customers. Eyce has evolved dramatically since 2013 but continues to believe and act on the same core values the company was founded on — creativity, integrity and industry-leading customer service. Our success to this point is undoubtedly due to our unique product line and our customer focused approach, which are attributes Eyce will continue to deliver.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? To continue to be the market leader, we must listen to our customers and continue to develop innovative products that solve their problems. Eyce’s mission is to create revolutionary products that inspire the people who use them. Eyce will strive to be efficient, create value for its customers and set an example for integrity within the booming counterculture industry.

Eyce has invested significant capital and resources into an expansion plan that involves a wide array of exciting new products. We also believe the need for quality manufacturing and OEM product development will continue to grow as nationwide legalization spreads and Eyce is confident it has the automation, talent and execution ability to capitalize on this demand.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Having a worthy mission and impactful products or services is obviously the incentive for starting a business, but communication and fostering quality relationships are the most important facets to running a successful company. From day one, networking and creating key relationships will be invaluable, and the greater the quality of those relationships the fewer barriers there will be to contend with. Every step of business involves this, from raising capital to sourcing factories, supporting customers, finding and guiding talented employees and marketing and collaborative opportunities; each phase of expansion requires the development or nurturing of a relationship and the ability to clearly communicate your ideas.

The Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffett) said, “If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark —
nothing happens. You can have all the brainpower in the world, but you have to be able to transmit it. And the transmission is communication.”

When we started Eyce, Bruce and my relationship was the founding key to our business, because we each had strengths the other didn’t, which aided our ability to be successful. Without our friendship as a foundation, there would have never been a company to run. The fact is, running a successful company takes many different parts and people all working together for something greater — as a leader you need to be the conduit and the oil while steering.

#2 — Broken Top Candle Company

Official Name of Business: Broken Top Candle Company

Address: 62980 Boyd Acres Rd., A7, Bend

Phone: 541-306-3079


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Affton Coffelt, CEO and Steve Shouse, COO

Number of Employees: 8

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2017

Product/Services Offered: Broken Top Candle Company makes hand-crafted, sustainable and eco-conscious luxury bath, body and home products offering exceptional value. We utilize natural and organic materials, mindfully sourced to be renewable and recyclable, free of parabens and gluten as well as vegan. Our offerings extend beyond our soy candles to organic-based soaps, lotions, linen sprays and perfumes, all handmade right here in Bend.

Hot News: 2019: Increased store partnerships in 2019 by more than 700 retails, including Terrain (Anthropology); launched on this month. 2020: Launching into Bloomingdale’s store Spring 2020, launching into Crate & Barrel Fall 2020, new line of bar soaps set to launch January 2020.

Outlook for Growth: For at least the next year, we are projecting another year of more than two times the growth not including our potential for D2C sales. Utilizing nationwide sales reps, we plan to open another 1,000 doors in the next year as well as expand our key account/mass retail presence.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Fall 2018 our company went through a small re-brand with our packaging. During this time we began the expansion beyond candles and tapped into the personal-care category, introducing lotion, soaps and linen sprays. In May of 2019 we “rolled out” our roll-on perfumes along with one of our (now) top-selling fragrances, Saguaro Cactus. Through trade shows we have gained brand awareness and exposure nationwide as well as national coverage with manufacturer rep groups.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We would like to concentrate on growing our D2C sales through online marketing and social media channels. Currently, only about 0.01 percent of our sales come from this stream.

International expansion is in our future with growing interest of our products in Japan, Europe and Canada.

In the next three years we would like to start exploring our own version of retail space starting in high-traffic cities with a fun “create your own” concept.

Product expansion to include growth in the home products category. We are currently working on cleaning/laundry products that we are hoping to have softly launched by summer 2020.

With the growth, we will continue to add employment opportunities in Central Oregon, creating a lively and creative culture.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Never let your vision, drive and sales be static, be sustainable and eco-conscious, build strong relationships constantly with vendors, retailers and most importantly, our team and be consistent.

#3 — Southside Physical Therapy Inc.

Official Name of Business: Southside Physical Therapy Inc.

Address: 121 NW Greenwood Ave., Ste. 101, Bend

Phone: 541-388-2681


Contact Email:,

CEO/owners, background: Jonathan Sampson, 32 years as a physical therapist and Morag Sampson, 33 years as a physical therapist.

Number of Employees: 5

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2016, under current ownership

Product/Services Offered: Physical Therapy with a focus on manual therapy to treat the dysfunction associated with spinal pain, headaches, temporomandibular joint pain, sports injuries, chronic overuse injuries and general orthopedic conditions. Our Certified Hand Therapist treats hand injuries and provides post-surgical rehabilitation.

Hot News: During the first week of November, we will be celebrating our first-year anniversary in our new professional, downtown location.

Outlook for Growth: With the continued growth of Bend and Deschutes County, we see a strong demand for physical therapy services from our current and future population.

Because we provide a high standard of care for a wide variety of conditions, we anticipate an increase in utilization of our services.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Our change of location and the addition of two new skilled physical therapists in 2019 enabled the company to grow. Our website designer and marketing specialist, Julia, at Uncharted Summit LLC, has worked tirelessly to promote our business on multiple online platforms.

We aim to provide a consistently high level of care to our patients in a friendly and comfortable environment.

We have made the business as cost-effective as possible while trying to utilize local businesses such as Carlson Signs, Press Pros, Solutions Yes, H2O to Go, Alliance Supply Co., Bend Mailing Services, Capstone CPA’s LLC and Aileen Baxter Design.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We plan a slow progression during the next five years to ensure the security of our current employees. We aim to bring on a sixth physical therapist to fully utilize all our treatment room space and are currently hiring a part-time employee to join our busy administration personnel.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Working alongside our employees and encouraging a team approach. We believe continuing professional education is important to enable us all to provide the best treatment approach for our patients.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported Southside Physical Therapy during the past three years of our ownership and during the total 21 years we have been part of this practice.

#4 — Steele Associates Architects LLC

Official Name of Business: Steele Associates Architects LLC

Address: 686 NW York Dr., Ste. 150, Bend

Phone: 541-382-9867


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Scott T. Steele, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP. Born and raised in Bend, graduated from Bend Senior High School in 1980. Bachelor of architecture, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Oregon.

Number of Employees: 20

Year Established in Central Oregon: 1996

Product/Services Offered: Our design services include architecture, master planning, interior design, sustainable design, programming, space planning, feasibility concepts for use with proformas, on-call design services for public and private clients and planning for a very broad range of project types including mixed-use, retail, housing, public (city, county and state agencies), senior (memory care/assisted living/age-restricted housing), apartments, custom homes, tech, industrial, public utility campuses, k-12, higher education, hospitality (hotels, conference facilities, etc.), medical, dental, optical, banks, etc.

Hot News: We and our clients just won a Building A Better Central Oregon Award for “The Most Innovative Indoor Recreational Facility” for the new Pickle Ball Zone & Trampoline Zone on 18th Street in Bend. The facility is unique in the country with the combination of trampoline park on the ground floor and indoor pickle ball with viewing lounge above and results in a nearly 50,000-square-feet, five-story facility that provides fun and fitness opportunities for everyone one from children to seniors.

Outlook for Growth: We believe the outlook for our growth is very positive. Many of the finest local businesses are long-term repeat clients and our success winning competitive public work of all kinds is, and always has been, high. In addition to our local work, about half our gross revenue is from work outside Central Oregon, which adds to our positive outlook as well as our stability during slower economic times. As an established 23-year old firm, we are very pleased to be posting revenue growth at such high levels, and we think it speaks to our stability and reputation.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Our rock-solid stability and growth over 23 years is due to our proven reputation for creative design, high quality documents and outstanding service to clients and contractors throughout the design and construction process. We stand out in our industry by being super responsive and accessible to clients and contractors and always meeting budgets and schedules.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? While we will always be based in Central Oregon, we intend to grow the firm and continue providing design services in an ever-broader region, and we have considered opening a branch in another state. In addition to Oregon, we have worked in California, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Arizona and we plan on working in additional states.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Take exceptional care of your people and your clients, and success is inevitable. Our people believe in our mantra, “A Bright Future Through Brilliant Design,” and the passion and energy we pour into our client’s projects through design and service is at the core of our 23-year history of repeat clientèle and design and business practice awards.

#5 — Broad Sky Networks

Official Name of Business: Broad Sky Networks

Address: 750 NW Charbonneau St., Ste. 201, Bend

Phone: 877-291-9575


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Mike Mudd, founder and CEO. Mike is an entrepreneur in the telecom industry, founding three companies including Broad Sky Networks, TechLink Services — a nationwide installation services company, and TechLink Solutions. Mike also invests directly early-stage tech startups and is an investor in Seven Peaks Venture Capital Fund 1.

Number of Employees: 25

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2003

Product/Services Offered: Broad Sky provides business-class Primary, Temporary, Failover (back-up) and MTM / IoT (Machine to Machine and Internet of Things) Wireless Internet solutions.

Hot News: In 2019, Broad Sky earned leading awards, including the Inc. 5000 award for the third consecutive year — ranking in the top 30 percent of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, the MPS 501 Award from Channel Futures ranking top managed service providers worldwide who take risks on strategic business decisions, demonstrate dedication to customer support and have intuitive knowledge of the managed services market and the Central Oregon Fastest 20 Growing Businesses by Cascade Business News. Broad Sky is honored to receive this award for the second year among leading businesses in our headquarters location in Bend.

Outlook for Growth: The cloud service and IoT (Internet of Things) markets are key drivers for Broad Sky Networks growth projects. Gartner predicts the worldwide public cloud service market will grow from $182.4B in 2018 to $331.2B in 2022, attaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.6 percent. And, the IoT market is slated to reach $1.2 Trillion by 2023.

Broad Sky will keep pace with these high-growth markets to deliver mobile wireless solutions that keep single-site and large, multi-location businesses connected to the cloud, provide primary Internet when wired solutions are not available, temporary wireless for events and connectivity during natural disasters. Today’s connected businesses cannot afford to be without Internet, and Broad Sky makes sure that doesn’t happen.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Broad Sky stays ahead of wireless technology trends to deliver solutions that power business applications and future-proof business networks. From satellite, 3G, 4G LTE and now 5G technologies and mobile private networking; we engineer, test and refine solutions that work for all businesses and industries.

In addition to sustained, rapid growth in the cloud and IoT markets, Broad Sky is the chosen provider for mobile wireless solutions based on a reputation for delivering quality service to customers since 2003. Our tag line is, We Make Wireless Work. We stand by that tag line and prove it daily across every Broad Sky department. In an industry where Internet connectivity is critical to businesses, the customer experience and solution must be leading edge.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? Broad Sky is scheduled to roll out an industry-leading management portal in the first quarter of 2020. Wireless Window(sm) will be the first account management platform to provide a single view of billing, device management and data usage across top tier mobile carriers and equipment providers.

In 2020, Broad Sky will launch wireless POTS (plain old telephone service) replacement services to replace aging phone lines that connect critical communications including fire alarms, security applications and elevators to reliable, mobile Internet connections. POTS replacement is now a massive market as carriers discontinue building and maintaining outdated and expensive telephone networks. By 2023 hundreds of thousands of lines will sunset and Broad Sky will offer wireless Internet to replace them with cutting edge technology.

Looking ahead to 2025, Broad Sky will continue to evolve and deploy 5G technology that will provide powerful solutions for business Internet connectivity and network infrastructure.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Our philosophy absolutely starts with the customer. In 2003, Broad Sky was a leader in successful satellite solutions where businesses could not get Internet access. Our foundation was built on delivering customer solutions in even the most challenging and remote business cases. Our customer experience philosophy and focus is the same today, earning Broad Sky a leadership position in the mobile wireless industry.

Broad Sky Management knows that a company is only as successful as their internal teams. We are a company with highly engaged employees who have the freedom to be strong team and individual contributors. We work hard but we keep having fun in the mix — always!

Strategic direction combined with the risk to stay ahead of evolving technologies contributes to Broad Sky’s success. We are first-to-market to implement solutions that deliver the latest wireless technologies and network scalability for businesses.

#6 — CiES Inc.

Official Name of Business: CiES Inc.

Address: 1375 SE Wilson Ave., Ste. 150, Bend

Phone: 541-977-1043


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Scott Philiben — Lifelong aviation professional, moved to Bend in 1995 and was instrumental in growing the aviation business in Central Oregon.

Number of Employees: 10

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2010

Product/Services Offered: CiES is an aviation system supplier and we are most known for our work with aircraft fuel quantity systems. CiES is the largest-volume producer of aviation fuel quantity systems for the world’s small- and medium-sized aircraft and helicopters.

Hot News: CiES has just started supplying to the U.S. Military on a program for the Armed Services future warfare and special services operations (like the Navy Seals). Yes, it’s “Top Secret” — even we don’t know what it is.

Outlook for Growth: As the world clamors for more pilots, even legacy training aircraft are getting updated cockpits to allow student pilots the opportunity to fly an all-glass cockpit (picture a Tesla dash on steroids).

This world-wide demand requires the aircraft to have precise fuel indication for proper glass cockpit operation. To put it mildly, CiES has the only solution.

Our work and reputation have brought us a number of new projects and new aircraft applications. We look to be adding these products to our portfolio this year and expect them to literally “take- off.”

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We found a niche and a definitive need. Everyone knows that fuel indication in aircraft is an issue as it has become a Hollywood meme — as in any movie with an aircraft, there is always somebody tapping on the fuel gauge. In any group of 50 people — somebody has a friend or relative that has had a small aircraft crash due to fuel exhaustion. There is some smoke trailing off that meme fire. Fuel quantity in aircraft was a literal and figurative joke. So it was a big problem and it went on for a long time. The leading small aircraft company in the world came to us and asked if we could solve this problem. In their words, we didn’t just address the problem — we put a cannon hole through the target. We are lean, smart and aggressive, and we like to solve difficult problems.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We will progressively grow organically from our work in aircraft fuel systems and we will expand that to marine and power source markets. Our new products on the bench are just as exciting and game-changing, and will apply to the infant electric aircraft market. I see us continually adding new product and content, making us an attractive acquisition for a larger aircraft systems supplier, or conversely we become more aggressive and grow an aircraft systems business in Central Oregon through our own acquisitions and growth.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and customer service as they define our industry. Products that work, provide long service and have support are the exception and not the rule. We strive to be exceptional, to be lean and flexible in operation. We work together to create systems to solve problems and that allow us to do more with less.

When we lay out the budgets for the following year, we discuss what the metrics of this expansion will be and start to create the plans (finance, engineering, production, quality) that will allow us to be successful at that next new level.

One of the key things is that we operate in a regulated business. This forces us to be accountable and documented in procedure and deed — no matter how difficult that is for me personally.

#7 — Preston Thompson Guitars, LLC

Name of Company: Preston Thompson Guitars, LLC

Phone: 541-588-6211


Contact Email:,,

CEO/owners, background: Daniel Stewart, ex-Navy pilot, retired chemical engineering, marketing executive. Julie Thompson, widow of co-founder, Preston Thompson.

Number of Employees: 10

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2012

Product/Services Offered: Custom / vintage acoustic guitars built to model steel string guitars from the 1930’s. We offer 14 models built from a variety of exotic tonewoods coming from countries around the world — Honduras, Brazil, Madagascar, Nova Scotia and parts of the United States.

Hot News: Ongoing relationships with well-known, popular players and performers, Billy Strings and Molly Tuttle. Both have won the International Bluegrass Music Association Guitarist of the Year in 2017 and 2018 (Molly, first female) and 2019 (Billy).

Selected as the Winning Prize Guitar at the Walnut Valley Music Festival (National Flat Picking Guitar Championships).

Outlook for Growth: Modest-aggressive growth in the global high end market. Focus on U.S., European and Asian markets. Ten-fifteen percent per year in revenue. Adjust model mix to capitalize on custom design instruments —unique inlay and appointments.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We were able to compete immediately when we entered the market in 2013 because Preston knew how to build a great guitar. Every guitar we build has the unique sound and beautiful finish that high-end players and collectors expect. However, the singular answer to our success in such a short time is our sound. It is as good as anyone builds in the world today.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? Organic growth that pushes us to add space within three years leading to maximum production of 230-260 instruments built per year by 2023/24.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Stay ahead of changing market trends, know the competition, know the customers (players, artists, dealers, collectors) and what pulls them to spend money. Use technology (evolving website, social media, marketing outreach, etc.) wisely to communicate effectively and economically.

#8 — Minuteman Press

Official Name of Business: Jem Print LLC dba Minuteman Press Cascades

Address: 235 SE Wilson Ave., Ste. 100, Bend

Phone: 541-749-2900


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Renee Mansour

Number of Employees: 7

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2015

Product/Services Offered: We design, print and promote for our customers. With a graphic design team, we print business cards, letterhead, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, programs, calendars, postcards, rubber stamps, checks, labels, stickers, door hangers, rack cards, brochures/flyers, branded promotional items, branded apparel, name tags, yard signs, banners and posters. We also do mailing, and have software that scrubs your list. The list of what we can do is endless!

Outlook for Growth: Our outlook for growth is to have growth that is manageable while providing great service and a quality product. We also have acquired new equipment that helps with our productivity and quality output.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We attribute our rapid growth to our kind and professional customer service team, as well as the high-quality products we provide our customers. Each customer is treated the same, whether they place one order or multiple orders per month.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? I envision that growth will continue based on looking at month-over-month sales from this year to last year. Should the opportunity arise to purchase another local print shop, we would be happy to entertain that thought, as that would create growth within our organization and an opportunity to serve more people in our community.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Our philosophy in running a successful company is to treat our customers as we would want to be treated — with care for their project, attention to detail and providing a quality product in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in getting back to our customers quickly. There are also many processes we utilize to ensure that branding stays consistent for each order.

#9 — Composite Approach

Official Name of Business: Composite Approach

Address: 1475 NE Jackpine Ave., Ste. 300, Redmond

Phone: 541-316-7161


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Brian Harris and Holly Harris

Number of Employees: 52

Year Established in Central Oregon: 1998

Product/Services Offered: Carbon fiber and fiberglass parts manufacturing and assembly.

Hot News: Composite Approach is being audited in December for AS9100/ISO9001 certification, which we expect to receive in Spring 2020. We completed our move into a brand new 26,000 sq. ft. facility in October 2019.

Outlook for Growth: The composites industry, as a whole, is growing rapidly as composite materials find their way into a broader spectrum of products worldwide. Composite Approach is invested in growing with the industry, developing new technologies and promoting on-shore manufacturing. We are well positioned to exploit these new market dynamics and anticipate opportunities for significant growth into the foreseeable future. Additionally, with AS9100 certification, we expect significant growth opportunities to continue well into the future.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We focus significant energy on developing mutually beneficial relationships with each of our customers. Customers seem to respect and appreciate our approach and frequently refer new business to us. Additionally, recognition in the market of our expertise in design-to-completion is broadening our business base to fast growing clients and new industries and markets.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We anticipate growing our client base to ever-larger aerospace and defense clients because of our AS9100 certification, and are targeting a doubling of current sales by 2024. We also expect to make a significant investment in technology to increase productivity.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Composite Approach is really a collection of people and the individual relationships that exist with each person both internally and externally to the company. Running a company, or any organization, is largely about managing each relationship. If you can focus on each relationship and interaction every day and do it well… you’ll have successful relationships which will lead to a successful company. I am blessed to be surrounded by the best team of people and the best group of customers imaginable. When it comes to the work we do — we must keep quality and timeliness as our top two priorities and we must leave them in that order. We must do what we said we would do. We miss sometimes, but we relentlessly pursue it.

#10 — Velox Systems

Official Name of Business: Velox Systems

Address: 2700 NE Fourth St., Ste. 210, Bend

Phone: 541-639-4397


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: H. Jordan Smith

Number of Employees: 15

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2011

Product/Services Offered: We help our clients make more money in new ways or save money with the things they’re already doing. As a part of this goal, we provide network, computer and tech support to businesses in Central Oregon. We work with our clients to ensure their IT is safe, stable and productive so they can win at work and focus on what matters. We do that by being a strategic partner and a fast responder, helping them to set up a well-designed network, deploy smart applications, and then we support the environment to ensure it operates at a high level.

Hot News: We’re building a plan to attack Cybercrime! Velox Systems is proud to be launching a Managed Security Services package in 2020. Beyond the standards of security we provide now in our standard Managed IT Service offerings, we’ll be adding penetration testing, community training, phishing spam email simulations, dark web monitoring and social engineering readiness services as packages to help not only keep our client’s networks secure, but also train users and staff to look at the ways they can help protect their data from social vulnerabilities.

Outlook for Growth: We love to throw parties for the community — to do this, we need to keep growing! Velox Systems has enjoyed rapid growth in Central Oregon consistently over the last eight years. We will continue to dig deep into the business community of Central Oregon as well as expand to neighboring regions in Oregon such as the Mid-Willamette Valley. Our service is performed with excellence both locally and remotely, so we hope to leverage technology and emerging business cultures to expand our footprint beyond Bend and Central Oregon.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Our rapid growth is due largely to the awesome people who work here. Our service teams are performing great work and have built the credibility we have in Central Oregon. When people hear of Velox Systems, they know we’re fun and faithfully serve the business community. Our clients trust us to keep their teams working efficiently and securely. Without the credibility we have, I know our growth would be slow and painful. It’s imperative to a growing company to maintain trust with not only current clients who know us well, but also with the community as we encounter new prospective clients with whom we can partner. It’s important they know we’re not the mean IT guys stuck in the backroom, but a friendly and upbeat team of professionals ready to solve any problem.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? World domination. But seriously, we aim to continue our growth patterns to help us both improve our internal service offerings and processes, as well as continue to grow our service footprint throughout Oregon. While the Bend community knows us well, we have our sights set on Redmond and the growing business market in Prineville in the next 18 months. Within the next five years, we look to open services in the Mid-Willamette Valley from Eugene to Salem in a manner that will unite the business community and economy of both regions for mutual benefit.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Do cool things and work hard, be adaptable. At Velox Systems, we take risks and embark on adventures. Our whole team — from the newest service technician to our management teams — know that a day in the life of Velox Systems will likely include a problem we’ve never faced before or a challenge that can radically change the way we look at our work. How we respond to this is what makes us successful.

#11 — Everist Irrigation

Official Name of Business: Everist Irrigation

Address: 2660 Hwy. 20, Ste. 610-101, Bend

Phone: 541-362-1389


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Jerry and Brittney Everist

Number of Employees: 5

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2011

Product/Services Offered: Everist Irrigation offers landscape services to residential, commercial and agricultural properties. Services include landscape maintenance, irrigation service and repair, backflow testing, compost tea service, irrigation installation, residential snow removal:,,,

Hot News: Everist irrigation is going to be implementing new technology for 2020 that will allow potential new clients to get an instant landscape maintenance quote. This will allow future clients to get an instant quote for servicing their landscape. No more waiting around for an estimator to show up! Get a quote 24 hours a day.

Outlook for Growth: We have continued growth for every year that we have been in business. We expect to gain more market share as we continue to implement processes that make us efficient and our clients happy.

As more of Central Oregon gets developed, more landscapes need to be serviced.

We will continue to build our business with the focus of servicing landscapes rather than building landscapes.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Most of the growth in our business I attribute to the support of my family — especially my wife, Brittney. They have been behind this business since day one and have allowed us to create something from nothing.

We also attribute the rapid growth to our embracing of technology. We have been able to automate several aspects of our work to make us efficient and communicate more effectively with our clients. Our clients receive appointment confirmation, reminder and completion emails from us and we have nothing but positive feedback from our clients regarding this.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We look to continue to grow our landscape maintenance services the most in the next five years. We are very young in this industry.

More and more of our services will be able to be purchased online like our irrigation packages. We have seen an increase in online service sales of 224 percent over the last five years.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? In the early stages of running this company, my main focus was keeping promises to my clients and maintaining communication. The more we have grown and added employees, my focus has shifted to keeping my employees happy. If my employees are happy, then I hope happiness will transfer to the client and the service they receive from us.

Ultimately, keeping promises is our most important thing we try to accomplish everyday with our clients.

#12 — Budget Blinds of Central Oregon

Official Name of Business: Budget Blinds of Central Oregon

Address: 1155 SW Division St., A4, Bend

Phone: 541-788-8444


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Mike and Stacy Hughes; Bob and Clara Hughes. Mike and Stacy run the day-to-day business, but Budget Blinds is owned by several members of the Hughes family, including Bob and Clara. Mike and Stacy grew up in Central Oregon and they have owned two other businesses in Bend prior to joining Budget Blinds of Central Oregon in 2008. Stacy grew up in the housing industry as her dad was a custom home builder in Bend. Stacy has always had an eye for design and color and loves helping homeowners find the perfect match. Mike has a background in construction and home audio, which is a perfect match for Motorization, the latest window coverings trend. The broad experience of the Hughes family has significantly contributed to the success of Budget Blinds of Central Oregon. Bob has a master of business administration and managed several multi-million-dollar organizations, and Clara has a degree in HR, prior to becoming an Elementary teacher in Sisters.

Number of Employees: 14

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2008

Product/Services Offered: Retail sales of window coverings and awnings. We bring the showroom to our customers in Central Oregon. We expertly help our customers design, measure your space, install beautiful window treatments and back it up with the best warranty in the business.

Hot News: Motorization. Home Automation continues to be the hot topic and that is why our customers depend on Budget Blinds to make it happen. Advances in technology and increased demand for smart and connected living have all contributed to rising excitement about motorized blinds. The benefits are many — the ability to control your shades or blinds with the touch of a button, freedom from unsightly cords that pose a risk to children and animals, cost reductions on your home heating bills and transforming your living room into a media room — including convenience, energy savings, smart home integration, smart lighting, add r-value, safety and security.

Outlook for Growth: We see strong growth opportunities in the future. Budget Blinds has the largest selection of blinds, shades, shutters, draperies and we work with the top 25 brands, offering window coverings for every budget. We have high-end brands like Hunter Douglas and more affordable brands for customers who want quality at an affordable price. We work with many of the top builders and designers in Deschutes County to provide window coverings in their custom homes. As Deschutes County continues to be a fast-growing community, we will continue to see our growth expand.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Budget Blinds has a formula for success and processes in place enabling us to succeed. We are the local window coverings experts and we are backed by the nation’s number one provider of custom window coverings, Budget Blinds. The Budget Blind buying power is huge and that is why the top 25 brands in window coverings have partnered with us; providing the latest in fashion at incredible pricing. Our consultative process is designed around caring about the customer and their home. We make the entire experience easy and convenient as we bring the showroom to their home with our free in-home design consultation. From those unique shaped windows, to energy efficient treatments, and more, Budget Blinds does it all, with style and service for any budget! We’re local and here to stay to ensure you have peace of mind.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We grow as our customer base grows. The majority of our business is from existing customers or referrals from our customers. We focus our time and talents to maintain our expertise in window coverings. We sell what we know and that is window coverings. Both our sales staff and installation staff receive ongoing training. Our consultative process is designed around caring about the customer and their home.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? It is all about taking care of your customer and employees. Sixty-five percent of our sales comes from repeat customers and referrals from our customers. We have the best warranties in the industries to always ensure our customers are happy with their purchase. For the employees, each person is an expert at what they do, and we strive to create an atmosphere of enjoyment while performing our duties.

#13 — ATL Communications

Official Name of Business: ATL Communications DBA’s; / /

Address: 2700 NE Fourth St., Ste. 240, Bend

Phone: 1-800-RESPORG, 1-800-PORTING


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Brian Lynott, Mark Bilton-Smith and Ali Bijanfar

Number of Employees: 11

Year Established in Central Oregon: 1993

Product/Services Offered: ATL Communications is a leading SaaS provider of neutral toll-free number management, number administration and local number porting solutions to carriers, operators and enterprise businesses. Recognized as the first independent RespOrg, ATL Communications has been at the forefront of Telecom innovation, pioneering solutions for toll-free number management and local number porting, disaster recovery, least cost routing and number data querying; simplifying the essential functions of these processes for businesses of all sizes. As the nation’s most trusted and experienced RespOrg, ATL Communications strives to remove friction within the telecommunications industry by identifying, then resolving, industry-wide pain points.

Hot News: Oregon’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies 2019 Award Recipient, successful launch of our newest iteration of RoutingPro to the U.S. market — a least cost routing generation platform capable of saving businesses thousands of dollars a month on their toll-free traffic within minutes, Q4 2019 launching a game-changing Local Number Porting solution, world’s first completion of MGI to API Transition for SOMOS enhanced Toll-Free Number management and international merger in the works with formal announcement expected Q1 2020.

Outlook for Growth: Five-year goal to effectively scale to a $100 million enterprise value.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? The Leader. An extraordinary group of learning leaders who are relentlessly dedicated and aligned with our core values and five-year vision. Our belief in accomplishing our goal is unwavering. Also brutal honesty, no shame, no blame, disagree and commit, it’s not about us, it’s about our mission, zero tolerance for mediocrity, expectations of, and accountable for, the highest performance from oneself and from every team member. Our core values: learning leaders, fuel your fire, extraordinary outcomes, belief begins the journey, keep it simple, shoot for the moon and be excellent to each other.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? ATL Communications’ BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) — $100,000,000 enterprise value in five years. This will be accomplished through a combination of organic growth and M&As, supported by relentless dedication and alignment to our core values and five-year mission. We will expand in and beyond the U.S., into international markets, through numbering administration, central databases, modern technology-accomplished machine learning/AI and maintaining a freakish tactical advantage over the competition.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Surround ourselves with leaders who are passionate to create leaders. Promote personal and professional growth and wellness. Extreme ownership and accountability. Brutal honesty with effective and open collaboration. Precise, synchronous execution with relentless dedication to our core values and five-year mission. The presence of mind to choose humility over ego and a constant understanding that we must continually strive to disrupt or we will be disrupted.

#14 — Diversified Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Official Name of Business: Diversified Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Address: 61511 American Lane, Bend

Phone: 541-323-1840


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Kenny Ledbetter (business & HVAC), Tanya Ledbetter (business accountant).

Number of Employees: 36

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2010

Product/Services Offered: Furnaces, A/Cs, heat pump, mini splits, fireplaces, service, gas piping, humidifiers, A.’R’ filtration, annual maintenance.

Hot News: Focus on Smart Home Technology. Net Zero Homes.

Outlook for Growth: The outlook for growth is still very strong. With all the advances with Smart Home Technology and Smart Thermostats leading the way. We are continually finding new customers while caring for the existing ones.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Great customer service. Doing it right the first time. Having an excellent team.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? Eight-ten percent growth per year over year over the next five years. Focusing that growth in our replacement and service department.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Hire, develop and retain employees who are committed to our growth and customer satisfaction. Cultivating trust and loyalty among the team members and customers alike.

# 15 — N the Zone Ink

Official Name of Business: N the Zone Ink

Address: 62958 Layton Ave., Ste. 4, Bend

Phone: 541-728-9663


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Josh Love and Deanna Smith

Number of Employees: 8 full time, 3 part time

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2009

Product/Services Offered: Custom decorated apparel and branded products. Our services include screen printing, embroidery, heat press vinyl, sewing, patches, stickers, banners and thousands of apparel options and promotional products.

Hot News: October 2019 marks our ten-year anniversary. At the beginning of the year we added a new Roland Wide Format Digital Printer to our equipment lineup so that we can produce stickers, banners and digital heat transfers in-house, giving us more control over the quality and color matching of the final product.

This month we are currently working on adding a new six-head Tajima embroidery machine to our existing lineup. This will allow us to keep up better with the demand and continue to keep our quality standards high.

Outlook for Growth: We hope to see continued growth and project sales at five years to be 2.25 mil.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We started our business right in the heart of the recession and knew we had to give it everything we had in us — not only for our business to survive, but for us as a family to survive. We care deeply about the quality of the products we produce and the customer service we provide. We don’t cut corners and we don’t use cheap products. We take care of our customers exactly how we would want to be taken care. We care about our customers, not just on a business level but on a personal level. Quality and service is everything to us, it’s our integrity and we don’t compromise on that. We believe that those two primary focuses are what keeps our customers coming back and referring their friends and family to us. Our business is built on “word of mouth.” Beyond that, we continually educate ourselves through trade shows, classes, webinars, networking and endless research. We keep our equipment and services current and are always looking for new things or ways to be more efficient and better at what we do.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? In the next one to two years we plan to expand our screen printing equipment line to a larger or second Automatic Roq press as well as a Direct To Screen machine, which will make our film output and screen setups more efficient and more precise.

In the next three to four years we also plan to expand in our digital printing services as well to include signage and vehicle wraps.

In five years we will be working towards building our own commercial building for our new official headquarters for N the Zone Ink.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Perseverance. Learn from your mistakes and do better — don’t just give up on it, or settle, but figure how to do it better. Appreciate your team and your customers. Stand behind your product and services. Continually research and educate yourself. Treat people how you would want to be treated. Be fair and be honest. Take your business accounting serious, know your numbers, get a financial advisor and skilled tax accountant so that they can help you navigate your financials and make smart decisions. Don’t be afraid of change, because it is inevitable.

We have some core values and a slogan that our team follows that we have posted on our shop walls. Our core values are: Take pride in what you do. Work Hard — Work Smart. Be Positive. Commitment to Innovation and Excellence. Own Your Craft. Strive to be the Best. Our slogan is: We are not here to be average, we are here to be Awesome!

#16 — Step & Spine Physical Therapy

Official Name of Business: Step & Spine Physical Therapy

Mailing address: PO Box 1510, Sisters

Administration: 541-529-1347

Bend Address: 2185 NW Shevlin Park Road

Phone: 541-728-0713

Redmond Address: 974 SW Veterans Way

Phone: 541-504-5363

Sisters Address: 625 N Arrowleaf Trail

Phone: 541-588-6848


Contact Email:,

Number of Employees: 41

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2010

Owner/Founder: Barrett Ford, PT is the CEO. Barrett and Jodi Ford are the owners. Barrett graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch Physical Therapy (PT) program. He has been a PT for over 28 years. He has worked in Texas, Utah and Oregon. Barrett is an Eagle Scout and has continued to volunteer in the program. Barrett and Jodi have traveled and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. Jodi has volunteered in the Deschutes County 4-H program. Barrett and Jodi have six children, two of whom are married, and they have two grandchildren.

Product/Services Offered: Physical Therapy

Outlook for Growth: We are continually looking for opportunities to grow, however, they must be financially sound. We love to help people and are fully invested in our community. We are excited to engage in opportunities that allow us to help Central Oregon residents live healthier lives.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We love people and genuinely want to see them feel better for life. We believe education is a fundamental component to achieving this. As such, we strive to educate our patients about their unique physical conditions while teaching them how to make changes to improve their physical health.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We have continued to see an increase in demand for our service and will further expand as the demand necessitates. People have a positive experience in our clinics and they tell their friends to come to Step & Spine Physical Therapy. Our network of referring providers, who trust us to care for their patients, are also pivotal in our success.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? First and foremost, get the right people onboard. Those who love and care for people. Then, love your people. We try to set our employees up with a schedule that works for their lifestyle while balancing it with the needs of the clinic. We want to have happy employees and believe that it transfers to happy patients. And we love to have happy, healing patients. We have very talented and educated individuals in our business. But we emphasize that the most important thing we can do is love and care and draw a connection with every patient that we see. It should be a super uplifting experience. The patient should always receive some hands-on treatment and should be educated in a way that makes sense to them and they can benefit for a lifetime. This philosophy is emphasized from the front desk, to the physical therapist and assistants, to the administrative staff.

#17 — TechLink Services

Official Name of Business: TechLink Services

Address: 750 NW Charbonneau St., Ste. 201, Bend

Phone: 828-348-0258


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Mike Mudd, founder and CEO. Mike is an entrepreneur in the telecom industry founding three companies including TechLink Services, TechLink Solutions — and custom software development and digital marketing company, and Broad Sky Networks, a leader in wireless business solutions. Mike also invests directly in early-stage tech startups and is an investor in Seven Peaks Venture Capital Fund 1.

Number of Employees: 55

Year Established in Central Oregon: 2008

Product/Services Offered: TechLink employs a robust team of seasoned project managers, engineers and software developers. Our experienced team designs, deploys, installs and manages a variety of IT related projects such as VoIP systems, digital signage, structured cabling, wireless networks, electrical and digital menu boards to name a few.

Hot News: In 2019, TechLink Services earned leading awards, including the Inc. 5000 award for the fifth consecutive year — an achievement attained by only four percent of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States and the Central Oregon Fastest 20 Growing Businesses by Cascade Business News. TechLink is honored to receive this award for the second year among leading businesses in our headquarters location, Bend — and in Q1 of 2020, TechLink Solutions, an in-house software and digital marketing company for TechLink Services, is scheduled to roll out Wireless Window for Broad Sky Networks, a leading-edge account management portal providing a single view across multiple carriers, locations and thousands of devices for businesses — a first in the wireless industry.

Outlook for Growth: Growth for TechLink Services is driven by the digital transformation market that, according to Gartner, is projected to grow to a $665-billion-dollar market by 2023. Digital transformation includes business applications moving to the cloud, the rapid growth of mobile devices and apps connected to networks, millions of devices and sensors in the IoT market and the growing number of digital signs and self-service kiosks.

Companies must make the move to digitize their businesses to remain competitive in the their markets and meet customer expectations. TechLink Services is there to help design and implement digital technology solutions for small to large, multi-location businesses.

In summary, TechLink Services’ growth will continue to follow the rapid-growth in the digital transformation market.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? TechLink is a technology company.  Our leadership team, installers and electricians stay ahead of the technology trends to install the most current solutions in the field.

In addition to the rapid growth in the markets we serve, our growth is attributed to the quality and skill of our employees and contractors. We act as a seamless part of our client’s business to quickly install their digital projects. Businesses today have to be ‘on,’ with no disruption, and we make that happen.

Most importantly, our field service technicians and electricians focus on customer service. Today, without exception, customer experience is a key driver for business success. Often, our teams are the only direct contact to the customer. We focus on providing the best customer service in the industry that creates long-term relationships for our clients and the businesses they serve.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? TechLink Services will continue to expand in existing technology markets with a focus on digital signage, IoT solutions, kiosks, AV and wired and wireless Internet connectivity.

In 2020 TechLink is scheduled to roll out Cloud Work Pro(sm) — a cloud-based program that will provide batch field service assignments for technicians.

Also scheduled for 2020-2021 is TechLink’s Material Distribution Service specifically designed for our network of field service technicians and electricians.  Top tier service technicians and electricians can buy cabling, equipment and other supplies at discounted rates. Additional features of the program include increased discounts for contractors with high rankings across all customer-rating platforms.

Rounding out our five-year growth plans, TechLink Services is investing in an increased sales force to serve the increasing volume of inbound leads and customer inquiries and gain traction in new industry verticals.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? The foundation of our success depends on teams that are highly skilled and current in leading-edge digital technologies. We make it a priority to train and certify our staff and consultant network to implement solutions that exceed expectations on every project.

TechLink Services has many “clients” — Managed Service Partners (MSPs), IT and Technology Consultants and direct business relationships. Our philosophy for success is that the customer experience must be the number one priority in all cases. This is a core value at TechLink.

And finally, our TechLink leadership team keeps two primary goals in the forefront: happy customers and employees who look forward to coming to work every day!

#18 — Specialty Auto Electric, Inc.

Official Name of Business: Specialty Auto Electric, Inc.

Address: 1133 SE Ninth St., Bend

Phone: 541-385-5744


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Dusty Baker, president and Melony Baker, vice president. Automotive repair.

Number of Employees: 5

Year Established in Central Oregon: 1981

Product/Services Offered: Full line automotive and electrical repair, electrical parts and USA-made batteries sales.

Hot News: Winter’s approaching. Time to get your vehicle’s cooling system serviced and all lighting on your vehicle checked for safety and visibility. Be safe… not sorry.

Outlook for Growth: As the industry grows, vehicles are more and more specialized. We have to change, and train. That leads to growth. Our vision is to expand and to keep moving forward with the industry.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Customer service, honesty, integrity, quality service, quality parts — we stand by our business.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We want to be the company that is thought of for automotive repair. We want to be the company that future employees want to work for. To grow the business. To give back to our customers, employees, community.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? It starts with customer service, top quality parts and top quality service. Caring about our customers, and their vehicles. Relationships are what flourish.

#19 — Central Oregon Eyecare, PC

Official Name of Business: Central Oregon Eyecare, PC

Address: 1000 SW Indian Ave., Redmond

Phone: 541-548-2488


Contact Email:

CEO/owners, background: Todd Sheldon, OD, MBA, FAAO

Number of Employees: 35

Year Established in Central Oregon: 1943

Product/Services Offered: Central Oregon Eyecare offers complete vision care from new glasses to complex medical eye care. We welcome all ages from infants to over 100 years old. Our optometric physicians offer contact lens services to virtually anyone including challenging fits, multi-focal lenses and fits for diseased or damaged eyes.

Hot News: We offer walk-in appointments for medical eye care. Central Oregon Eyecare has the largest selection of designer and fashion frames and sunglasses, many of which are exclusive to Central Oregon Eyecare.

Outlook for Growth: The outlook for continued growth is great. Our strong national and local economy combined with Central Oregon’s rapid growth bodes well for the future.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? A great staff with a passion for what they do combined with a strong local economy in a rapidly growing area. Additionally, continually training our team and soliciting feedback from customers for ideas on improvement.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We will continue to work hard to strive for customer delight as we believe the happiness of our current customers is what drives our growth. We anticipate adding another provider in the next one to two years and possibly adding another local location in the next three to four years.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Hire great people, train them well and empower them to provide exceptional service. Additionally, use feedback from our customers to drive change and improvement.

#20 — Bennington Properties LLC

Official Name of Business: Bennington Properties LLC

Address: 56842 Venture Lane, POB 3367, Sunriver

Phone: 541-593-6300


Contact Email:, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

CEO/owners, background: Robert Bennington, CEO; second generation owner

Number of Employees: 55

Year Established in Central Oregon: 1998

Product/Services Offered: Vacation rentals, vacation rental property management and real estate in Sunriver.

Hot News: Awarded Oregon Top Workplaces 2019 by The Oregonian. First company in Central Oregon to implement the Dream Manager Program. Celebrated 20 years of business in December 2018.

Outlook for Growth: We strive to continue our year over year five percent increase in gross revenues.

What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We attribute our rapid growth to our focus on innovating guest, homeowner and employee engagement and satisfaction.

We attribute our increased revenue to our renewed strategic attention to email marketing, direct booking campaigns and an exceptional team serving our guests, homeowners and real estate clients.

What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next 5 years? We seek to continue to support the growth and engagement of our employees, to increase our market share throughout Oregon, to increase ROI for our homeowners and to continue the delivery of a five-star experience to each of our guests.

What is your philosophy to running a successful company? The key to our success as a company has always been and will always continue to be a focus on people. We see every person who has a relationship with our business as “family,” and we treat them accordingly. Every member of our team is an integral part of not only our company but our ability to create profit.


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