Fastest 20 Spotlights Central Oregon Rising Stars


Annual Awards Recognize Local Companies Topping Growth Charts

Welcome to the Central Oregon Fastest 20 Growing Businesses Awards, celebrating the most rapidly rising stars of the increasingly diverse local business scene. Profiles of these businesses can be found HERE and on pages 8-13 of the November 3 publication.

Cascade Business News (CBN) joined forces with sponsors Columbia Bank and Capstone CPAs to recognize the fastest-growing companies located in the Tri County region.

The qualifying criteria for this group included companies established and operating on or before January 1, 2018, with gross annual revenues of at least $100,000 in the last fiscal year, reporting consistent year-over-year growth in earnings through 2020. CBN teamed with Columbia Bank and Capstone CPA’s to help find these companies, and then certify the percentage of growth.

The top 20 featured a wide array of business types and industry sectors, from hi-tech to healthcare, home improvement, recreation, music — and of course, an RV Park! These companies reflective a broadening platform for the local economy, with a heavy emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit for which Central Oregon is increasingly noted.

Latest economic indicators show Central Oregon’s economy growing faster than the national average, and Columbia Bank’s Senior Vice President, Retail Regional Manager-Greater Eugene/Central Oregon Sharon Calhoun said, “Columbia Bank is proud to continue in its fourth year, our support of Central Oregon’s Fastest 20!

“It’s exciting to see the incredible growth of these businesses in our community and Columbia Bank is honored to recognize and acknowledge the hard work of all of the businesses nominated — Congratulations!!”

Lance Brant, a CPA with Capstone, added, “We need to recognize small business owners and their positive efforts to our community. Owners of small business clients are the engine to our business environment and they provide the local opportunities for employees and future owners of small business. I could not be prouder to support this event.”

Thank you to our sponsors, nominators and all of the exceptional businesses for making this great event possible!

Cheers and congratulations!

#1 — Broken Top Candle Company

Official Name of Business: Broken Top Brands
Address: 62980 Boyd Acres Road, Building B1-4, Bend
Phone: 541-306-3079
Contact Email:,
CEO/owners, background: Affton Coffelt
Number of Employees: 23
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2015
Product/Services Offered: Broken Top Brands offers sustainable, eco-conscious products with plant-based ingredients and sustainable packaging. We are mostly known for our soy candles and have grown to offer an array of lifestyle and home good products including linen/room sprays, reed diffusers, lotions, liquid and bar soap, hand sanitizer, roll-on perfume and lip balm, which all include plant-based ingredients and essential oil fragrance. Our products are made for and loved by men and women alike.
Hot News: After noticing a gap in the market for sustainable, organic lifestyle and home products for men, Broken Top Brands developed four new scents and a new body wash, solid cologne and man spray along with their signature Soy Candles, dubbed ‘Geotanical.’
This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s 1% for the Planet partnership and a year of tremendous growth for the small Oregon company. The Geotanical collection became available October 12 and in an array of products and scents made for men. The collection will feature our signature soy candles and new body wash, man spray and solid cologne. A collection designed for relaxing at home, as well as on the go situations. Geotanical features a variety of scents from woodsy notes in Birch Charcoal and Sitka Woodland to beachy oceans notes with Black Coral Tide. Tobacco Teak is bound to be a fan favorite as well, smelling leathery and fresh. A collection made for men, featuring scents perfected for an array of lifestyles! Tailored not just for men that enjoy the finer things in life, but outdoorsmen, businessmen or the family man, Geotanical offers a product and scent for every man to enjoy daily.
Outlook for Growth: As a growing business in the last six years, Broken Top Brands has grown tremendously on the BTB side of the home goods industry and on the direct to consumer side. While the majority of our financial success is attributed to retail consumers, our direct website side of things has increased sales by 88 percent. Not to mention, the returning customer rate is also up 124 percent with average sale value also increasing by 23 percent up to $75.
The Wholesale side of the business is what really stands out in comparison to other growing businesses in our sector. The conversion rate is well over double the home decor average (4.7 percent) standing at 13.6 percent. Not only are retail businesses interested in our products, but are willing to try them and find a fit that works best for their store. Keeping this in mind, the brand also has a 99.8 percent sell-through rate once our retail customers receive our products. Not only are they willing to try our products, but the return rate is very minimal compared to the home goods average of 98 percent. 2020/2021 has been our largest year thus far, and we’re excited to see where the growth takes us as we build our brand.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Sustainable consumers have blown up our sales, as younger generations are looking to purchase organic, plant-based products. Millennials are over 30 percent more likely to purchase from a business that gives back to the environment and spend more money than choose the leading competitor who does not. We joined 1% for the Planet this year and have volunteered at local nonprofits to get our name out in the community and support a larger cause. We believe it’s important to show that our products are not only made from clean, sustainable ingredients, but they support a larger cause than just company success.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We have been fortunate enough to land some key accounts nationally over the past few years including Whole Foods, Bloomingdale’s, TJX and Macy’s. With 2022 around the corner, our brand is looking to expand into the international market and tap into the Canadian and European market through our key wholesale accounts. Expansion into the international market has been a dream of ours for some time, and this year it looks like it’s coming to fruition.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Coffelt is creating, innovating and constantly coming up with new ideas. Her priority is facilitating a happy place to work, and building a strong relationship with her employees that develops a healthy work-life culture. She also always makes time for networking, and learning from or mentoring other entrepreneurs in Bend.
Her emphasis: Create, innovate and lead a team that is doing what they are best at, what they enjoy most and always being an open door to improve company culture.

#2 — ToyHouse Toys, LLC

Official Name of Business: ToyHouse Toys, LLC
Address: 17345 Spring River Road, Sunriver
Phone: 503-407-8936
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: David Jameson, Entrepreneur & Management Consultant
Number of Employees: 15
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2014
Product/Services Offered: Gear rentals for outdoor and indoor activities including, but not limited to; Jet Skis, Kayaks, Canoes, SUP’s, Floating Islands, Mega Paddleboards (17’x7’), Bikes, eBikes, Snowmobiles, Snow Tubes, Sleds, Snowshoes and Turn-key Virtual Reality Gear for experiences at your home or in the SunriverVR Arcade. The rentals we provide allow families and individuals to participate in a wide variety of Central Oregon’s activities.
We also offer a commercial product —
3D Volumetric Scanning services for business, retail, manufacturing, construction, real estate sales/rentals or interior decorating purposes or if you just want to take an object into the Metaverse! For example, a 3D home tour allows potential customers, buyers or vacation renters to experience the home firsthand and see it from virtually any viewpoint at their leisure. View on a PC or virtually in a visor. Couples can visit it together at the same time too. Homes, businesses and so much more.
Did you know that you can have us VIRTUALLY remove/add furniture, change colors and counter/floor/wall surfaces? We can also fill an empty structure with whatever you want or clear and replace a horde packed one or anything in-between. Need something in the window? Welcome to the future.
Hot News: Our brand new 2022 snowmobiles are currently being outfitted with the latest accessories to make them an even more enjoyable ride and will be ready by Thanksgiving weekend! Last year, we had four SkiDoos, and this year we will have 14! All are super quiet, fully provisioned, two-seater, four-stroke 600cc, Grand Touring SkiDoos with 62 liter trunks and complimentary; snow tubes, ePumps, helmets, phone holders, safety kits, Walkie-Talkies, tow ropes and a GPS mapping app. Our snowmobiles are perfect for a casual trail trip around Mt. Bachelor or Paulina with absolutely stunning views and great play areas. Have lunch at Elk Lake or Paulina Lake Lodge and say “Hi” from ToyHouse!
Outlook for Growth: Before 2020 we averaged about 30 percent year-over-year growth over the first six years, then with a large growth spurt in 2020 we are happy to say that with ten months behind us, we are on pace to grow another 20-30 percent for 2021. Thankfully the increase in volume for 2020 appears to be a new sustained level for us, with much more upside to go in 2022.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? The ability to rapidly pivot based on the ever-changing circumstances presented each day in 2020. An example would be when we ordered an additional year’s worth of inventory based on pending tariffs in the fall of 2019. Then we ordered another year’s worth of inventory in February when China announced they were building a hospital in ten days. Then we ordered another year’s worth of inventory when they decided to build TWO hospitals in less than a month.
Extreme circumstances require equally extraordinary actions. By paying attention to the world around us, we were able to anticipate and prepare for the ultimate influx of people that visited Central Oregon in the summer of 2020. People had been isolated inside for months at the start of the pandemic and were ready to go outside and play in beautiful Central Oregon —
we were also ready to accommodate so many more families than ever before. We had inventory for everyone! When we were met with an astronomical increase in demand, we never had to say, “Sorry, no availability.”
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We will continue to look for more exciting ways to have fun in Central Oregon. Our two-person eHydro-Foil might well take us to an all-new level of fun!
In fact, 2022 will be the beginning of our eGear expansion. While we already have eBikes, we will add a fleet of eBoats, eSUPs, eMega SUP barges and eSnowmobiles over the next few years. All are potential new additions for 2022 and beyond. There’s so much more fun to be had on the Deschutes River and area lakes!
Opening a third facility in Bend is currently planned for 2024 to provide a much closer source of year round gear provisioning for Bend residents and vacationing guests. Then, by a full five years, I will be 71, and hopefully fully retired — so my capable children and awesome crew will keep making people smile for years to come.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Pay attention. There are lots of moving parts that need your focus all at once. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Employees are your most valuable asset and resource and so treat them as such. Empower your frontline employees, recognize and acknowledge their contributions and pay more than average. Show them how to focus on the Customer Experience. Help them understand that at any decision point, they need to be the guest’s advocate and not to compromise between: it’s easier for us — vs — it’s best for the guest.
Our collective job is to do whatever we can to make our guest’s experience enjoyable and memorable. Often times, it’s the little things — i.e. for river and lake guests, other companies provide life vests… with us — there’s a free vest for your dog too, plus free; sunblock, bug spray, water tight bags, rope, anchors (if you want to hang-out in one spot), coolers, floating coolers, cooler floats, a portable gas grill, squirt guns, water blasters, applicable paddles, shuttle bikes… and don’t forget the Otter Pops For Everyone!
It should be an enjoyable environment for both guests and staff. As the Great Resignation has shown, people have a lot of options now about where they can work, so create a great environment for everyone and you’ll never be short staffed!

#3 — Lone Crow Bungalow

Official Name of Business: Lone Crow Bungalow
Address: 937 NW Wall St., Bend
Phone: 541-383-2992
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Rebecca Chase — bringing over 30 years wholesale/retail and design expertise to the business.
Number of Employees: 5
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2000
Product/Services Offered: Mountain-rustic gifts and home accessories from the Pacific Northwest, across the U.S. and beyond.
Hot News: Lone Crow Bungalow (LCB) has brought on-board new products with great craftsmanship. Northern Toboggan Co. of Minnesota toboggans are currently on display and these items promise to bring joy to families and their future generations. This is the second year that we have Bend Ornaments back in the store. These are the ornaments Rebecca had made in Poland to replicate the classic stained glass Bend icon. Original metal art out of Idaho featuring National Forest and Big Foot signs that light up and look perfect in a mountain cabin.
Outlook for Growth: Lone Crow Bungalow marked its 21st Anniversary in 2021 and its third Anniversary under the ownership of Rebecca Chase. From the very beginning, Rebecca has had a vision to make LCB a joyful place where customers harken back to a time when walking into a retail store became a memorable experience, and the products sold where made with quality.
An exciting place to visit during the holidays, word has spread and customers are returning each year to see the store decorated for Christmas and take family pictures in front of the display windows.
Artisans and suppliers have recognized the effort that LCB puts into displaying their products and telling their stories, making LCB a well sought after retail outlet.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Rebecca leverages her decades of wholesale, retail and design experience to select and build stories about the merchandise.
To support the storytelling, her contractor husband Chris Chase has played a big role in developing and setting-up new display wares throughout the store which has increased the merchandise footprint by 30 percent.
Keeping seasonal displays fresh and exciting signals to the customer that there are new things to be discovered and LCB merchandiser Jennifer Nordby brings the display stories to life.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? Work will continue on strengthen the brand and ensuring LCB adds new product lines that resonate with the mountain-rustic customer.
There are plans for evolving and perfecting
the online presence which holds significant
upside potential.
Future expansion of new concept stores are also on the horizon.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Stay focused on the vision, the customer and the community we are part of. Recognize that a strong talented team is what makes it all come to life. Give the customers a reason to come in, buy and return. Make the store a destination that the community is proud of, one that contributes to keeping downtown Bend vibrant — a Central Oregon destination that people want to explore and attend the many annual festivals and events again and again.

#4 — Trangistics, Inc.

Official Name of Business: Trangistics, Inc.
Address: PO Box 1750, Sisters
Phone: 541-923-6309
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Joey Hougham
Number of Employees: 10
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2002
Product/Services Offered: Transportation and warehouse/inventory management services.
Outlook for Growth: We retooled our business about three years ago to focus on the high tech construction industry. Server farm and semiconductor fab construction industry has committed billions of
dollars to develop facilities that will
create the most advanced computer chips in the world. We added warehousing/inventory management services that are integrated with transportation to provide the most efficient “just in time” solution for our customers.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Integrating warehouse/inventory management solutions with our traditional transportation services, delivering an efficient and cost effective “just in time” solution.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We are adding more warehousing/inventory management contracts in several states outside of Oregon that will accelerate our growth.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Empowering people to make decisions. Employees feel more valued with this type of structure, and in turn, they typically produce better results.
Operate with integrity, which resonates with our customers and employees.
We also provide flexible work environment enabling a better work/life balance.

#5 — Juniper Mountain Counseling

Official Name of Business: JDM Counseling LLC dba Juniper Mountain Counseling
Address: 1569 SW Nancy Way, Bend
Phone: 541-617-0377
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Jim Mockaitis, MS. MS, LPC
Number of Employees: 24 and 3 student interns
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2008
Product/Services Offered: Juniper Mountain Counseling (JMtC) is a well-respected and rapidly expanding mental health counseling agency in Bend. Established in 2008, we have earned and maintained a Certificate of Approval from the Oregon Health Authority. Hallmarks of our reputation have been compassion, accessibility, innovation and collaboration.
The prime focus of our mission, is to provide appropriate mental health assessment and counseling services that promote healing and healthy change without exclusion or discrimination, in the lives of those struggling with mental health challenges in our Central Oregon community. We provided services to children, teens, adults, families and couples.
The culture of Juniper Mountain is highly collaborative, warm, supportive, genuine, respectful, intentionally eclectic and open to creative therapy. We believe that the community spirit shared among our staff members positively impacts the therapeutic work we engage in with our clients. We are committed to helping in the best ways that we are able.
Hot News: Juniper Mountain Counseling has just purchased and will be remodeling a new facility that will virtually quadruple our current space. Project estimated to be completed by June, 2022.
Outlook for Growth: Despite the variety of excellent mental health providers in our community, there still remains a growing demand for mental health services. Juniper Mountain Counseling is very optimistic that we will continue to be able to do our part in responding to this need. We are expanding into a new facility that will provide approximately four times the amount of space we currently have. This new facility will enable us to grow our mental health services, adding programs that we are currently unable to accommodate. We will have a wing specifically devoted to child and family therapy, as well as group therapy, support groups, seminars, trainings, community outreach, as well as evolving services to Spanish speaking clients within our community.
We will also be able to enhance our student counselor internship program, with more training and experiential opportunities. This continues to provide us the opportunity to prepare new professional counselors in response to a workforce shortage within our community. Our mentorship program and other professional development opportunities for our own staff, and in collaboration with other mental health providers will also be enriched.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Ironically, our goal was never to grow this agency rapidly, but to simply be diligent and mindful of growth that would not compromise our mission or purpose, but advance it. Fortunately, our community and clients have recognized the quality of our services and our commitment to “always find a way” to help those in need. Our prime focus will always remain on our clients and fostering a genuine positive culture among our staff. This approach has been key to our growth and proven very beneficial to our agency.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? See points above.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Be willing to make sacrifices and prudent compromises at every turn.
Be clear about your mission and cherish and protect that. It is the prime motivating factor informing the decisions you make, and brings clarity to the purpose of your work.
Be trustworthy and consistent in your words and actions with your staff and your clients.

#6 — Rip Q Signs and Graphics, LLC

Official Name of Business: Rip Q Signs and Graphics, LLC
Address: 43 NW Cherry Ln., Ste. 101, Madras
Phone: 541-325-4506
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Brandon Searcy (owner member), Amber Searcy (owner member)
Number of Employees: 3
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2015
Product/Services Offered: Grand format printing, vehicle graphics/wraps, signs, banners, stickers, decals, trade displays, outdoor displays, graphic design.
Hot News: Awarded The 2019 Jefferson County Chamber Business of the Year.
We are hiring a part time or full time graphic designer. (Must have experience designing for a sign/wrap company.)
Outlook for Growth: Our outlook for growth is to bring on a couple of additional employees and upgrade and add a few machines. We want to grow some but stay small enough to ensure Quality of our products and services. Our goal is to remain a local business serving local Central Oregon customers. We want to remain a family owned and opperated company.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Everyone here is very passionate about our craft. We care more about high quality great looking products than the bottom line. Every customer that enters our doors poses a new challenge for us and we really enjoy finding the best looking and most durable solutions to each Idea that our customers present us with. It’s always been about the art form for us and I think that shows in our products and customer satisfaction. We have an abundance of talent and skill here at Rip Q, and that is what we believe has led to our local popularity.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We have experienced year to year growth since we opened our doors. Honestly it could stay right where it is at and that would be okay with us but it is always satisfying to see some level of growth every year. Our ultimate goal is to keep performing at our current level and not take any steps backward. If we keep our current level of quality, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and continue to enjoy what we do every day then the growth will just be a symptom of our passions.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Communication! Communication with the customers and communication with employees. Not every project goes smoothly but if you are talking to the people then they will understand. Putting them off, keeping them in the dark or assigning blame on issues can be a company’s biggest mistake. This takes a passive approach and can mean swallowing pride and having awkward conversations but is key to running a successful small business. Quality, turnaround time and fair market value of products are right up there, but all take a back seat to personal relationships.

#7 — Relson Contracting, LLC

Official Name of Business: Relson Contracting, LLC
Address: 601 E Antler Ave., Redmond
Phone: 541-647-3782
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Zack Nosler, Owner
Number of Employees: 7
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2016
Product/Services Offered: Full service lawn care, spring and fall clean ups, irrigation installation and repair, paver patio, retaining walls, planting, dirt work, fencing and more.
Outlook for Growth: We are striving for continuous growth.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We contribute our rapid growth first to our employees who are always willing to go the extra mile, and secondly to all our local vendors that we can count on to have the materials and parts that we need to complete our jobs.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? My vision is to have continuous growth year over year.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Our philosophy is to always be honest, we do what we say we are going to do, have good communication and most importantly, do good work.

#8 — Reynoso Jewelry Shoes & Clothing

Official Name of Business: Reynoso Jewelry Shoes & Clothing
Address: 212 SW Fifth St.
Phone: 541-475-5287
Contact Email:
Number of Employees: 3
Year Established in Central Oregon: 1997
Product/Services Offered: 14k jewelry, silver, clothing for all ages, shoes for all ages.
Outlook for Growth: Keep up with changing trends, provide customer with answers as to what their needs are for merchandise.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We provide a variety of clothes, shoes and jewelry so we change all the styles as seasons change.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? Our vision is to provide customer satisfaction. If they are satisfied, then we have customers come back — that makes our business grow, so that allows us to expand and grow customer-wise.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Having great attitude, care and listen to what customers’ needs are and try to accommodate what they need.

#9 — Bunk+Brew

Official Name of Business: Bunk+Brew
Address: 42 NW Hawthorne Ave., Bend
Phone: 458-202-1090
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Frankie Maduzia (Medical Tech) and J. Charles Griggs (Tech Lawyer)
Number of Employees: 14
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2016
Product/Services Offered: Lodging and event venue.
Hot News: Guess what… There’s a hostel in Bend. A lot of locals don’t know. But this hostel doesn’t just provide lodging for travelers, we have live entertainment every weekend — from music to comedy to trivia to karaoke. We have the closest food carts to downtown. We offer beer, wine, cider and seltzer. And we now have a Finnish sauna! Ultimately, we are a basecamp for adventurers across Central Oregon.
Outlook for Growth: We’ve done well enough to be nominated for 2020 [Fastest 20], but we’ve already seen our biggest increase yet in 2021. That tells us we’re still doing something right, and there’s more to come. We’ve primarily targeted the short-term traveler, but research tells us there’s a growing market of longer-term working “nomads” seeking stays of one-three months at a time. Our goal is to include this market.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We’re a little surprised to be nominated for this award because, unlike fast-growth, investor-capitalized businesses, we “bootstrapped” — that is, we started by only spending what we earned. We didn’t wanna compromise our vision, and we wanted that vision to evolve organically by our customers. The growth we’ve had is primarily a tribute to that principal: listening and responding to those customers.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We just hit five years. In that time, we restored the first and oldest brick building in Bend, we built an adjoining sauna bathhouse and we purchased and expanded into the property of our next-door neighbor. Our plan is to bulldoze that property and build up — to create a modern structure that will complement our historic home and satisfy the demand of longer-term working nomads.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Even if you aren’t as fortunate as Bunk+Brew, don’t have two co-owners as polar opposites working like yin and yang in solidarity toward a shared ultimate vision. There’s still a few principles of success any business can replicate, and these are: (1) listen closely, (2) adjust quickly and (3) document thoroughly. The more your managers understand these principles, the more sustainable your company will be (and the better you’ll sleep at night).

#10 — Premier Auto Body And Paint, Inc.

Official Name of Business: Premier Auto Body and Paint, Inc.
Address: 950 NE Fifth St., Redmond
Phone: 541-548-2299
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Lisa, Troy Lindquist, Lisa-medical/surgical field. Troy-35+ years automotive.
Number of Employees: 27
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2000
Product/Services Offered: Auto collision repair, auto glass replacement.
Hot News: Two locations (Redmond, Bend), soon to open a third location (second in Bend)
Outlook for Growth: We are very fortunate to have incredible staff. They are responsible for our tremendous growth over the last ten years. We continue to see increases in repair volume, the high mark today becomes the new normal within six months. Growth in the Central Oregon population will generate enormous opportunities for those who are prepared for them.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Staffing, 100 percent. We have wonderful people, excellent technicians and great relationships with our vendors.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We are opening a third location in in Bend in January and expanding our Redmond location Q3-ish 2022. The available space will allow us to more than double our current capacity. Limitations will be staffing and qualified technicians.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Be a leader and never a boss. When you hire someone to do a job, set them up for success. Be a coach, a mentor and a consistent source information to help them to do their job to the best of their abilities. Then let them do their job, don’t micromanage them.
Treat the customer as you would like to be treated. If an issue arises, fix it. Don’t argue, just take care of their concerns. Be nice, if everyone treated each other with respect and was as nice as they could be, the world would be much different.

#11 — McMurray and Sons Roofing

Official Name of Business: McMurray and Sons Roofing
Address: 920 SE Ninth St., Bend
Phone: 541-385-0695
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: David McMurray II, third generation in the company.
Number of Employees: 60
Year Established in Central Oregon: 1991
Product/Services Offered: All types of commercial and residential roofing, waterproofing, sheet metal and gutters.
Hot News: Being certified installers with most manufacturers, we have the ability to offer the best warranties available in the industry. Also, supply chain issues have created material shortages, but we have multiple manufacturers, distributors and products to choose from.
Outlook for Growth: The industry is changing rapidly. It will fall on the companies with the experienced staff, certified installers and the heavy equipment to obtain materials and deliver the product. McMurray and Sons is poised to take advantage of those opportunities in the coming months and years.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? I think our ability to attract good people is the biggest factor. We’re a 100 year-old, family-owned company with experienced managers and great working relationships in our communities. Having access to the materials and labor is essential to any company in the trades. We have been fortunate to be in the position to maximize the opportunities available to us.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? I believe the construction industry is facing the biggest challenges we’ve ever experienced, due to labor and material shortages. With challenges, there are always opportunities and I believed we are uniquely positioned to continue our growth and expansion with a larger share of the market. We have the qualified people and access to more options for materials than most companies. We will be able to provide options moving forward when others may not have the capability to do the job. I expect to see our numbers consistently grow over the next five years for both sales and employees.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Honesty and integrity at all levels are essential components to running a successful company. Having the people in your organization at all levels that are committed to those principles is the only way to make that happen. Operating above board in every way is often lacking in the trades. We pride ourselves on doing everything the right way from the start. Having the difficult conversations with the customer up front regarding scopes of work and potential issues sets the expectation from the beginning, as opposed to starting the relationship with a low-ball number and then turning around with a bunch of extras and change orders. We strive to foresee the issues from the beginning to limit surprises and maintain trust in our relationships in the community.

#12 — Budget Blinds of Central Oregon

Official Name of Business: Budget Blinds of Central Oregon (Hughes Interiors, LLC)
Address: 1155 SW Division St., Suite A4, Bend
Phone: 541-788-8444
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Mike and Stacy Hughes, Bob and Clara Hughes
Number of Employees: 20
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2008
Product/Services Offered: Local window coverings design experts. We have a showroom in Bend or we can bring the showroom to our customer. We expertly measure the windows, recommend designs, install beautiful window treatments and back it up with the best warranty in the business.
Hot News: The latest trend is motorization. We are the local window coverings experts and we are backed by the number one provider of custom window coverings in North America, Budget Blinds. Our expert design team, paired with an array of stunning blinds, shades, shutters, drapery and more, creates the ideal home interior that complements any room, or an entire home. From the latest styles
and innovative fabrics, to a host of on-trend colors, we show the home owner how fun and affordable it can be to upgrade their décor.
Outlook for Growth: Strong growth opportunity in the future. Budget Blinds has the largest selection of blinds, shades, shutters, draperies and we work with 25 manufacturers; offering window coverings for every budget. We have high end brands like Hunter Douglas and more affordable brands for customers who want quality at an affordable price. We work with many of the top local builders and designers in Deschutes County to provide window coverings in their homes. As Deschutes County continues to be a fast growing community, we will continue to see our growth expand.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? The Budget Blinds franchise network has a formula for success and processes in place enabling us to succeed. Budget Blinds partners with the top 25 brands in the industry allowing our customers to have many choices. Our consultative process is designed around caring about the customer and their home. We make the entire experience easy and convenient as we bring the showroom to their home with our FREE in-home design consultation. From those unique shaped windows, to energy efficient treatments and more, Budget Blinds does it all, with style and service for any budget! We’re local and here to stay to ensure you have peace of mind.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We grow as our customer base grows. We focus our time and talents to maintain our expertise in window coverings. We sell what we know and that is window coverings. Both our sales staff and installation staff receive on-going training.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? It is all about taking care of your customer. Sixty percent of our sales come from repeat customers and referrals from our customers. We have the best warranties in the industries to always ensure our customers are happy with their purchase. For the employees, each person is an expert at what they do, and we strive to create an atmosphere of enjoyment while performing their duties.

#13 — Instant Landscaping Company

Official Name of Business: Wintertime Forest Products, Inc. DBA Instant Landscaping Company
Address: 63160 Nels Andersen Rd., Bend
Website: — offseason:
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Tim and Julie Larocco. Moved to Bend in 1977. Previously resided in Columbia River Gorge and Chico, California. Tim graduated from Chico State and worked in Central Oregon Resort Management. Julie worked 30 years for Macy’s.
Number of Employees: 13
Year Established in Central Oregon: 1980
Product/Services Offered: Bulk Landscaping Materials. Bark, turf, soil, hardscape, rock/gravel, fire logs, landscape rock and country wide lapidary equipment dealer.
Hot News: Instant Landscaping’s historical landmark office and homestead property is in the right-of-way path of the soon to be North Hwy. 97 Parkway realignment. We will be relocating, but remaining in the North Bend area.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Tim and Julie have long owned a small timber farm along the White Salmon River in Washington State. For 20 years we were major firewood bundle distributors for grocery stores. Thirty years ago we established a relationship with McPheeters Turf and to this day we are very proud to market and transport their fine products all over Central Oregon. Forest products and agricultural byproducts is what we do. Our philosophy and goas have always been to bring the best of Northwest natural treasures to our Central Oregon friends. The last decade, with the help of OSU and our many Master Gardener customers, we produce the finest blended soils available in Central Oregon. For offseason income and fun we honed our skills in our truck shop. Our lapidary division is strong and growing, and we have successfully carved out a side business servicing and renewing diamond saws for rock hounds all over the country.
Tim, Julie and our crew are like family. We rely on employees that have learned to get up early, put their boots on, work hard, be safe and strive to help customers and employees. Our whole crew has embraced the history of the Nels Anderson homestead where we work and greet our customers. Our community business vendors, support partners and the City of Bend add much expertise to our old ways, and have been good to us.

#14 — Big Pines RV Park

Official Name of Business: Big Pines RV Park
Address: 135151 Hwy. 97 N, Crescent
Phone: 541-433-2785
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Bruce Hall / Donna Hall
Number of Employees: 3
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2003
Product/Services Offered: Full hookup RV sites for tourism.
Hot News: Completed connection to community sewer system in May 2021. Working to complete expansion project in 2022.
Outlook for Growth: As more RV park limit opportunities for transient guests in the Central Oregon market, we expect our occupancy to continue to grow.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Doubling the size of our facility.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? Our growth this year was limited to 15 percent due to the early wildfires. Growth of 15-20 percent is realistic for 2022 and then will begin to stabilize for our facility.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Understand your product/service and your position in the market. Be open to the opportunities that are present in your area. Show up and work at what you want to accomplish.

#15 — NB Inc.

Official Name of Business: NB Inc.
Address: 17045 Farthing Lane, Sisters
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Bonnie Jacobs-Halousek and Neal Halousek.
Number of Employees: 2018: 17, 2019: 22, 2020: 24
Year Established in Central Oregon: 1985
Product/Services Offered: Souvenir apparel and accessories for the whole family.
Hot News: We are a family owned and operated business. This is our 36th year in business in Sisters, Sunriver and Seaside.
Outlook for Growth: We plan to expand our on-line business.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Larger warehouse and manufacturing (printing) our products, employee input, location of retail.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We do not want to rest on our laurels, and we will continue to adapt our products to the tastes and trends of our community.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Our employees are the backbone of our company. Bonuses, insurance, retirement, vacation and sick pay are benefits each employee receives. We have also began a profit sharing program.

#16 — Eurosports Bikes, Beer, Skis & Food Carts

Official Name of Business: Eurosports Bikes, Beer, Skis & Food Carts
Address: 223 E Hood Ave., Sisters; mailing PO Box 1421, Sisters
Phone: 541-549-2471
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Brad Boyd: 32 years own Eurosports; co-founder Peterson Ridge Tr. System; Sisters Trail Alliance Lifetime Member; COTA founding member. Brad was also Sisters City Councilor 2005-06; Mayor 07-08; Mayor 2013-14.
Number of Employees: 3
Year Established in Central Oregon: 1989
Product/Services Offered: Bikes, skis, repair, rentals, beer/wine/cider/bottle shop, food cart garden, outdoor beer garden, music venue/trivia night/community events/weekly car show, etc.
Hot News: During the pandemic, morphed business outdoor space so people felt safe to gather, eat, drink and experience community. Innovations included flag system for table cleaning, multiple fire pits, etc. Resulted in growth of business and increased usage as a center of community.
Outlook for Growth: Positive due to increase in visibility, inclusiveness, population growth, friendly and service-oriented atmosphere, reputation and close-by availability of many outdoor activities. Eurosports is seen as an information center to help people have fun. We’ve made a conscious, intentional decision to be a community center and offer broad and welcoming experiences instead of being just a place that sells and rents gear. We love that people love to come here and be with people they love, creating memories. People enjoy our experienced-based business and reward us with loyalty: wanting to shop local instead of the internet.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Thirty-two years in business with a reputation for integrity, value, dependability, inclusiveness and morphing the business model over the years to meet customers’ and community needs. Additionally, the pandemic created a greater need for safe, outdoor gathering spaces and increased interest in outdoor recreation and activities.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? Continue to meet the needs of the community as it grows and changes by listening and observing. Volunteer and help where needed.
Strengthening our balance sheet; continuing to offer cutting-edge equipment; continued focus on sustainability for buildings and outdoor space, green energy and recycling; and meeting the needs of all generations
Open to transitioning business with fresh ideas either from a new manager or new owner(s) who understand that this is a community resource, not just a retail shop.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Show up, pay attention, change with the needs of customers and community.
Diversified revenue streams!
Give where needed, for example: the Peterson Ridge Trail System, which Brad cofounded, now brings in more than several million dollars a year to the Sisters community (per Sisters Trail Alliance research).
Treat everyone (customers, vendors, employees) with honesty, dignity and respect.

#17 — Southside Physical Therapy Inc

Official Name of Business: Sampson Physical Therapy Inc, d/b/a Southside Physical Therapy Inc
Address: 121 NW Greenwood Ave., Ste. 101, Bend
Phone: 541-388-2681
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Morag and Jonathan Sampson. Physical therapists for over 30 years.
Number of Employees: 8
Year Established in Central Oregon: 1987
Product/Services Offered: Physical therapy and hand therapy.
Hot News: We offer individualized treatment from one of our six physical therapists, each with their own specialty from spine pain to hand injuries, sports injuries to geriatric gait and balance training. Special interests are golf Injuries and bike related injuries related to incorrect form or incorrect bike fit. Our certified hand therapist can provide splinting and patient specific exercises and treatment to quickly improve function and recovery. We have recently been joined by our sixth physical therapist; Hannah Carlsen PT. DPT, GCS, CEEAA. We are excited to have her as part of our team.
Outlook for Growth: Our growth is intentionally being controlled so that we can focus on providing the highest level of care to our patients while maintaining a stable business model.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? Our initial growth was due to our desire to bring well trained physical therapists together to provide an individualized, professional and caring environment for our patients. Our philosophy remains unchanged.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We will be adding 50 percent more space to the clinic to provide our physical therapists and patients with additional treatment rooms and larger reception/lobby plus an increased gym space. This will improve our ability to treat more sports related injuries and work more with our aging population to enable them to maintain a high level of function and continue enjoying their sporting/fitness activities.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? We try hard to listen to each employees’ ideas and or concerns to help them perform to the maximum of their abilities and to improve how we provide the services we offer. This is a strong factor in the success of our company.
We think that every employee is important and has an impact on the company.

#18 —Prineville Insurance Agency

Official Name of Business: Insure Pacific Inc.
Address: 297 NW Third St., Prineville
Phone: 541-447-6372
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Monica owns two agencies in Oregon. We are licensed and sell in ten states. Have built an amazing team of women to sell and service our clients. Have two kids, a senior in high school and a sophomore in college.
Number of Employees: 12
Year Established in Central Oregon: 1935
Product/Services Offered: Homeowners, condo and renters, automobile, boat, motorcycle, RV, ATV, umbrella, business owners, commercial property, professional liability, commercial auto, workers compensation, bonds, life, disability, group health, MASA and more!
Hot News: We are growing and have two new team members!
Outlook for Growth: We are seeing new business in all directions. Our residential communities are growing, and new businesses are opening every day. Unfortunately, we are also seeing businesses shut down from the pandemic. It will be interesting to see where we end up this year. We will keep pushing forward and make sure we take care of our customers as we streamline our processes and provide new avenues for our customers to manage their insurance needs, like our new phone app!
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We have a great team and take care of any insurance need our customers have. We like to be the one stop shop! Our customers should not have to run around trying to get the coverage they need. From their home, health or business, we can cover them. Our customers appreciate this and we get referrals from them.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We are expanding our team to prepare for more growth. We are hoping to purchase agencies in the surrounding areas to build on our success as well as provide more options for our customers. We strongly hope that people will want the local connection to an independent agent instead of the big corporations!
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? It takes a team to succeed. Recognizing the strengths of each team member and what role they should have. Each team member is trusted to manage their position and know who to go to guidance. Education and collaboration is key. A good attitude is a must!

#19 — Diversified Heating & Cooling, Inc

Official Name of Business: Diversified Heating & Cooling, Inc
Address: 61511 American Lane, Bend
Phone: 541-323-1840
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Kenny Ledbetter (business & HVAC), Tanya Ledbetter (business and accounting).
Number of Employees: 40
Year Established in Central Oregon: 2011
Product/Services Offered: Furnaces, A/C’s, heat pumps, mini splits, fireplaces, service. Gas piping, humidifier, air filtration and annual maintenance.
Outlook for Growth: We anticipate future annual growth to continue at 10-15 percent as long as the economic trends continue to hold.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? We have a great team, amazing management and a great reputation with customers in the Central Oregon community. A company is only as good as the team that stands behind it.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? Our vision is to continue our growth and train the next generation to take the torch over in the next five years. We think Bend and the Central Oregon area will always be a desirable place to live and travel to.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? Hiring, developing and retaining team members who are committed to our growth and customer satisfaction. Cultivating trust and loyalty among team members and customers alike.

#20 — Premier Printing Solutions

Official Name of Business: Total Document Company, Inc., Premiere Printing Solutions
Address: 63052 Layton Ave., Ste. 170, Bend
Phone: 541-617-9899
Contact Email:
CEO/owners, background: Brett & Rick Davis.
Number of Employees: 5
Year Established in Central Oregon: 1998
Product/Services Offered: We offer a wide range of print and graphic products including custom packaging, labels, trade show graphics, posters, fine art and photo reproduction, marketing products and more.
Hot News: Recently Premiere Printing Solutions (PPS) has added in-house roll label printing which allows us more flexibility with our custom label products.
Outlook for Growth: For the last 22 years we have been working with local businesses and brands of all sizes. As Central Oregon continues to grow, we will continue to offer the best products and services we can for our business community. As we help our clients grow, we grow too — it’s a very symbiotic relationship.
What do you attribute your rapid growth to? There are several factors that I attribute our growth to. Having the right people has helped us a great deal. Our team has decades of experience and every day they bring that experience and share it with myself, each other and our clients. I owe a great deal of thanks to them for getting us to where we are today. In addition we have also continued to innovate with new technology and services that have filled gaps in the local print industry.
What is your vision for growth and/or expansion over the next five years? We will continue to scale our current offerings and look for new innovative ways for brands to utilize print to showcase their products and services.
What is your philosophy to running a successful company? I strongly believe in empowering team members to do their best work and not allowing complacency.


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