The Fastest Growing Healthcare Careers


Healthcare is one of the fastest growing business sectors for employment. This is because people unfortunately tend to get sicker with age and they also require more taking care of as they get older too.

Healthcare has many different areas such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, brain surgery, and dentistry. Each requires a different type of educational background to have the right knowledge necessary for each career choice within the medical field.

Here are a few of the fastest growing healthcare careers:

Diagnosed Medical Sonographer
A medical sonographer is not a common term most people are familiar with. It refers to the medical personnel who work with diagnostic ultrasound and sonography equipment. These job titles used to be referred to as ultrasound technician or technologist, but the latter terms are no longer commonly used.

An ultrasound is undertaken by a pregnant woman who wants to check on the health of her baby. It is also often possible to verify whether she is expecting a boy or a girl (if she wishes to know).

Occupational Therapist & Occupational Therapist Assistant
An occupational therapist helps patients to keep up with a daily life that has often been interrupted by issues with their mind or their body. The issues can be caused by many different reasons. The therapist and their assistant help the patient to get the most out of the mental ability and range of motion, in many cases improving their abilities and functionality over time.

An esthetician is a skin specialist in the medical field. They often work with lasers to remove problem moles, cleanse and exfoliate skin that has blocked pores, and can apply chemical peels to remove wrinkles or fine lines.
The role also includes improving the application of make-up, determining what make-up is suitable for different types of skin, and providing information on applying make-up for people they see.

Dentist and Dental Hygienist
Being a dentist is still a highly lucrative profession with more people entering the field each week. Dentistry doesn’t only deal with teeth management. There is also a role to be played in patient health with advisories about a suspected onset of diabetes, possible oral cancer, or heart disease indicators.

The dental hygienist also plays an important role in the dental practice including screening new patients, checking oral health, oral cancer screening, blood pressure checks, pulse rate checks, preparing dental work materials, and assisting the dentist during surgery.

First Steps Into Healthcare Education
A health science degree course is an excellent first step academically into the healthcare field. The degree is broad enough to cover several different disciplines within the healthcare realm which allows students to see which aspect of healthcare they find most intriguing or have the most ability for.

Whatever your interest in the healthcare field, it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. economy because demographically the American population is slowly getting older. As time goes on, more people will need different types of medical attention which will further increase employment prospects over time.


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