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Search Engine Optimization or, SEO, is the most basic and often the most overlooked aspect of any online marketing effort. Simply put, if you have a website, you should be making regular investments in your search optimization efforts. Years of research and data analysis across multiple industries show that investments in SEO tend to have the highest ROI of all digital marketing. In fact, it’s the only online marketing initiative where you’re not paying directly for every impression and click. Consider that even with all of the millions upon millions of dollars put into paid search, more than half of all web traffic to leading brands is organic traffic — most of that directly attributed to SEO strategy.

You’ve already spent money on your website. That shouldn’t be the end of it. In fact, it’s just the beginning. So if you’re wondering where to start with your SEO efforts, here are five essential SEO tactics.

  1. Claim Your Space. Search engines are increasingly sophisticated in their understanding of businesses and organizations as entities. As a local business it is incumbent to align all of your local brand signals across all web platforms. Start with the top search engine by claiming your Google Business Places profile. This will help Google understand the relationship between your website, your services or products and your physical location or service area. Aligning these signals sends a clear message to search about who you are, what you do and where you do it.
  2. Manage Your Reputation. Consumers and customers are more likely now than ever to compare your services and products against competitors. They are also likely to look at how other customers viewed their experience with your business and whether they endorse a specific product. Successful businesses engage their customers by soliciting reviews across multiple platforms including web, social channels and third party review sites like Yelp.
  3. Build Your Audience. People engage with brands that create compelling stories and experiences. Identify your audience. Learn what kinds of content inspires and engages them. It can be Facebook videos, Instagram photos, Email offers or contests. Think about where your target audience spends its time online and build content that meets them there.
  4. Plan Your Strategy. The difference between brands and organizations that have good ideas and brands that execute good ideas comes down to planning and strategy. If you aren’t making time to plan your strategy then there’s simply no way to sustain it. Don’t be the business from one blog post dating back to 2021 or the local restaurant with one Facebook post from last fall. Think about what channels make sense for your business and then plan how to own them.
  5. Measure & Adjust. It’s been said, correctly, that you cannot manage what you don’t measure. That should be your guiding principle in your marketing efforts. Track all of your efforts. A good digital strategy should always build on what has worked before and be informed by what did not. Test, measure and refine. Marketing is an art, but don’t forget the science.

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