Five Types of ID Badge Reels You Can Use


Whether you work at a company or supervise a warehouse, your ID card will always be on you. You swipe, key in, or scan your credentials with this card as you enter or leave the premises.

Hence, it is essential to have an easy mechanism like an ID badge reel to keep it safe.

There are several types of badge reels, but the basic working principle is similar.

Badge Reel Mechanism

A badge reel includes a highly durable outer casing with the company logo or name on it. The inner reel has a wrapped, retractable cord that allows you to pull out your badge.

Behind it, there is a clip or reel that you can attach to your lapel, belt, or clothing. Or, you can use a cord or strap to secure it in place. If you display your badge frequently for electronic verification, you can wear lanyards around the neck.

Different Types of Badge Reels and Their Important Features

Usually, employers or organizations purchase appropriate badge reels for workers or volunteers. The options are:

1.    Carabiner Badge Reel

Carabiner reels are high-quality, customizable options that can show off your company’s name and logo. These badge reel types have clips that can hold your ID close to your person. They help prevent keys, small tools, and cards from falling off.

They are no-twist reels that allow you to clip on badges, access keys, ID cards, tools, and more. Hence, you can easily attach them to your belt, backpack, utility bag, or toolbox.

2.    Retractable Badge Holder

For employees and jobs that need you to show your badge often, retractable types are the best. You wear it on your belt, purse strap, or in your pocket and pull it out when needed. Produce it, swipe, or scan it without removing the holder from your person.

After you display your ID, the badge reel retracts to its original position. You can avoid misplacing it and save time as you quickly access different departments in a building. It is suitable for nurses, janitors, students, law enforcement officials, military, and security staff.

3.    Lanyard Badge Reel

Using lanyards to hang your display badges will allow you to access them at all times. For instance, referees, coaches, and physical trainers can use this retractable badge reel combo and always be ready. Besides, security personnel with heavy equipment on belts can use lanyards to hang items around the neck. They come with a lifetime service policy and quality designer materials.

These durable options sit in your pockets or above the belt, readily visible and within reach. You can easily carry flashlights, keys, whistles, reference cards, and hospital emergency code messages.

4.    KEY-BAK Badge Reel

Key-Bak products are known for the reliability and toughness of materials that are apt for rough environments. They incorporate strong Kevlar fiber cords or vintage steel chains and polycarbonate cases. Hence, they can carry heavier stuff like more than 20 commercial building keys.

For example, law enforcement, security department, maintenance crews, and military units favor Key-Bak badge reels. You can order them in vinyl black or steel chrome-plated options to look inconspicuous.

5.    Heavy-Duty Badge Reel

Heavy-duty badge holders are tougher than the rest and are used in special conditions. The reinforced construction of the badge reels makes them rugged but not too heavy for the wearer. You can use them to handle rough use and harsh climatic conditions.

For example, mountain rescue units, SWAT teams, industrial workers, skiers, handypersons, and others can use them. These anti-corrosive products can hold tiny electronics, access cards, small gear, and Swiss army knives.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, various models that serve different purposes are available. Depending on your job requirements, you can choose the right one. For example, flashy signs won’t suit a medical facility, and lanyards don’t work near heavy machinery.


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