Five Ways to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient


With energy usage soaring, it’s no surprise that both households and businesses alike want to cut their energy use in order to both slash bills and reduce their carbon footprint, being friendlier to the environment. Being environmentally friendly and energy efficient is a huge factor for many businesses today, and it also helps to contribute to the trustworthiness and like factor of a brand. Many environmentally friendly customers will only buy from companies and brands which share their values for conserving energy and preserving the natural environment. So, if you’re looking for new and innovative ways to ensure that your office is more energy efficient, we have a few ideas for you.

Close Doors and Windows
It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but you’d be surprised at the amount of businesses and even households who are wasting unnecessary energy on a daily basis simply by not doing a simple task as closing doors as windows. Keeping windows closed, especially during cold weather, ensures that the heat is trapped inside. When a window is open, warm air is able to easily escape, meaning that your heating system has to work a lot harder to heat the room up, therefore using more energy.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
Energy efficient light bulbs may be more expensive than regular light bulbs to initially buy, however they are much more cost effective in the long run. Although replacing one bulb with an energy-efficient bulb will only save you around $5 per year, if you add up every bulb in your office, you’ll soon see a figure that you like the look of more.

Use a Laptop
Whenever possible, laptop computers should be used by both you and your staff rather than standard desktop computers. In addition to offering a greater amount of portability, laptop computers also use up to 80% less energy than a standard desktop PC. This is largely due to the fact that laptops can be charged up and then used without the need to connect them to an electricity source, whilst desktop computers need to be plugged into the mains all the time – therefore requiring a constant supply of energy.

When it comes to being energy efficient and helping the environment, recycling is a must. Not only does this make the most out of ready-created materials and re-use them, recycling efforts also help to eliminate the energy needed to create new materials and put less strain on natural resources.

Start a Carpool
The carbon emissions from road vehicles are one of the leading causes of air pollution. Start a carpool program to your office in order to help reduce the amount of cars on the road and have a positive impact on the environment. Not only does this help the environment, it’s more energy efficient and cheaper for your employees as they save money on gas.

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