Four Interesting Ways to Manage Your Social Media Pages


Social media connects millions of Internet users all across the world. Nowadays, you may use pages to promote yourself and your business via the Internet. Managing social media pages isn’t simple. If you are not careful, you may find yourself spending most of your time on your pages. It’s both confusing and time-consuming to manually manage your pages since you have to consistently publish and keep track of what’s happening from time to time. However, automated tools may help you to best manage your pages effectively without investing much of your time.

Here are 4 Interesting Ways to Manage Your Social Media Pages

1. Social Bakers

Social banker is one of the most critical tools for every social media manager. You need to log into this tool daily to check everything about social profiles regardless of the type of scheduling tool you use. Social bankers enable you to get real-time updates for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can track the shared reports, engagements, and access the results of social advertisement in a single platform. You can also create custom graphics by use of Pablo Image Creator. It also allows you to keep track of your engagement and access your post.

2. Buffer

Buffer is among the most popular tools. You need to click once and share content and shared posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. In simple terms, buffer allows you stagger content all through the day such that your pages’ feeds are continually updated. Besides, it will enable you to schedule ahead of time which is very important.

3. MeetEdgar

This tool is much fun to use. It allows you to pick topics on humor, recipes, or even question and schedule your topics to post on any day of your choice. MeetEdgar stands to be the best solution if you get in a content lull with social media which is common. This tool adds a little bit more fun to your social media calendar since it just publishes any content that Edgar prefers. Once your favorite topics are defined, MeetEdgar always ensures that it never runs out. It’s one of the great features since you won’t have to refill or pick other new topics consistently. Edgar does it all for you.

4. Hootsuite

This tool helps you to connect, monitor and schedule posts for various networks. It’s also an excellent tool when it comes to social media management. Wondering How to login to hootsuite? You can find the Hootsuite login in the top right-hand corner of the Hootsuite homepage. Save yourself the stress of having to manually post daily by setting up a schedule that works for you. This tool has a “set it and forget” feature that will help you remain focused while using your pages.

In conclusion, you can better manage your social media pages effectively with the use of automated tools. These tools will help you to publish, keep track and utilize your pages efficiently. You don’t have to waste much of your time doing everything manually. Automated tools get it well done as per your schedule and preferences. What are you waiting for?


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