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Beginning September 15, and ending October 2, the Go Clean Energy Conference, a virtual event that is free to all, will feature 30 experts to help individuals, businesses and government to transition to a cleaner, more efficient way of operating. Anyone can join that has access to a computer or cell phone and has preregistered at co-authors of the book Putting Soul into Business, MaryAnne Harmer and Tom Hering will help small businesses on September 30, at 12pm. Dr. CB Bhattacharya, world renowned sustainability leader, and author of Small Actions, Big Difference, will join them with examples for large businesses. Dr. CB will discuss how intangible assets, like reputation and social responsibility, can be used to build firm value.  The Conference is hosted by 350Deschutes, an Oregon nonprofit organization. 

Commercial Businesses and Manufacturers should attend the presentation on Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, CPACE, a new financing method for building upgrades that features lower interest rates and amortizations that follow the building rather than the owner. 

Governments, fleets and businesses have several sessions: how to procure renewable energy, beneficial electrification, microgrids, solar plus storage for resiliency, green transportation, energy efficiency, electric bikes, electric cars and car charging. 

Builders also will learn from other trailblazing builders how to capture all the new incentives to build a net zero energy home. They, and new home buyers will learn how to do this affordably. Also, a nationally known Green Appraiser, Sandra Adomatis and Dennis Smith will present on valuing and financing these homes. 

Homeowners of existing homes will learn about energy and efficiency retrofits, and when they make the most sense, as well as how to build this value into the homes sales price when sold. 

Individuals have valuable content too, in nearly every webinar. They can discover electric induction ranges, learn how to get incentives to make solar installation affordable, and learn about transportation options. Everyone can learn about the new Oregon Climate Plan, and its benefits to both rural and urban communities. As well, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will discuss how to benefit from the changes ahead as the agency begins to look at its work from a climate and equity lens. There will be new incentives that are available to foster this new orientation.  

Visit to Sign up for each individual webinar. Participation limited. 

Go Clean Energy Conference: 30 speakers, 13 free webinars, begins with Plenary September 15, followed by 12 virtual webinars for the week of September 28, 2020.



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