Friends of Redmond Oregon Announces First Donations


The Friends of Redmond Oregon [FORO] is pleased to announce the first recipients of their annual donations to other Redmond non-profits in need.  For 2018, the following organizations have been selected to receive donations: Beulah’s Place, the Redmond Senior Center, the Redmond Learning Center, Sage Elementary School and Whoopsy Daisy Child Care.

About the Friends of Redmond Oregon []
The Friends of Redmond Oregon (FORO) is dedicated to supporting other groups in Redmond.  FORO raises funds through its on-line bookstore presence on, and through the sale of on-line art prints by its Art Committee members.  Every year FORO reviews and selects applicants in need of funds to support literacy and art in the city of Redmond. These donations are meant to help support the very youngest to the very oldest members of the Redmond community.

About Whoopsy Daisy Child Care []
Whoopsy Daisy Child Care is “bridging the gap between young and old. As an intergenerational community, Whoopsy Daisy Child Care, along with their partners, Country Side Living Memory Care and Thelma’s Place Day Respite provide for interaction between children and seniors.”

On Thursday, April 26 members of the FORO Board visited Whoopsy Daisy Child Care located at 1350 NW Canal Blvd., Redmond to make a donation of art supplies and books totaling $425.00.

If you are interested making a donation to FORO, please visit our website at: or contact us at  We welcome donations in amount.  Your donation will be used to support literacy and the arts in Redmond and will go to aid other organizations in need.

If you are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit interested in the “FORO Donation Program,” please send us an email stating the name of your organization and how a donation would support literacy and the arts in Redmond, Oregon.


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