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As we move into the future, change in all aspects of work and life is inevitable. No where is it more guaranteed than in the world of online marketing. This is why professionals within the industry are always constantly innovating and changing the way that they work, so that they continue in pushing out their brand(s) message to their desired audience. As a result, focus has moved away from things such as television adverts and print media to a more digital approach. 

Some of the future trends that you can expect to see in Internet marketing are listed below so that you can get a head start and begin learning about them and implementing them now. If you are based in Arizona and want to effectively make the most of these techniques, you may want to consider employing this internet marketing company in Phoenix. If you feel more confident you can always try doing some of these yourself.

Video content will be king

Over the last few years video has been an effective tool to use within the world of online marketing and this will continue to be a dominant force into the future. In fact, it is believed that by the years 2022, watching videos online will count for around 82 percent of all web traffic.

The reason behind this new found popularity of video content is down to the fact that it is much more appealing and engaging to audiences because it plays to both hearing and visuals senses. This makes them ideal to show off products and can be highly effective to help customers make a purchasing decision.

Telling stories will matter

Whilst basic content marketing is something that is not new to the world of advertising; what is new is building a story into it in order to portray a specific message associated with a business or brand. For instance, a story is almost twenty two times more memorable compared with plain old facts that do not contain any sort of story. This is why story telling is such an effective tool to use when it comes to Internet marketing. 

With social media platforms having evolved into places where companies can engage with their customers directly, sharing content with them that is authentic and personal to the brand is a great way of taking customer relations to the next level. There are a number of companies who have succeeded in doing this with their customers, including the integrated shipping company, Maersk, who delivered a “The Heart of Trade” campaign.

Using influencers will still be relevant

Any one who uses social media will be aware what influencer marketing is and will likely be exposed to it each and every time that they log into their accounts. Although this tactic has been widely used for a number of years now, its importance will only grow further over the next few years. 

It is believed that eventually, 58 percent of social media influencers will be present in all marketing campaigns and that the budget on this type of marketing will only increase even greater.


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