Gambling Capitals of the World: Biggest and Most Famous Gambling Cities


Online gambling may be far ahead of the brick-and-mortar niche, but location-based casinos continue to thrive to date. Engaging in gameplay in person causes an adrenaline surge that cannot be replicated in internet gambling dens. If you’ve had your fill of internet gambling and would like to taste the land-based experience, numerous cities worldwide can cater to your needs. Some of these metropolises are built around gambling, while others thrive in other industries as well. Out of the many cities around the world where gambling takes place, here are the most luxurious ones that you can pay a visit.

Las Vegas, USA

In any list of the gambling cities worldwide, there is one undeniable winner: Las Vegas. This city sits deep in the Nevada desert and is built with gamblers and tourists in mind. Sin City, as the town is also known as, is home to the famous Strip, which is the second most prominent tourist destination in the United States after Times Square in New York. This region alone hosts 15 out of the 25 largest casino resorts in the world. The gambling haven offers a glamorous backdrop for the entertaining casino floors full of slots, table games, and exclusive games. The atmosphere of gambling and entertainment is ready to soak up by both low and high rollers with various options to suit every visitor. The most famous gambling clubs in this city include;

  • MGM Grand
  • The Mirage
  • Luxor Hotel and Casino
  • Bellagio Hotel and Casino
  • The Venetian Las Vegas
  • Caesars Palace
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Macau, China

Macau has built a reputation as one of Asia’s most prominent gambling destinations. The city is one of the special administrative regions in China like the more famous city Hong Kong. Macau focuses on delivering adrenaline-filled gambling experience with larger-than-life destinations that rival those of Las Vegas. The metropolis is home to 33 casinos, and they are the lifeline for 50% of the region’s economy. Sin City may be the most well-known gambling city globally, but Macau has overtaken its revenue generation for the last couple of years, making it the new gambling capital.

Most Macau casinos are located in the Macau Peninsula, and only a handful of them can be found on Taipa Island. You can experience seven of the world’s most prominent gambling destinations in the city, including Sands Macau, MGM Grand Macau, The Venetian Macau, and Casino Ponte 16.

Marina Bay, Singapore

Singapore is somewhat of a new gambling destination to consider. The leisure activity was legalized in the country in 2005, which led to the erection of several casinos. The state has since opened two casino resorts with massive gambling floors, and they are the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. The former is the larger establishment of the two and the most recent one to be opened. The Marina Bay Sands is world-famous for its unique architecture of three towers connected at the top. The casino resort entertains with more than just gambling games. When you need to take your attention off the tables, you can explore aquariums, botanical gardens, swimming pools, and other sophisticated venues that are continuously added to entertain visitors. 

Paris, France

Paris is not built or known for its casino destinations, but it offers some of the world’s best gambling action. Online gambling is banned in France, making most people assume that the brick-and-mortar industry is no good either. However, this means that any time someone wants to indulge in the practice, they have to find a land-based casino, which has led to a boom in the sector. Paris hosts tens of gaming clubs open to the public while others are attractions for high rollers. Therefore, once you are done admiring the City of Light for all it is known for, like the Eiffel Tower, you can head on over to a preferred gambling den and wrap up your evenings with blackjack rounds or slot spins.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is a gambling tourist’s dream with numerous casinos and tropical beaches of the majestic deep blue Mediterranean Sea. The city is the most legendary gambling region in Europe. Over the years, it has been made famous with numerous appearances in Hollywood films, such as the Casino Royale film. The city’s gambling industry is one of the main roots of the city’s wealth and history. Monte Carlo offers a unique gambling experience that oozes class and charisma. Prepare yourself for this city’s glamour with more than just shorts and flip-flops, which are often frowned upon in favour of suiting up.

Atlantic City, USA

Atlantic city’s glamour days may be behind it, but it still stands as an excellent destination for gamblers to visit. The metropolis was hit hard by the recession when gambling was its backbone, which led to many casinos closing shop. However, it offers a great time to players with a handful of remaining gambling destinations, including Trump Plaza Hotel, Borgata, and Caesars Atlantic City. This city is an ideal destination for gamblers visiting or residing on the east coast.

London, United Kingdom

London is Europe’s financial capital, which makes it good in every industry it supports. The city breaks its stereotypical image with tens of casinos to offer its visitors, and each one features an extensive collection of games. Some of these establishments are exclusive and only welcome gamblers willing to spend a lot. In some cases, the average buy-in in a poker game is 10,000 pounds in such establishments.

Los Angeles, USA

The City of Angels often springs to mind when people think of blockbuster Hollywood, but it has a lot more to offer. Los Angeles provides another prospective gambling destination for tourists looking to visit the West Coast. The city also has beaches and the sunny California weather going for it, which makes it the best place to blend a gambling and summer vacation.

Final Comments

Perform adequate research on the gambling city that catches your attention before packing your bags and jetting off. Also, practice the gameplay of various sets online to know how to handle the games on the casino floors.

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