Gen Z Workers Are Settling into the Workplace


2023 College Graduates Have Arrived in the Workforce 

Since graduating earlier this year, the Gen Z class of 2023 is settling into the workforce. As they develop their careers, this generation of workers will shape the future of the workforce. After facing the challenges of a global pandemic during college, Gen Z workers have now started their careers in a hot job market, with unemployment rates for young adults hitting their lowest in 70 years, and with confidence in their college investment. Recent graduates report they are prioritizing work-life balance, attempting to lessen their environmental impact, and desiring to see action toward sustainability from their employers.

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Poll: How Are Return to Office Policies Impacting You?

Companies around the world enacted work-from-home policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now many are calling for workers to return to their offices full-time or on hybrid schedules. How are these policies impacting your workplace? Let us know by voting in our poll.

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Take Quality Breaks and Encourage Your Employees to Do the Same

It can be challenging to step away from work during the day, but taking breaks is vital for focus and productivity levels. Fear not—long breaks aren’t necessary to recharge. You can reap the benefits of lower stress, recentered focus, and reduced feelings of burnout by prioritizing breaks as short as 10 minutes. Check out these ten ideas for quick breaks to put into practice.

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Detecting Skills Gaps During Hiring

The workforce is facing a skills gap. How can you future-proof your organization and help your employees prepare to enhance their core skills, while hiring new workers? Conducting a skills gap analysis, planning for training, and reskilling current employees are all viable tactics to combat the changing needs of the workplace.

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The Impact of Empathy on Culture and Retention

Empathy is a key leadership trait that can build a strong culture and help retain employees. From personality tests that can help teammates understand one another to creating a culture of open communication, empathy can be demonstrated in the workplace in a variety of ways.

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