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As Central Oregonians, we have many many opportunities to give back. As you can see by our list of nonprofits entities on page 24 (even more on the list online at, we truly have a unique community when it comes to the amount of nonprofits that are out there doing good. This makes it easy to give local. Whether you like to help children’s causes, the hungry, the abused or even the arts, the great thing about giving local — rather than a far off TV commercial — is you can actually see your dollars at work. However, giving doesn’t have to be monetary, many nonprofits would rather have your time. With so many options to give and options on how to give, where do you start?

1. Make a plan:
Find an entity or entities that you feel good about. Something that touches your heart, or touches home. Maybe you experienced a hard time and someone helped you along the way. Don’t be guilted into donating time or money, you just won’t enjoy it and you’ll be skeptical the next time you’re approached.

2. Make a budget:
Time or money, you have to balance what works for you. There are opportunities night and day. Don’t over extend your wallet and make sure you still commit valuable time with family, friends and even me-time.

3. Talk to your CPA:
Make sure you’re taking advantage of tax write-offs. How much should you donate based off your income? Are there better times of the year to give? Can you get tax credit for volunteering?

4. Talk to your boss:
Most businesses are affiliated with a nonprofit or two, maybe their program will fit your philosophy.

Cascade Business News feels it is our duty as part of the media to give back as much as we can. We will continue to support these nonprofits through press releases, in-kind ads, sponsorships, time and, of course, cash!

While this edition of CBN has a focus on nonprofits, our Healthy Communities and Businesses Serving Community sections in every edition often spotlight businesses giving back, nonprofit events and fundraisers as well as profiles. A healthy business community depends on balance with a healthy community. Thank you to all the volunteers, donors and underpaid executive directors for doing so much good!


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