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(This is the image that stopped me in my tracks to rethink the importance of lighting | Photo Courtesy of AV Bend)

Recently, I received a call from a manufacturer who reached out to me about lighting. Most of the time, I find myself merely enduring sales calls, but this time, I perked up. While we were on the call, the sales engineer sent me a photo that really made me rethink the importance of lighting for my AV clients. Admittedly, I don’t really address lighting too much unless asked. And in the case of my customers, lighting is often overlooked in the planning and budgeting phases of a project.

Previously, it was easy for me to overlook lighting issues because my primary focus has been on the presentation technology, the audio and the video playback. But as you can see in the photo, the placement of the podium and the lighting on the speaker play an important role in the success of the presentation. A key issue for all meeting attendees is audience retention and video capture. Regardless of how well prepared or dynamic this speaker is, his message will be lost due to poor lighting. This principle also applies to video capture.

With the advancement of image capture technology, video production now extends beyond the boundaries of the traditional broadcast studio. There are many diverse applications such as remote learning and training, corporate marketing and video conferencing, local government functions and church services.

In non-studio spaces, lighting is often the biggest hurdle for producing effective video content. Recognizing this challenge, one company has developed and refined a comprehensive lighting solution with a unique track LED system from Fiilex Lighting.

One of my customers, Vayner Productions, shared the following testimony regarding their use of lighting and the value it adds to their products and services:

At Vayner Productions, we produce almost every type of content. Currently, a big focus is video and audio podcasts, especially creating unique content in the marketplace. So, having the flexibility of lights is paramount for us. Under our roof, we’re doing offline editorial, vfx, 2d — 3d pre-vis. We’re shooting our own content in large spaces, so we’re looking for any piece of tech that helps us do that.

With the T360 lights, we thought it was a great option compared to others in the market. The setup we have allows us to play around with different looks all the time – just tweaking the lights, changing how we tilt them, changing the color, changing how warm they are—allows us to match any branding elements or the elements in the room. They’re flexible and they allow us to change everything dynamically. Everything else in the market was very hot or clunky. We were worried about existing light, how we would incorporate that with anything in the market.

The Fiilex lights were easy to install. We just turned off what we had and attached it to the track, without really changing our environment or requiring crazy construction. We didn’t have to worry about messing with walls or destroying the ceiling, and now we have a room that’s flexible and pliable and we can change it as we need.

Everyone agrees that the T360 lights have been great. We’re very happy with what we have. They allow us to be flexible for every client and every environment. They allow us to change based on any creative need we want. From client to client, from project to project, they allow us to do what we need to achieve the lighting we’re looking for.

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