Hanging on the Telephone: How a Dedicated Phone Line Can Benefit Even Small Business


As technology is constantly advancing and innovating at a rapid rate, more and more businesses are continuing to upgrade and update their digital communication systems to stay up to date with the fast-moving market. However, in a world of super fast, high-tech communications, a dedicated phone line should not be overlooked. With so many perks and benefits, here’s our guide on how business phone systems can benefit all businesses.

Fast fix times

Many communication systems operate through the internet and broadband. However, if your broadband connection goes down, then you will be without internet for a certain time period, which could be catastrophic for your business as you would be restricted from accessing the internet, receiving emails and web chats, and much more.

With that said, if you had a dedicated phone line, you would be provided service-level agreements which ensure that any major connection issues will be fixed quickly, and a lot quicker than internet systems.

Faster Speeds

A dedicated phone line will allow your employees the ability to share the information and resources more easily, making your communication speeds faster, more consistent, and more reliable. Therefore, this will allow you to provide a better and more efficient service for your customers. Having a dedicated line provides your business and employees to benefit from quicker, uncontested bandwidth.

Dedicated phone lines are actually exclusive to you, so unlike with internet systems, the bandwidth capacity is exclusive to you and your employees only.

Shared Calls

A dedicated phone line will give your employees the ability to share the information and resources more efficiently. If you require a customer to be moved to another employee within your firm, this can be done with a single press of a button, saving time and effort. This tool empowers your employees by giving them control, allowing them to provide better service to clients.

More Affordable

A great factor of using a dedicated phone line is that it is cost effective and helps reduce overall business costs. The price of optical networking connections will continue to decline due to advances in the internet. An increase in network capacity and technology has been prompted by consumers’ increasing use of broadband, lowering the cost of low-bandwidth connections. You’ll save money if you simplify communications by making employees use a dedicated phone line.

More secure

Data is very sensitive and you don’t want any critical information to be disclosed. It is your duty to ensure data is kept safe, allowing you to gain your customers’ trust as they have faith in you to protect their data as securely as possible. Because you handle a lot of sensitive information in your business, having a dedicated phone line can help with security, as information cannot be shared with anyone but yourself.

Overall, there are many reasons to invest in a dedicated phone line for your business, as it offers so many benefits that you can’t afford to miss out on.


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