Hawthorn Healing Arts Offers a ‘Full Array of Modalities That Few Clinics Can Provide’


(Dr. Joshua Phillips and his wife Chelsea established Hawthorn Healing Arts to provide a collaborative team of practitioners | Photo courtesy of Andrea Hine)

“Health, vitality and recovering from illness is a multi-faceted and sometimes complex process,” said Dr. Joshua Phillips, ND, who, after years of practice, saw that “often patients were compelled to go from doctor to doctor to have different professionals pay attention to different facets of their health/illness story.”

“Under this system, patients and doctors alike were not able to comprehensively address the whole body,” he continued. “It became clear that offering a greater collaboration and synergy between healthcare providers would provide a more effective environment for healthcare, and a better model for treating patients.”

Guided by that vision, Dr. Phillips and his wife Chelsea, Lac, both graduates of the renowned National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, left their independent practice in Bend to establish Hawthorn Healing Arts in 2011.

“As a collaborative practice of likeminded healthcare providers from different disciplines, we’re able to offer a wide array of healing arts that complement, support and enhance each other,” said Dr. Phillips. “Yet while each provider has their own niche,” added Chelsea Phillips, “we interact with each other, and often work on cases together. It’s nice to have other professionals to back you up — I feel supported as a practitioner. And patients benefit as well, for they have a team working on their health care.”

“We offer a full array of modalities that few clinics can provide,” Dr. Phillips said. “These include naturopathic medicine for children, adults, and families as well as holistic counseling, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, massage therapy and bodywork, along with some specialized regenerative treatments like IV nutrition, peptide therapies, prolotherapy joint injections, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In addition, we’ll be adding a chiropractor in the next few months — a growth edge for us that fits really well.”

However, the couple cautioned, “We understand that the body’s wellbeing and vitality — whether in the area of family medicine, pediatric care, chronic infections, or environmental medicine — are deeply connected to the mind and spirit. At Hawthorn Healing Arts, we’re able to address mental and emotional concerns along with physical and physiologic issues as part of the healing process,”

For example, said Dr. Phillips, “post-concussion syndrome may include a whole list of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and problems with concentration and memory that can be treated with nutritional and lifestyle interventions, along with a series of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. In some cases, the trauma from these events calls for the support of a trauma-informed counselor as well, such as the one we have on our staff.”

Another modality, acupuncture, “not only treats pain, but also mental and emotional issues,” Chelsea Phillips clarified. “And intestinal and GI disorders can benefit from naturopathic advice like exercising more, practicing stress-management techniques, and incorporating certain herbs into the diet. The list goes on and on.”

In addition to providing a collaborative team of practitioners, Hawthorn Healing Arts offers a range of educational and inspirational programs for the general public, families and children, and professionals. “That’s one of the areas of our clinic that I’m really passionate about,” said Dr. Phillips, “and has played an integral role in the business taking on a life and energy of its own, and becoming a hub of health and wellness for the community.”

“To truly help our patients find harmony and well-being of body, mind and spirit, we believe in educating and inspiring individuals to take care of themselves,” summed up Chelsea Phillips, “We want to empower people to trust their own instincts, and to bring this awareness into their daily lives.”

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