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A recent acquisition has seen a Bend-based logistics company build on its home-grown roots and expand its reach, including providing over 50 jobs.

Chris and Colleen Miller met during a career spanning over 30 years in the logistics industry and purchased HD Courier from original founder Dennis Heman.

The company was previously an agent of national third-party logistics operator Ensanada and the principals had known each other for over a decade.

HD Courier is known as the largest provider of local logistics and delivery services to the medical, financial, manufacturing and governmental organizations in Central Oregon. Previously known as High Desert Courier Services, the company began in 2010 in Redmond with one employee.

And now HD Courier has expanded and diversified through the purchase of the assets of the former Bend Storage and Transfer.

Building on HD Courier’s existing home delivery base along with designer services provided by Bend Storage and Transfer, a new affiliated company, HD Home, now provides home delivery logistics across the Central Oregon footprint – from receiving and storage to delivery and install of all the component products that go into a house.

“Today, we have offices and operations across the state with our headquarters in the outdoor paradise that is Bend,” Miller said. “From the beginning we have focused on the personal commitment and touch that is service: service to our clients, service to their customers and service to our community.

“HD Courier is an integral part of life in Oregon, serving the medical community, retailers, financial institutions, community groups, manufacturers, distributors… all the companies, organizations and people that make up the vibrant economy and sturdy infrastructure of our great state.”

Miller said that as an entirely employee-based company, all HD Courier drivers go through rigorous screening and training including HIPAA and TSA certification, adding, “We are proud of our team as, simply put, the most professional drivers in the industry.”

HD’s modern fleet is adapted to the varied needs of clients and includes autos, vans and 26,000 lb. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) trucks equipped with lift gates.

Their service territory spans Oregon, from the Washington border to California, with a network of locations and line hauls that meet the needs of same-day, next-day and scheduled deliveries — in both a timely and cost-effective manner.

“As a 24/7/365 service team, HD Courier thrives on the demands of the most critical orders,” Miller said. “Contact us at any time. We always remember and never forget: the only product we have to sell is service, and we stake our reputation on it every day!

“HD Home is also a leading provider of home delivery logistics to manufacturers, distributors and designers in Central Oregon.

“A sister company of HD Courier and HD Parcel, HD Home provides value-added services to all the folks that help make a house a home. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, designer or contractor, HD Home can help you meet all the unique needs that today’s consumers have as they make their homes comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

“More than ever our homes bring peace and security and HD Home makes that as easy as possible.”

Moving into expanded facilities late last year allowed the HD group, which now numbers 52 employees, to continue to increase services to clients with additional warehousing, value added logistics and delivery capacity.

As far as the outlook for growth is concerned, Miller said, “HD Courier continues to serve its core customer base and as the Central Oregon economy and population continue to grow, demand for its services continues apace.

“Also, HD Home is riding the wave of housing growth and rehabilitation of existing homes in Central Oregon, coupled with the change in purchasing habits and technology allowing consumers to purchase even large furniture items online and receive delivery and installation into their homes.”



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