Help Reduce of Covid-19 Virus Using Automatic Sanitizer Dispensers


Covid-19 so far has caused significant damage, both physical and emotional. A vital safety precaution to keeping ourselves safe and reduce the chances of contracting the virus is a hand sanitizer dispenser. You can have a pocket sanitizer, but it may not be convenient whenever you wish to use it.

According to the CDC, the health guidelines to reduce Covid spread include practicing and maintaining social distance and avoiding unnecessary physical contact. An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can help reduce exposure risks.

Why Should You Have an Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser?

An automatic dispenser helps avert risk from handling a bottle sanitizer. Because of this, you are likely to find an automatic sanitizer dispenser in a hospital, metro stations, hotels, and various public places. An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser offers protection, and it’s easy to use.

Now, let us proceed and find out why you need an automatic sanitization dispenser for your home, office, hotel, or any other place:

More Awareness

Auto sanitization dispensers help drive the goal towards keeping clean and maintaining hygiene. It is easy to use, making it suitable for encouraging and positive affirmation to maintain proper hygiene.


An automatic sanitizer dispenser uses motion detectors to identify individuals and dispense a specific amount of alcohol-based sanitizer. This technique irradicates the possibility of contact for virus transmission, unlike when people handle bottle sanitizers.

Its auto nature makes it suitable for avoiding cross-spread at home, workplaces or hotels, especially when in a rush and infected person had used it before you.

Equal Dispense of Sanitizer

The automatic sanitizer dispensers let out equal doses enough to clean both hands. You are less likely to experience wastage, and in the long run, it saves you money.

Using bottle sanitizers, every individual dispenses what they feel is sufficient for use, and others might even pour more than enough to clean their hands. Hence you need to do away with that bottled sanitizer and get a touch-less sanitizer dispenser.

Easy to Set Up

Touchless sanitizer dispensers are easier to install, and we ensure to provide you with an installation manual or set it up for you. You can find good installation videos online as well.

All that the dispenser needs are a power source and a flat place for installation. You can place it on the table or have it installed on the wall. When done, pour in your alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and it is ready for use.

Once you get this dispenser, you won’t need another one soon. This is a one-time investment that will keep you safe for a long time.

Modern Appearance

When you a touchless hand sanitizer at home, guests and your family members would be encouraged to use it. In addition, it is more convenient in public places or offices.

In an office, employees are reassured of their safety, and every member has that feeling of their health safety is taken seriously.

How to Know Where to Place Your Sanitizer Dispenser

The location of your automatic sanitizer dispenser is crucial. High traffic areas and entry points make the perfect areas. Here are some effective areas to have your sanitizer dispenser:

Exits and Entrances

Door knobs or stair rails are held by many. And to reduce the chances of virus spread, sanitization at the entrance and when exiting is paramount to safety.

Near Restrooms

There are instances people forget to wash their hands or don’t do it properly. Having a touchless hand sanitizer in a restroom or near is an additional means to disinfect.

High Traffic Locations

High traffic areas need an automatic hand sanitizer whenever possible. Areas that need one are mall hallways, recreational centers, or airport terminals. A sanitizer in these areas helps keep people safe, and it improves the image of the place.

Equipsafe has years of experience crafting some of the best useful tools, and one of them is the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. We are committed to a common goal of eradicating the Covid-19 virus and retain a healthy planet. We pride ourselves on making and selling anti-covid masks and hydro alcoholic gel dispensers.


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