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You need to think of your company’s website like the front of house at a hotel. It’s the first thing that patrons see, and as such it is how they will form their first impression of your business. Your website needs to be as inviting as you would want a concierge to be. If people do not feel warmth and professionalism –they are sure to leave. Here are some helpful marketing tips to make your business’s website work for you.

Think about your brand and the atmosphere you want your website to create Also, think about what information you want to convey from the get go. Take, for example, –the website for a top online casino. You will notice a couple of things about this website that stand out. Firstly, there is the beach and ocean theme which expresses the company’s brand in terms of what it stand for: fun and relaxation. The ocean and the palms even move, which is a great sensory addition! Secondly, you can see that they have prioritized the most important information for the customer to see: You can very clearly see that you get $100 and you can also get 150 free spins. All in all, this makes the website incredibly inviting.

Something that is also incredibly important to consider when designing your website is its compatibility with mobile devices. Many potential clients will be viewing your website on their smartphone or tablet –they will not be impressed if they are unable to easily navigate your website because it is not mobile friendly.

Link social media to your main website. Many people will go like your Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter if they are interested in your company but may not necessarily need your goods or services at this point in time. This can be so important as it gives you the opportunity to communicate with both current and potential customers. It also provides you with an additional avenue to market promotions and specials featured on your main website. The truth is that people will not be periodically checking your website to see if there are any new promotions, but they will be happy to go have a look if they see a link to it on their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

There is often a discussion as to whether design or content is more important when it comes to your website. The answer is: both. Content and image rely on each other to some degree. If your website design is good, it will help your content be conveyed in a much more accessible and appealing way. However, you cannot solely rely on one of these aspects. A beautifully designed webpage serves no purpose if the viewer clicks that little ‘x’ as soon as they start reading badly written, or uninspiring copy. Similarly, you can have the best copy in the world, but if your website looks like a 10 year old designed it, nobody is going to stay on the page long enough to read it.


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