Helt Will Co-Sponsor Legislation to End Non-Medical Vaccination Exemptions


To combat the preventable spread of infectious disease, Rep. Cheri Helt announced that she will co-sponsor HB 3063 that will end non-medical vaccination exemptions for children in Oregon. Helt supports the change due to the recent outbreak of measles among children in Portland and because she wants to combat the growing, but misguided, public sentiment that medically safe vaccinations are more dangerous than the diseases they prevent.

“I believe in science, the safety of our children and in sensible, fact-based public policy. We should close this loophole that places children, families and communities at risk of illness and death from diseases that were nearly eliminated just a generation ago. Responsible citizens do not have the right to risk the safety of others, particularly children, due to misinformation and fear. This proposal will save lives and will combat the disgraced idea that medically safe vaccinations pose a greater risk to public health than the dangerous diseases that they are proven to prevent,” said Helt.



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