Here’s Why You Should Upgrade Your Church Sound System


A church sound system must perform consistently and sound great, whether the choir is singing, the pastor is delivering the message, or the worship team is rocking out on drums. That said, a quality sound system in the church can make a massive difference in the worship experience of the congregation.

If you are the technical head of your church, and you know that the sound system is in ruin, you must get it repaired or upgraded. Now, we understand, convincing the church manager to spend money on a new church sound system installation can be difficult. But, it is something that cannot be ignored; for poor sound quality can distract people and cause disconnect at crucial moments.

Enlisted below are a few reasons that you can present in front of the manager for upgrading the system.

Enhance The Preaching

What’s the point of investing time in preparing the payer, when the message of the preaching cannot be heard clearly by the audience? Clearly, if you can tweak things to make the prayer heard by everyone, everything is good, but if the sound system is inadequate to do the job, it must be upgraded as soon as any problem shows. Particularly, if preaching is central to the worship, then a good sound coverage throughout the building is mandatory.

Enhance The Worship Experience

Ask the manager, why do people come to churches? Obviously, they will answer – WORSHIP. Then, explain to them how distorted instruments can affect the quality of worship. 

If the sound system is a distraction in itself, how will the music help churchgoers worship god? Even if your sound system is in good shape, but the microphones don’t seem to work, you will have to replace a part of your system design to enhance the experience of parishioners. 

Plan For The Future

With the advancement in technology, newer models of instruments are replacing the older versions. Similarly, improvement and upgradation are constant within the audio world. Audio technology has come up with innovation like digital mixers, powered speakers, wireless microphones, and whatnot. Having said that, all these equipment become faulty after a few years, and therefore, need to be upgraded from time to time.

Newer systems not only provide quality but also make life easier. 

Explore Wider Opportunities

Most churches install a sound system with only preaching and worship in mind, but they miss out on a wide range of opportunities that a quality sound system offers. 

What if the churchgoers want to attend a religious concert? Would you have the adequate set up to organize that? Even if the band you chose has there own gear, would that be enough to host a large gathering? What about theatre? Do you have a quality sound system and enough wireless mics for all the characters of the play?

Service Opportunities For Followers

Parishioners love the opportunity to get plugged into the church one way or another. Volunteering makes them feel a part of the community. That said, a new church sound system can open different opportunities for service in the church. You will need people to monitor the system, handle technical difficulties on the spot, and switch on and off the system before and after the service. This could provide great help to the in-charge of sound and audio, and provide spiritual benefits to the volunteers.

The church manager might not understand the need of a new wireless mic or a future proof audio system, but since you know how important it is to invest in a quality church sound system, you must be armed with all the information before sitting with the church board members. Also, search the web for the best Audio visual companies, shortlist one and get your new church sound system installed.


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