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Q What do you think of using Craigslist as a way to apply for jobs? 

Michelle M. – Bend, OR


Dear Michelle, I think Craigslist can be ONE viable tool you use in your job search.  It used to have a bad rap as a scam post site but there are often times legitimate jobs on there.  Employers like to use it because they can post jobs immediately for free and have total control over the content.  There are a few scam ads out there though, so beware.  Any ad that requires you to make a phone call to a 1-800 number or to log on to a website I would stay away from.  Also, be leery of ads that do not list the employer’s name.  Always Google the company before applying to ensure it is legitimate.  Many of my clients use Craigslist exclusively without imploring other techniques in their job search, which can get you stuck in a rut.    I would explore other job sites like indeed.com, monster.com, hotjobs.com, centraloregonjobs.com, Oregon Employment department and individual employer sites.  A few companies that I know are hiring in town include, St. Charles Health System, BMC, GL Solutions, G-5 Solutions, etc. 
Q How come employers don’t even take the time to acknowledge receipt of my resume?  Most of the time I have no idea if they received it or not.
Thomas C – Bend, OR
Dear Thomas, you voice a common complaint which I hear often from my clients.  I think it is generally a very good idea for employers to send out at least two notifications one acknowledging receipt of the resume / application and another notifying the candidate of next steps in the process, whether there will be an interview or whether or not the company is moving forward with other candidates. 
Unfortunately, with today’s technology and sound-bite generation – the common human courtesy of responding to resumes gets lost in the shuffle.   While I think it is a good practice for employers to respond to applicants, I would not be too concerned if you don’t hear anything.  People are busy and the competition is fierce.  Best advice I can offer is do not put all your tacos into one stand.  HR Lady says go with the “multi pronged” approach whenever possible.  It is all a numbers game.  The more contacts you make, the more opportunities will come your way.  Some people get caught in the negativity of not receiving a response which derails them from focusing on positive measure to secure their next job.  Don’t take it in personally, and move on.   While it may be easy to jump to the conclusion that no response is reflective of the Company’s culture I would not worry about it and move forward with positive actions that will catapult your career to the next level.
Book of the Month:  On the recommendation of my friend and colleague Anne McDonald and as a follow-up to my article on bullying in the workplace, I strongly encourage you all to read the best seller by Robert Sutton called The No Asshole Rule:  Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t.  This book has many pearls of wisdom in it on the subject of driving out the bullies and jerks who reside in our workplaces.  A riveting and poignant read and should be a part of any business library. 
Julie Leutschaft, MPA, MHA is a Contract Recruiter / Healthcare Recruiter, 541-706-4746, jtleutschaft@stcharleshealthcare.org


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