Hitting a Grand Slam? Smart Content Marketing Expectations


With your creative work in your web design in Bend, are you focused too much on making the big splash, on hitting the grand slam? A common content marketing conceptual error is that in order to realize the maximum return on investment, your content MUST go viral. But with the vast amount of new material being published on the web every day, having your content go viral is a slim probability at best!
Thankfully, this reality is not a problem! To be effective with content marketing, you don’t need to worry about having frequent grand slam concepts that receive a billion hits on their first day. Creating and promoting compelling, helpful content on a CONSISTENT basis will go a long ways towards achieving your goals!
One must remember that in baseball, hitting a home run or grand slam is quite rare. Some of the best teams and best players have instead focused on making incremental progress via singles and doubles–a successful strategy of gradually loading the bases and then hitting in one runner after another to home plate. Likewise with your web design in Bend, it can be very effective to focus your creative work on useful content that may not smack it way out of the park, but still produces the productive step of a good base hit. In both baseball and content marketing, it is not as easy as it looks to get a single!
When watching a baseball game, fans are realistic and do not anticipate a grand slam every game. However, a regular output of base hits can still make for an interesting and even winning game. In order to get these hits on a consistent basis, you must have a comprehensive content marketing strategy firmly integrated into your overall business plan. Keep laying the foundation. Wisely utilize your resources to achieve smaller successes that eventually might lead to something much bigger–definitely don’t give up on creating the occasional grand slam, they do occasionally happen, and they indeed can give your company a healthy boost.
The surest way to get consistent base hits and the occasional home run with your web design is to maintain the focus on your audience’s most important needs and wants. As has been discussed before on this blog, keep your focus on your target audience, and don’t try to address everybody on the web! No matter the precise direction you take or the genre of content you create, make it helpful to your audience. People are trying to solve their real-world problems. Think carefully about the members of your core audience. Where are their needs not being met, and in what way can your business be of tangible help?
Kelly Walker is creative director for Intrepid Marketing, a leading Bend marketing agency. For more information, contact Kelly at: 541-419-9976 or Kelly@intrepidforward.com.


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Kelly Walker, MS for SWIVEL

Kelly Walker is the host of A Swig of Branding, creative director for Intrepid Marketing and a senior copywriter with over 20 years experience. He has masterminded scores of high-profile brand identity projects, written hundreds of ads and taught college-level marketing and copywriting courses. He resides in Bend with his wife Andrea, four boys and (finally) a little girl due September, 2015.

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