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When you want to build a home to your specifications, extend your current home or your commercial premises, you’ll probably have lots of ideas about what you want the finished property to be like. Sometimes, it can be done exactly as you imagine, but at other times your ideas are impossible because of the rules and regulations that have to be adhered to. There can be simple things, such as an extension being a foot too long, that can breach the rules local to where you are situated. As each district has different guidelines and standards to follow, it can be a minefield of red tape to get through. The simple way is to employ the services of a company that can design, draft, produce the plans and get the approval you need.

Finding the Right Designer or Architect for Your Project

Undertaking any project of this type can be overwhelming for the layperson as there are so many pitfalls that may be encountered. You need someone that will listen to your ideas and work with you to produce a design that will fit in with the planned use of the building and your lifestyle. They will need to know all the rules and regulations for your locality to be able to tell you from the start what will be allowed and which ideas will be rejected by the planning department.

They will know what documentation is needed and how to present the finished plans to the planning authority to give it the best chance of success. At companies such as Norrsken Ko., they will be able to handle all these matters from start to finish, making the whole process as simple as possible for their clients.

Approved – Now Build

Once your plans have been approved, they usually remain valid for a fixed period, which is often two or three years. This means you have that amount of time to get the building work started or you will need to reapply.

You should always get several quotes for the work, and make sure that the builder understands the plans and that they must be adhered to. If you are wondering how you will know if they truly understand the plans or not, ask the architect or building designer to speak with them. It will soon be very apparent to the professionals if the builder is as experienced and knowledgeable as they profess to be. You should also remember that most expensive is not always the best. Ask the opinion of the company that put the plans together for you, as most will be on hand to advise until the project is complete.

Keep It Simple from The Start

These days there seems to be a trend for people to attempt tasks that would traditionally be carried out by professionals. This is usually to try and save money, but where building plans and approval of them are concerned, you could waste a lot of time and money by trying to handle it all yourself. Keep it simple from the start and employ the services of people who understand these matters. In the long run, this will save you time, money and a lot of stress.


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