Home Security: 5 Tips To Protect Your Home 


Securing your home has never been easier or more important than today. Unfortunately home invasions are on the increase, so it makes sense to assess your security needs. Gather the family around, make a list of where you feel your home is vulnerable and research where you can improve the safety of your family and belongings. To start you off, here are some handy tips (there are more available over here at AlertandSecure.com 

Lighting Around the Home Exterior 

An evening stroll around the exterior of your home will give you valuable insight as to weak spots and easy access for undesirable visitors. Buying some floodlights and lighting up dark areas will absolutely help to deter potential criminals. Exterior lighting comes in many different forms and you need to establish which one is right for the job you need it to do. Flood lights are perfect for illuminating wide areas and hidden crannies in the garden. They can be incredibly bright, so might not be advisable outside bedroom windows. They use LED bulbs for exceptional lighting.  

Motionsensor lights do exactly that. They switch on when they detect motion. The sensors detect heat emanating from people, animals and cars and turn the light on instantly. This would be a great help on your driveway at night. You drive up, light comes on and any potential danger could be averted.  

Your exterior lighting doesn’t have to only be for security, as lots of lights are very aesthetically pleasing. If you have a dark pathway leading up to your front door, take a few solar lamps and stick them in the ground all the way up to your porch.  

Solar lights have been known to be quite dim, but technological advancements have resulted in loads of high quality bright solar lights being available just about everywhere. It’s also a good habit to leave an interior light on at night, if you’re not going to be home. A welllit home is less likely to be a target. 

Get to Know Your Neighbors 

While this may seem obscure, it’s a very practical idea to home security. Not only will you notice if someone strange is hanging around your neighbors home, but they will do the same for you. If your neighbors know your habits, and feel something is going on, they’re more likely to call for help than someone who doesn’t know you. For instance, they know you’re away and a furniture van pulls up, that’s a pretty obvious sign something is not right!  

A neighbor who doesn’t know you well, might simply think you’re moving out. If you are away, ask your neighbor to please fetch your mail or papers lying around. Piledup correspondence is a sure indication that no one is home.  

Swimming Pools and Garages 

Securing your home against invaders isn’t the only thing you need to concern yourself about. Swimming pools and garages are hazardous places for uninformed persons and should therefore be properly secured. Swimming pools can be fenced in or covered with special netting. Garages have lots of sharp objects and tools that can be harmful.  

Try as best as possible to safeguard against any accidents, by keeping the tools/toxic substances/fertilizers high on a shelf and/or locked away. It’s a good idea to always keep your garage locked and your kids informed of potential danger. 


The statistics for fire deaths per year are far too high and could be completely eliminated with some basic knowledge. A smoke alarm in places like the kitchen, garage and even the living room if you have a fireplace, will give you ample warning time to get help.  

Just remember to regularly check if your smoke detectors are in good condition. Yes, that beeping can be annoying, but replace the battery ASAP instead of deactivating it; 9 times out of 10 people forget to switch it back on. If you have people who smoke cigarettes in your home, it may be a good idea to have a smoke alarm on every level of your house.  

Fire extinguishers are lifesavers! Keeping at least one in the kitchen and/or the garage can prevent a disaster. Practice safety with the family. Devise a fire escape plan and make sure everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. 


While this is a simple one, it is effective. Ensure that all areas of your home, including your garage and shed have motion sensors connected to your alarm system. 

It’s never too late to work on your home security. Taking action is the key to keeping your family and possessions safe. 


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