How Companies can differentiate Themselves through Marketing Strategies


We live in a world where businesses have many opportunities, but also a lot of competition. The race is on to be on top of internet searches through SEO campaigns, and everybody is trying to get the best of both worlds (internet and the real world). But how can companies differentiate themselves in such a crowded environment? Here are a few marketing strategies that they choose to be seen more regularly.

Use Old School Tools

If you would compare the internet to a highway, it would be filled with cars and trucks to infinity, and yet it would still be moving at extreme speed. These are two elements that doesn’t help companies to come out of the crowd. So, how do you differentiate your business from all the others? By getting off the highway. The marketing tools that existed before, are still alive and doing well. In fact, they are better than ever. Newspaper print is a good example of that. Nowadays, any company has access to it easily. If you want to print your own, you only have to fill in a template and send it out electronically to the printer, who will have the copies back to you in no time.

There is nothing that people enjoy more than reading a newspaper, while sipping on a cup of coffee or tea or eating their lunch at the local restaurant. If your newspaper finds its way in their hands, you can gain visibility that none of your competitors will have. This is a marketing strategy that pays dividends, because it reaches a specific customer base, in what has now become a unique way.

Use Promotional Products

By now, you have understood that this article won’t be mentioning internet solutions. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them, but it certainly won’t be the strategy that will differentiate you in front of from your competitors. Nowadays, for a company to stand out, it has to invest into the real world. Whereas newspaper will be good to inform customers on the latest news, products and services that your company offers, promotional products will mean long-term visibility – providing you chose the right item, of course.

There are many elements that you need to take in account when you buy promotional products. The first one is: What would be useful to your customers? If you can find a product that they will use on a daily basis, you will benefit from regular visibility of your brand’s name. Some products are more adapted for a general crowd, such as a cup or a pen. However, in the first case, it should definitely be esthetically perfect, or else it probably won’t be used by the person you give it to. As for a pen, the logo visibility is not so high, as the space to print is small. However, a memory stick just may be the right tool, if your customers work on the road and use their PC all the time.

If you ask yourself the right questions, you will find the right promotional product that will bring you long-term visibility, directly in front of your customers eyes. This is how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.


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