How customers can help to shape a business


For any business, having a strong relationship between the business and customers can be integral to a firm’s success. Customers can make or break a business with their decision-making as poor experiences can leave them wanting to make themselves heard, whether positive or negative. Understanding your customer base can be one of the best ways to give yourself an edge in an increasingly competitive business world.

The positives

There are some significant benefits to understanding your customers as it can help to build trust between the clients and the business. In many ways, trust is the most important commodity that any company can have, mainly because it is something that can only be earned, not bought. In a 2019 survey of 16,000 people by Edelman Trust, 81 percent of people said that being able to trust the brand was a deal-breaker, trailing only quality, convenience, ingredients, and value for money. It stands to reason, though. If you feel a brand is trustworthy, then the odds are you will part with money more often as you know what you are getting. Without this, people could well switch off and avoid your product. Trust can also dictate whether other companies are willing to work with you, as if your distribution and delivery network is flawed and disorganized, other companies might be discouraged as customers could avoid them by extension. Without this trust, businesses can falter as, unfortunately, customers will vote with their feet and take their money elsewhere.

Ways to improve

Even if your distribution network seems to be working well, there is always room for improvement as companies strive to get an edge on the competition. Whether through surveys or social media, customer feedback is vital as it can make them feel involved with the business and allow you to find out if there are any weaknesses in your approach. This could be from the distribution centers, warehouses, factories, and even in stores. Feedback is becoming more important than ever as customers are the lifeblood of any business, so by allowing them to get involved, it helps to form that trust, as previously mentioned. In regard to improving service, using logistics companies can help to boost your distribution networks as they are experienced in dealing with shipping and transport. Take HLOG Logistics Provider as an example. They have the know-how of making serving companies and improving the way their businesses run, offering guidance on the best methods to drive your company forward and improve profits and customer relations long-term.

In summary

Having a strong logistics team behind you can work wonders for your business, both economically and in reputation. With customer relations being at the forefront of every business nowadays, giving them a voice is vital. Never underestimate the power that customers have over the future and direction of a company, as through word of mouth, they can encourage others to join your business. By giving them a voice, you are giving your business the best chance of success. Ignore them, and it could be a long way back afterward.


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