How Do I Market My Legal Services Online?


Online exposure may give you an edge over your competitors, so make the most of it to be ahead of the game. Some of the greatest SEO and internet marketing specialists in the nation have shared their best practices to help you grow your business’s online presence and attract more clients.

Use Your Brand to Your Advantage

Visitors to a service page on a website are increasingly interested in learning more about its partners when they are there. It’s almost as if the partners themselves are brands in and of themselves, with their social entities and points of contact linked to their names and initials alone. If someone is going to look up the lawyer in Google to find out more about him, the information they get must be worthwhile. Make sure that you entail what specific field of law is your expertise, such as traffic ticket lawyers, divorce lawyers, etc. Every lawyer in the company should have a strong online presence. Most attorneys’ web accounts use a generic brand. Start with a professional LinkedIn profile.

To be effective in internet marketing, this is a must. Consider the following for LinkedIn: a detailed summary of the attorney’s professional accomplishments, a clear statement of expertise and results, recommendations from at least ten clients, a professional headshot, and a tagline under the headshot that clearly states the area of expertise the attorney possesses. The majority of visitors to a law firm’s website are looking for the biographies of individual attorneys.

This is because customers employ an individual rather than an organization. As a result, make sure each bio page includes a solid call to action, which will encourage visitors to take action. For example, provide a contact form on your bio page and make your phone number and email address visible.

Incorporate videos into your marketing strategy

For legal firms trying to distinguish online, video material is a crucial area of potential. Google owns YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine. In certain circumstances, Google ranks videos higher than web pages. YouTube is an excellent platform for attorneys to showcase their expertise in certain practice areas and specific events that their clients may find themselves in.

Creating an online persona requires the use of video. Use a 90-second video to explain what you do and why you do it on your homepage. Offer a free hot tip list after the video in exchange for an email address as a call-to-action. A video on your webpage accomplishes two crucial aims in legal marketing: In the beginning, visitors sense a connection to you when they hear your voice, see yourself, and hear your story about why you do what you do. Secondly, visitors agree to have their email address added to your email drip list for future marketing purposes by exchanging their email address for something of value.

Paid Search on Google

A well-executed sponsored campaign on Google AdWords may pay for itself with quality leads.” AdWords campaigns may be fine-tuned to generate high-quality leads if you know precisely what your customers are looking for.

Here are some pointers for promoting your legal services on the internet. Make sure that you’re well-prepared to take on your competition in the internet realm, and keep these guidelines in mind as you go about your day-to-day business.


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